prov - womanOkay. SO I was focused in church last week and something the pastor said in passing got to me. He was expounding on the Proverbs 31 woman in light of Mother’s Day, and for the first time I realized that contrary to public perception, that verse isn’t just about the Virtuous woman, but also talks about the Man, as he’s meant to be, in the position God meant for him to occupy. I know that virtually all women who have stepped into the hallowed halls of a church have come across this passage at some time or the other and would agree that it’s a standard worth living up to, but most men usually gloss over it at the starting, or only read it at some time or the other to point out what some female in his life lacks. Today we’re turning the tables, and our Bibles, to a new take on Proverbs 31.

Now, just as the Bible was revealed and written for all Mankind, this passage is no exception. The second part is actually the part which focuses on telling all and sundry (including – or maybe especially – men) how to identify the Proverbs 31 woman by her multitude of virtues, while the first part addresses men, giving us a glimpse at what is expected of the Proverbs 31 man.

These are some of the important lessons I learnt from the Proverbs 31 man: Read More The Proverbs 31 Man…??!


Relationships are under Attack from all angles and the problems they encounter are Legion! I was musing somewhere last week and it suddenly dawned on me how I could help! I decided to compile a list of some hard and fast rules to letting your love last. I know how hard some people work for it while some others sail quite effortlessly into good relationships with great people, either to take due advantage of the situation or to squander it – based on personal tendencies and whims.

So here’s My List of 12 ways to Secure your Love:

  1. rules - rltnshpDon’t make any noise about it. It’s no one else’s business anyway, is it? So you decided to go out with Fred instead of Francis – there’s really no reason to publicise your new relationship, least of all on Facebook! There has been no research linking the number of likes you get on “Adwoa ****** is now in a relationship with Fred ******” to the security of your relationship from wagging tongues and thirsty girls. Prying eyes and itchy ears will only put more stress on your relationship – don’t let them.

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So today, we conclude on the Boo Matter.

Synopsis: Ekow is taking a midnight run for his life, all because of…er…wrong decisions. I’d advise that you see what exactly happened here ‘ ‘ in the first part before you jump into today’s conclusion brought to you by #TeleTuesdays…Enjoy!



The thumping of his heart within his ribcage sounded as loud to him as the rushing of blood he could hear thundering through his ears but Ekow’s feet seemed to have plans of their own, choosing to pound on instead of slowing down so he could catch his breath. That bloody girl, he thought to himself as he reached another intersection and leaned against a light post there, breathing heavily as the sweat rolled down his face in waves.

Sapphire Rose Hotel, Room 42… Sapphire Rose Hotel, Room 42… Sapphire Rose Hotel, Room 42….


Boo2 - sauvageEver since Prince tried to pour a cold one over his developing feelings toward Naa, there had been some unease between the two roommates. Ekow figured that Prince probably had some unrealized (or unresolved) feelings toward Naa from way back when and so decided to throw a wrench into his plans as a result. He’d not known him to be so petty but well…apparently people did change. Either that or he didn’t want Ekow to have a bit of excitement in his own life too, after all, Prince might not like the competition.

Ekow snorted to himself as he straightened the monogrammed blazer he was wearing over the white long-sleeved shirt and jeans. He wouldn’t allow Prince’s words to dampen his evening today.

Spritzing on some Sauvage by Dior, he stepped out of the room without a second glance back at his roommate who appeared to be engrossed in a movie with his arms around yet another girl on his bed. Read More When Your Boo is Not Your Boo..! II

short story

The yellow streetlights sped past in sequence as Ekow’s bare feet hit the pavement in quick succession. His heart beat so wildly it was as if it was getting ready to burst out of the jail that was his ribcage on a solo venture. He was so terrified that he didn’t even bother turning his head to see if he was being pursued. This isn’t one of those movies, he told himself silently as he rounded a curve ahead, casting his eyes widely around looking for any car in sight. 12:37am on the clock – not a single self-respecting taxi driver would be down here at this time… Huffing and puffing, he finally slowed down to lean against a palm tree by the roadside. He finally let his mind roll back to the significant events that led to his midnight marathon down Thieves Row…



Boo 1 - chat*Beep* I feel so cmfortbl talkn to you Ekow. Ure quite different from most of d guys I’ve met

Oh yeah? I’m flattered. Abi ure d main bosschick on campus. *Swoosh*

*Beep* Oh see you! As if I’m teln u sth nu – I bet u even use those same words on all d otha girls, eh?

