I’ve given it deep thought. I have brooded on it so long they’ll have hatched by now if they were ostrich eggs. Finally I must admit, the atheists are right! They say that it’s our faith in God that gives Him legitimacy to exist. That He feeds off our worship and if no one gave Him attention, He’d fizzle out like a glorified memory. They’re right.

The only thing with that assertion is, it’s usually made with the confusion of a person’s world for the entire world. Erasing God from your life doesn’t wipe Him off the face of the earth. Burying Him in your mind’s graveyard doesn’t put Him 6 feet under all of creation. You see before any of us felt like we could live without God and classify Him as a fable, a figment of imagination, He had already said that “…and even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a depraved mind….

People feel that by living by their own rules they poke holes in God’s omnipotence. We don’t realize that He’s made it so that our will can trump His when it comes to our lives, but that doesn’t ‘tear His bogga top’. It doesn’t matter what His plans for you are, by saying “No old man! You’re not getting into this mind. Be gone with you.” You have (for as long as you hold that thought) compromised His perfect will for you. It is really up to you alone how much or little of Him you experience in your life. Read More OMG, The Atheists Are Right!


Not everyone who visits here is a reader, some are actually more inspired writers than myself.

I was there last week norr and Constante hit me up “Ben, I’ve written this piece and I must share it with the world.” So that wish is coming to pass, and not because she asked, but rather because when I read it, I knew it was the kind of thing you’d like. From how it goes, you won’t need to know the lady to know she’ll be good at romancing paaah. Lol. Enjoy

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I recently bumped into an old friend of mine. We hadn’t met in years and the memory he had of me was so belated. So he started acting with me accordingly, until he realised that both my dance and the drumming had changed. Then he exclaimed: ‘You’ve changed! Read More Romancing God -By Constante Gakpo


Ghana is more sexually active than a premier league ‘escort’. Forget powdered soap, tooth paste and pure water, the Fastest Moving Consumer Good (FMCG) is anything with aphrodisiac tendencies. Sometimes I think that if a study was published and it came out that cleaning up and dropping waste in a bin would result in better sex, we would have to mine for litter here in Ghana.

No kidding, guys drinking all kinds of potions just to stand a few more seconds. People changing diets, going through great trouble to import contraband goods, sneaking to open ‘Enlarge your *****’ spam e-mails just so that the bliss of sex can be better enjoyed. That’s all well and good (when the sex is legit), but like I’ve said before; the Guy who created this world, who formed us from dust and designed all the shafts and tunnels and nerve endings on our bodies that enable sexual enjoyment, doesn’t it make sense that he’ll reserve for himself a much more blissful release from worshipping him?

People get high on drugs, acquire doctorates in Karma Sutra and go to great lengths just to enjoy an orgasm a pig would laugh at. (I would dye my hair purple if it turns out there’s a human who can have the 30-minute orgasm a pig takes for granted.) Read More The Ultimate Aphrodisiac.


Out of uncontrollable curiosity, I’ve hung out with Old Testament Boys Boys, Genesis Loversthe most notorious OT King I even chatted up David & Joesph on SEX and women! Of them all, meeting with the Bible’s baddest man filled me with the greatest anxiety.

This was a guy who lived in a cemetery. He lived, in a place I drive past at full speed at night. I mean even cemetery jokes are scary. Like the one of the taxi driver who stepped on the accelerator when he noticed that the lady he was about to pick up around the Osu cemetery had an unusual sheen about her. 500 yards off when his heartbeat was returning to normal, he heard someone panting in the car, looked in the rear-view and saw the shiny lady out of breath. She smiled and gasped “Herh, driver, if I hadn’t been fast you’ll have gone and left me o!”

Of all residences, that’s where this guy lived for a long time. In those days, he was the strongest human in Gerasenes. There was no one else who was strong enough to subdue him. So you can understand why I had mixed feelings. But at the same time he had such a powerful story, so I had a mutual friend set up a meet.

Since becoming normal, he’d set up a very successful practice. He was a busy man so if I wanted to talk, I had to go to his office. The man I saw, was anything but the man I was expecting to see. He was clean-shaven, very well dressed, athletic build, intense hazel eyes, calm demeanor, carefully-chosen words and an unusual chilly smile.

Ex-Bad: You look stunned.

Me: Uh-uhmmn, a little. I’m sorry.

Ex-Bad: Don’t worry, I get that a lot.

I sighed and sat across from him, unsure of where to start.

Me: How many were they (I blurted) The demons.

Ex-Bad: (snickered) you don’t do niceties I see.

Me: I’m sorry, I’ve been too curious for too long.

Ex-Bad: Hmm hooww mannyyy? They were a legion. I watch TB Joshua these days and hear people Read More Me And The Bible’s Baddest Man!

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