Judah ronning Tamar
Judah ronning Tamar

If you think sex for money or favors is a recent development, you obviously haven’t heard about what happened between Judah and Tamar. This senior son of Jacob and the founding father of one of the 12 tribes of Israel was so into this ‘ashawo’ fiesta that he gave his rod and signet as collateral to get his freak on. Many years later, of all the places Joshua’s spies could dodge when they snuck into Jericho, it was a prostitute’s apartment they found refuge in.

So you see, commercial sex has been a hot commodity waaay before Happy Socks and Crop Tops ever came in vogue. Only difference is back then, you could spot a prostitute by how she’d covered her face. Now their butt-cracks are as displayed as their cleavages, which is as displayed as their cheap chewing gums and bulging tummies –O wait, I’m being too narrow-minded! That stereotypical description accounts for just the minority of today’s prostitute community.

We’ve made prostitution exclusive to girls, even though there is such a word as gigolo. Ignore its fancy sound, a gigolo is nothing but a male prostitute. Truth is, anyone who pays for sex is as much a prostitute as the person he’s paying. You don’t get off ‘hooker status’ just because you have the money. We are more tolerant of the tycoon who picks up the hooker, because technically he isn’t the prostitute, but actually he is also prostituting, because if sex binds two together then everything one person is, the other becomes an equal partaker of, no? By this realization, it’s safe to conclude that there’s at least one prostitute in every office in Ghana. Take a break and spy around 🙂 Read More The Evolution Of Prostitution.


priceGuy 2 (laughing heartily) “Honestly man, I didn’t know you could go through such rubbish and still smell so good, anyways, allow me to steal the show and tell you how much an erection(s) actually cost.

You were all there when I got the Kenya Master’s Scholarship. 7 other Ghanaians got it too, 4 of whom were girls, 1 of whom was Sabina, the one because of whom the thought of sex doesn’t even turn me on anymore.

There was something about how my father warned me of how such trips could bring unforeseen children that I should have taken more seriously. Back then, I thought he was saying that because of the mistakes he made that gifted me with four step brothers from two women other than my mother. I repent from that thought; it must have been a revelation!

In Kenya, all 7 of us were in the same class with other students from all over Africa. Before then, I had never really spoken with Sabina, even during undergrad studies. But foreign lands, they have a way of making good friends out of distant acquaintances.

I’d never had sex before, and I thought I stood a good chance of being a virgin till marriage, but there’s something about being in a strange land without supervision and obligation that lures you to Read More The Price Of An Erection. Part 2 -Rated 28


casinovaI used to believe that a sexual climax would be the most intensely blissful feeling a man could ever have. I craved the kind of lifestyle where I’d have numbered Swiss accounts, friends in the corridor of immense power and a terrific physique. Those, to me were the definition of la dolce vita (the good life). For a long time I desired them above all else. It’s likely that if I’d been offered them, with salvation-compromising strings attached, I might still have signed up.

Another thing; I thought the luckiest man in the Bible was the thief to the right of Jesus’ cross. The one to whom He said Today, you shall be with me in paradise.” I thought “Wow! A life of orgies, adrenaline rushes, ruthlessly acquired wealth, grossly misused power and on the verge of death, I get a free ticket to Heaven? Could anything beat that? The best of both worlds.” If I ever wished to know the exact date of the second coming, it wasn’t so that I could intensify the aggression with which I went about my father’s business, no! It was so that if I strayed away, I could clean up my act the day before Jesus returned.

Men who got to repent on their death beds seemed like such outsmarters of spiritual and moral justice. I felt it was a cheat to the rest of us who went out of our ways to lead chaste lives, to men like Joseph who flee from the luscious delectable supple bodies of women like Portipher’s wife only to end up in the same after-life destination as the thief on the cross. A prostitute like Rahab, has her name in the most important book of all time though she spent more time sleeping with men for money than she did serving God. What a waste!

Last Saturday, I was shaken out of that thinking, I’ll tell you how.   Read More I Wished I Was A Bad Boy!

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david & joseph

Many years ago, two good looking dudes lived, from two different eras, but with 1 crucial decision that altered their destinies; to chop, or not to chop.

David was a heart throb. So conspicuously good looking that when he stepped out to fight the fiercest Philistine warrior of his time, the savage scorned at him. If you’re so good looking that the man to kill you can’t help but notice it, then you must have been really something.

And Joseph, well his good looks almost got him royally screwed.

So I pulled a couple of strings, and got on a skype call with them. It wasn’t so difficult because we’d met before, sometime last year. Here’s what happened.


Me: I can’t help but notice that you guys had such similar circumstances. Both had many older brothers, more seemingly deserving of favor.

David: The Only difference is; my dad didn’t think that much of me, but Joe boy here meant the world to his dad.

Me: That’s true Joe. He made you a garment so beautiful and out of so much love that even many centuries after, Donny Parton made a hit country track based on it.

Joseph: Very funny.

Me: True o, but I find that the subtle difference in your upbringing told differently on how you turned out. David, you became a revered, legendary warrior. When your prospective father in law asked you to bring him the foreskins of a hundred philistine warriors, you brought him 200!

But you Joseph, it took only 11 guys to get you down into a pit and up for sale. Matter of fact, I don’t recall anything violent about you.

Joseph: Ummn… You it’s okay.

David:  (Snickering) Why Joe, cat caught your tongue?

Joseph: Well, it’s just that the way I see it, violence is a means to a certain end. If there’s another equally effective way of getting there without blood, I find that more….ummn appealing.

David: Really? So before Goliath, you’ll fall asleep and dream?

Me: Wow wow wow, easy guys. There’s so much to you two, we could be here forever, what I want to know more about were your love lives. How did you choose your women and all that?

David: I think Joseph should go first Read More Joseph & David’s take on SEX & Women.