Wey other girls? Naa paa! U kno me, Solo Rider #1 😊 ! D girls don’t like me lyk tht o 😢 *Swoosh*

*Beep* Ei Ekow, u wnt me 2 blv u? What abt those girls hu always seem 2 be hangn arnd u in class? Or those ones who I always come to meet in ur Room??? Read More When Your Boo is Not Your Boo..!

short story

Grat - emotSo it happened just by accident – cross my heart. I was just sitting there enjoying my emo tuo with palmnut soup that afternoon when my ears pricked almost of their own accord in the direction of a conversation occurring on the table just behind me.

You see, I was at a canteen on some *ahem* personal business, which coincidentally turned out to be the same venue for a workshop on some Public Health topic or the other. Now, if you’re even a little bit health-inclined, or happen to have an ear out for headlines in Medicine, you’ll know that that’s one of the fastest-growing fields currently.

Grat - 4x4I’d seen the 4-by-4s and branded pickup trucks and, as usual, had subconsciously formed an impression of the ‘bigwigs’ meeting together to discuss research findings and have brainstorming sessions to determine the direction of health policy in Ghana:

Step 1: Write Proposal.

Step 2: Get grant money.

Step 3: Use some of grant money for project and make a killing on the rest.

Step 4: Present findings in a paper alongside and gain academic clout.

Step 5: Repeat.

I judged them harshly, I know – I’ve confessed my sin and have received God’s forgiveness (what about you? But that’s another matter altogether 😉 )

So, this is how the conversation went somewhat: Read More Don’t Dull, Don’t Slack!

Blog Inspiration

During the first iteration of Goldinwords I believe,  before the Great Purge that forced us to rebuild this blog from scratch, I wrote about a few characteristics I believed the quintessential woman should possess.  Seeing as today’s International Women’s Day, I decided to go over the original piece and see how a few years could/would change how I would rephrase or polish up this piece. It turned out…well, you decide for yourself… 😉 


A Lady is a woman who makes a man act like a Gentleman…lady - women

I honestly don’t remember where I first heard that nugget of gold but it’s been one of my central beliefs ever since.

So this’s basically my answer to a question that bugs me when I hear people indiscriminately dropping that term left and right…especially in our social setting in Ghana. One would even ask if it’s still relevant enough to bother about nowadays… is she a Lady?

Just like her counterpart’s, the term ‘Lady’ has been gravely abused to the point that we declare every woman – usually whom we don’t know by then – a ‘lady’ by default. It’s sad…unfortunate…catastrophic! even, on some occasions, to misuse the term. I guess it’s because we mostly see it more as a term than a qualification. You know it is, right? A Qualification, I mean. It’s kinda like the way doctors would feel if there were short 6-month online courses to attaining your MBChB…or if the President were to be elected to Office based on a carefully planned game of eenie-meenie-miney-moe…or what your parents would think of you choosing your fiancé based on a phone call after a Crusade…lol.

My point is simply that it doesn’t, and shouldn’t, come cheap to anyone. Because it isn’t…cheap. And if you need any convincing, let me assure you that just walking about during your normal day, or even flipping through Facebook pages, will convince you once and for all that ‘the Lady’ is a dying breed – it should be a priority that she be revered, protected and (dare I say) loved for it.  Read More Who’s That Girl? (Remix)


I’ve been reading and watching new material nowadays, trying to satisfy a growing need for information – knowledge – on things I’ve been increasingly coming to consider as essential for success in Life, especially as a young person in today’s world. I realised that I’d been getting it wrong for quite some time and it just wasn’t funny anymore – something(s) had to change.

art - love qOne thing I’ve been coming back to again and again is the simply complicated matter of Love.

It permeates every aspect of our lives, whether we realise it, acknowledge it, disbelieve it, or even decide to flat out ignore it. Facts are facts and cannot be changed or negotiated with. The saddest truth about Love, however, is that we don’t know what it really is – everyone has a different opinion!

