Been a while people. (Understatement of the Year, I know) I’ve had a number of projects on my plate and work and just about every stress out there so far with work and I’ve only been busy with extra-short pieces (translated: Facebook and WhatsApp statuses, lol) I can fire out in minutes, if not seconds. But today, I am back and will be in as regular a circulation as I can manage to be in around here once more! 😀

Hiatuses are meant to be broken – and what better way than with a short piece from yours truly? 😉 Have a read, let it percolate for a bit, then hit me up with your ideas on this. Let’s dialogue. #TeleTuesdays



So…I was just replying to a status somewhere else on Facebook when this brainwave hit me. If you’re still reading this, hold onto something because I’m about to upset a number of people – may that not include you, I pray!


My dear sister, if you’re looking forward to getting married and your mentality has it as a search for someone who will treat you equally so you may enter into a 50/50 partnership and call it a marriage, please STAHP IT right now! Read More Mrs. 50/50

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During the first iteration of Goldinwords I believe,  before the Great Purge that forced us to rebuild this blog from scratch, I wrote about a few characteristics I believed the quintessential woman should possess.  Seeing as today’s International Women’s Day, I decided to go over the original piece and see how a few years could/would change how I would rephrase or polish up this piece. It turned out…well, you decide for yourself… 😉 


A Lady is a woman who makes a man act like a Gentleman…lady - women

I honestly don’t remember where I first heard that nugget of gold but it’s been one of my central beliefs ever since.

So this’s basically my answer to a question that bugs me when I hear people indiscriminately dropping that term left and right…especially in our social setting in Ghana. One would even ask if it’s still relevant enough to bother about nowadays… is she a Lady?

Just like her counterpart’s, the term ‘Lady’ has been gravely abused to the point that we declare every woman – usually whom we don’t know by then – a ‘lady’ by default. It’s sad…unfortunate…catastrophic! even, on some occasions, to misuse the term. I guess it’s because we mostly see it more as a term than a qualification. You know it is, right? A Qualification, I mean. It’s kinda like the way doctors would feel if there were short 6-month online courses to attaining your MBChB…or if the President were to be elected to Office based on a carefully planned game of eenie-meenie-miney-moe…or what your parents would think of you choosing your fiancé based on a phone call after a Crusade…lol.

My point is simply that it doesn’t, and shouldn’t, come cheap to anyone. Because it isn’t…cheap. And if you need any convincing, let me assure you that just walking about during your normal day, or even flipping through Facebook pages, will convince you once and for all that ‘the Lady’ is a dying breed – it should be a priority that she be revered, protected and (dare I say) loved for it.  Read More Who’s That Girl? (Remix)