Hiiiiii! Have you missed me? Because I have missed you, terribly. I’m sorry about my absence. Life happened and I was trying to figure out how to do life, instead of make life do me, so to speak. But enough with the excuses, please don’t leave me and I promise I won’t leave you again.

Speaking of life, let’s talk about mine for a bit…


As you may or may not know, I had a really hard time finding a job after I was done with school. Partially because I’m not much of a “Settler” but also because jobs just aren’t out there for the picking. Not the way most people (read: millennials like myself) would expect.

While going through the search, I had, as I usually did, written down a lengthy list of all the things I wanted in and from my job. I would be sure to remind God of it every so often, so if something came around that was missing what I considered to be an uncompromisable element, then I would kindly nudge him and let him know. I have also always been a person who has had numerous things happening at the same time; it’s all I’ve known. I quite enjoy having to juggle different elements of my life and making them fit, and for the most part I do this quite well.

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BOY meets girl, girl wows boy. Boy instantly falls in love, because of this rare specimen of beauty girl embodies. Girl takes her sweet time getting to love. Boy persists. Girl falls in love. Cue the beginning of a relationship. Then, problems arise. Oh gosh darn it; someone has fallen out of love. Now the other must do everything humanly possible to make sure this love is rekindled.

This is essentially, role reversal aside, the script for most of the romantic comedies or chick flicks out there. There’s this idea that love is supposed to be the all-encompassing emotion. It is only an insanely strong emotion that makes you do crazy things. Thanks to this portrayal, we all follow this idea of wanting to be overwhelmed by the love we feel. We must feel sparks, and chemistry, and smell some pheromones otherwise it can’t possibly be love.

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