She is beautiful, enchantingly beautiful. I looked into her eyes, smiling.

“Why?” She whispered “What’s the smile for?”

I sighed “You won’t understand.”

“No tell me Ben, please do.”

“I was just thinking how hard it’ll be for you to find true love.”

“What do you mean?” With a grimace

“You’re too gorgeous for your own good. Men of all looks, shapes and sizes have come and will come after you. They will use everything in their power to get you. Some will sacrifice years to win you. But it’ll be incredibly difficult to tell between the one who loves you for real, and the ones who love you for your body. Sometimes he has no idea it was your body he was after rather than your heart and only realises this after he dismounts, breathless and flaccid.

For me, there’s no better metaphoric expression of God’s love for you, than the way a man will do anything to get a girl he’s locked on. He will strategize, play the fool, woo your friends, buy pizza for everyone on your contact list, ’coincidentally’ be in your neighbourhood or office area very often, throw buffets and gifts at you. Heck he’d even go to church with you, at the risk of being delivered. Your ‘NO!’ spurs him on. You block his number, he calls with another. He smiles at your disses and endures your tantrums. He throws himself at your disposal and relishes running errands for you. He’s never in a hurry. A guy was still wooing my friend after 10 years! Even after your wedding, he has no problem being your side boo, inspired by the rampant spate of divorces. He gotchu. It’s the intent that’s difficult to tell. When a guy does all this, is it for the cookie or for the love? Read More For The Cookie, or For The Love?


Keni is no stranger here -she literally waltzes into our kitchen to borrow salt for her rice water and she doesnt even ask first! Today, I am pleased to share a peice she only posted yesterday, but will certainly have an eternal impact on you. When I first saw her, I noticed it and I told her “If you write about this, I am featuring it on Goldinwords for shizzle!” And now, in all its glory is the story behind Keni’s ring!

*        *        *        *

My name is Keni and this is the most personal post I have written ever since I started blogging a year ago. I thought about whether or not to actually write this- and believe me, the excuses were many. But I am convinced that someone needs to read this. So here it goes…

I wear a ring and it is not for fashion.

I am not married either (even though I have used the ring to keep off a man or two in times past)

I took a purity vow on 30th July 2011, in my living room surrounded by my parents. And because I love symbols, I got a purity ring to go with it- with the inscription ‘True love waits’. Read More I Wear A Ring, But It’s Not For Fashion -Keni Kodjo Confesses