Been a while people. (Understatement of the Year, I know) I’ve had a number of projects on my plate and work and just about every stress out there so far with work and I’ve only been busy with extra-short pieces (translated: Facebook and WhatsApp statuses, lol) I can fire out in minutes, if not seconds. But today, I am back and will be in as regular a circulation as I can manage to be in around here once more! 😀

Hiatuses are meant to be broken – and what better way than with a short piece from yours truly? 😉 Have a read, let it percolate for a bit, then hit me up with your ideas on this. Let’s dialogue. #TeleTuesdays



So…I was just replying to a status somewhere else on Facebook when this brainwave hit me. If you’re still reading this, hold onto something because I’m about to upset a number of people – may that not include you, I pray!


My dear sister, if you’re looking forward to getting married and your mentality has it as a search for someone who will treat you equally so you may enter into a 50/50 partnership and call it a marriage, please STAHP IT right now! Read More Mrs. 50/50

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I like to think of myself as a strong, independent, woman. A woman who knows what she’s about and knows when she doesn’t know what she’s about. Being that kind of woman, the notion of submitting to a man is a little uncomfortable.

I remember coming across this in many spiritual texts and talks and thinking, I’m sorry, that goes against the independent, strong woman that I am trying to be. I can’t be having my M.O interrupted because some man needs a feeble, quiet woman. Yet, there it was, everywhere, with no seeming loophole.

We can be thankful that time and experience are great teachers and we aren’t slaves to our juvenile thoughts because I have grown ooo!

Of course, the rest of you can read as well (it would be great if you did) but this is really for all the women who can relate to that description of myself. The Strong-willed, opinionated, head strong (we don’t like the word stubborn), independent, whatever-other-powerful-words-you-can -think-of women.

Alright. Are you ready for it? Here:


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