I’m not that tall, but when I stand on my lyrics, you lie baadd! I can give you vibes aaah, you’ll have to tip toe to reach my shoulder. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve heard people say “Eiiii you thhiiissss bbooyy! I cant wait to see who you end up marrying!” So many people said it that I started getting really curious myself…and a little worried too; who was I going to end up marrying?

I’m told I have a sense of humour, and gorgeous women love men who can keep a smile on their faces. When a fine girl comes from money, is mature or has been bad long enough, she KNOWS, that it’s not all about the money. That’s where my kind get’s the upper hand. I will do you logoligi saaaah, you wont even check my tithe.

But even funny fine guys have issues. I have my issues. I can be critical, overly analytical, sometimes lazy, a little dramatic, a photographic memory, plus a tad too much ego. Unless it’s exceptionally stimulating, it’s hard for me to keep a sustained interest in one thing for too long, that’s why advertising is so cool, I get to work on many brands at the same time. I knew I was so some way that I wasn’t expecting to run into the woman I’d marry anytime soon. Read More How I Met My Wife


I usually post on Thursdays/Fridays, but I had something I really wanted to squeeze between. Truth is, I haven’t written a poem in a long long time. It’s sad because all I was doing in the start was poetry. But I’ve been inspired by a few things, including Tele’s incredible series on ‘Letters to my dear true wife’. Forgive, the literary nuances of this might be all over the place, but it has soul in it.

So this is me talking to her the morning before I Do. I feel it. Enjoy


We aren’t a couple bae, we’re a team,

The kind that give principalities the creeps

And disrupt industries the world over

The kind that annul trending norms about fidelity

and trust and selflessness and all those virtues that makes love love.


You, me, this moment, this isn’t romantic, it’s epic.

The sensation in our loins right now, Read More The Morning Before I Do


One of my favorite quotes go like; “There are those who wait for things to happen, and there are those who happen to things.” I love the latter guys, because even though good things may come to those who wait, better things come to those who make things happen. I have a weakness for proving naysayers wrong, upsetting the conventional, doing things others only wondered about, outlasting critics and doom sayers. I love it when the most unlikely person wins or the underdog emerges top dog. Maybe it’s because I’m tired of Ghana being tagged a third world country and little being expected of us. It Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 10.51.56 AMsickens me how it’s normal to wait for new trends to break in the west and get ‘mastered’ here in Africa.

So I celebrate young entrepreneurs doing happening to things in amazing ways. I stand in ovation for every young Ghanaian chasing bold dreams and giving others a reason to believe that it’s possible. In coming weeks, I plan to feature young Ghanaians doing remarkable things and celebrate them with you.

Today, I celebrate such a feat by a Ghanaian company called Nsano that’s turning the heads of businesses and governments across Africa. Kofi, a young Ghanaian with bold dreams, runs Nsano. His company provides mobile financial software solutions to a clientele more elite than the English monarchy. What’s got me going gaga is their latest service; Gift Buddy! Gift Buddy is using technology to revolutionize the way newly weds receive wedding gifts. Their mission is to make sure that both newly wedded and bereaved get all their gifts. All of them. Now you may not know how crucial this is until you have your own wedding and realize that the number of gifts you saw at the reception look much more than the number that ended up in your hall.

Ask the Dansoman newly weds who found out that Read More Celebrating Ghanaian Genius- Gift Buddy!