The sheer volume of songs, stories, books and works of art (and science) created in its name in attempts to define, describe, quantify, qualify, prove or disprove its existence is staggering. Our encounters in Life from the first breath we take however confirm a single salient fact: Nobody can live without Love. Read More The Art (& Science?) of Love!


I’m a medical doctor. Ghanaian Doctors have two first, broad options just like in most places worldwide: Physician or Surgeon. Simply put, a question of whether you’re more comfortable in the Consulting Room or the Operating Room. Without going too far into the nitty gritty of those options, let me just say that it’s the first question I ask junior colleagues when they’re almost through with their mandatory rotations through Housemanship and feel confused as to what path to take in terms of choosing a future specialty to focus on – “Are you a Surgeon or a Physician?” Answering it is the first real step in figuring out which path to take and believe it or nor, even an answer of “I’m not sure” has a direction in which it’s pointing the person. Basically, I’m asking them “Who do you think you are?”

Now the thing here is that I, in particular, am a Surgeon by blood – literally & figuratively. I come alive in the OR and I survive through most of the less exciting consulting room work because it’s preparing both the patient & me for the OR in a significant number of cases. I’ve leant towards Obstetrics & Gynaecology though and the most common surgical procedure there is the Caesarean Section. Done in time and properly, you save both the baby and mother in one fell swoop and even if she doesn’t bother to say “Doctor, thank you!” at the end of the day (like most do), it helps you sleep at night because you know you did your best that day.

window - hourglassIn the effort to become better however, we time ourselves because our proficiency with the procedure may be evidenced by how fast you finish the operation – the underlying Truth, however, is that it’s better to take too long and not have to open up again because you messed up, than to finish at record speed with further complications on your hands!

In training someone to perform a Caesarean Section, it’s often important to teach how to get to the baby and deliver it in record time – under a minute preferably – because most reasons for a C/S involve a dire need to deliver the baby in haste. It’s very rewarding to deliver a baby in mere seconds, but with time you realise that it may be responsible for actually lengthening your total operating time! How?? In entering the abdomen and uterus for delivery, you have different options on how and where to cut but cutting wrongly, while it will result in quick delivery, is more than likely to cause you to have one hell of a time in closing up afterward!

In my short time supervising people learning under me, I’ve come across both types of people – those obsessed with a short operating time, and those dedicated to the Method. Considering the number of times I had to be called to try and fix some error or the other made by both categories, I’d say the former make the wrong choice every time. This realisation got me thinking as I tried to get better at my work since I began. Read More The Window or The Door? You Decide…


anger - thoughtWhenever I decide to write, I spend a little time in thought to set me off. I pick a thought out of the maelstrom of ideas swirling through my mind daily and let the words fall as they should. The easiest ball to set rolling, however, is that which stems from either recent experiences or unfinished thoughts and conversations.

I, however, find myself needing to vent today, just get a few things off my chest that are causing havoc upstairs here. It’s not because of a lack of topics, though – I mean, I did take the famed Mr. Kwashie’s tailored suit out this weekend and I believe my social status appreciated by at least 35-54% at that beautiful wedding *wink* *wink*; I was in Accra and couldn’t say hi to all the people I was supposed to meet up with because I was busy (for which I’ll be apologizing profusely over the next few weeks to months, I’m sure); and then I discovered the joys of night travel on a bus between Sunyani and Accra (as long as you don’t have the middle backseat and a man next to you doesn’t politely ask that you allow his 7-year old to lie on a cloth in front of y’all so she can sleep…! Yes, that’s another typically Ghanaian long story…!) Read More The 5 Stages in Making Lemonade…!


There was a time when everybody understood that Love was serious business: none (okay, very few) would play with it. People generally said what they meant and meant what they said so even common utterances weren’t to be taken for granted, thoughtless of using the big ‘L’…

say it 1But now, every third monkey uses the word Love, not even as it was meant to be used, but just as one other word in their repertoire for getting what they want. We have come to despise the honest use of the word because it has been abased by charlatans and is indeed safer to deny its truth immediately than to accept even the slightest of possibilities that it could be true; because it’s been proven more often than not be false – thank you Liar Liar… Love has NOTHING to do with selfishness…

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