She is beautiful, enchantingly beautiful. I looked into her eyes, smiling.

“Why?” She whispered “What’s the smile for?”

I sighed “You won’t understand.”

“No tell me Ben, please do.”

“I was just thinking how hard it’ll be for you to find true love.”

“What do you mean?” With a grimace

“You’re too gorgeous for your own good. Men of all looks, shapes and sizes have come and will come after you. They will use everything in their power to get you. Some will sacrifice years to win you. But it’ll be incredibly difficult to tell between the one who loves you for real, and the ones who love you for your body. Sometimes he has no idea it was your body he was after rather than your heart and only realises this after he dismounts, breathless and flaccid.

For me, there’s no better metaphoric expression of God’s love for you, than the way a man will do anything to get a girl he’s locked on. He will strategize, play the fool, woo your friends, buy pizza for everyone on your contact list, ’coincidentally’ be in your neighbourhood or office area very often, throw buffets and gifts at you. Heck he’d even go to church with you, at the risk of being delivered. Your ‘NO!’ spurs him on. You block his number, he calls with another. He smiles at your disses and endures your tantrums. He throws himself at your disposal and relishes running errands for you. He’s never in a hurry. A guy was still wooing my friend after 10 years! Even after your wedding, he has no problem being your side boo, inspired by the rampant spate of divorces. He gotchu. It’s the intent that’s difficult to tell. When a guy does all this, is it for the cookie or for the love? Read More For The Cookie, or For The Love?


I hate forwarded messages. Okay, maybe hate is too strong, I passionately dislike them. I’m also not a big fan of recycled seasonal messages. This Easter, there’re a ton of generic images and messages going round. I’m not really interested in that because I think there’s a deeper issue. Look, you cant fool me. You know what Easter is all about. You know it’s about Jesus dying for your sins blah blah blah, the facts of the matter have been plain to us since Sunday School.

“It’s good to keep reminding ourselves” you say. But our issue isn’t forgetfulness, it is conscious indifference. We have so numbed our senses that all those Easter verses and images, they don’t really tickle us anymore. Easter, and so? People be sending whatsapps like “About this time, Judas  was getting ready to delete himself from the 12 disciples whatsapp group. It’s all fun and games. We’re more grateful for the long weekend than the blood that was shed. It’s not out of ignorance, it’s just that….and so what? Well, I’m going to try to bring it home. I’ll try.

When I was a foetus, I had an unusually big head. At the time, they didn’t care if it was genius or what, you had to go. The doctor gave my mum a hard choice “We either terminate your pregnancy, or that pregnancy terminates you. Don’t get it twisted, one of you will die.” I wasn’t born yet, so I wont have taken it personal, but my mum said “NO!. If I lose my life whilst having him, well so be it!” Read More Easter And So What?


I made the decision to go to school outside of Ghana. To some people this was the “normal” thing to do, to others a privilege. Either way, I was going to university abrokyrie. I was indifferent to the idea initially, to be honest. I was one of those children who had strict parents, but also had freedom a lot of my friends didn’t get. Ergo, the excitement other people got from the idea that they were going to be far away from their parents and be able to do whatever they wanted didn’t apply to me. I could already do what I wanted, within reason, and as long as it didn’t involve any life threatening, character-threatening things. It also had to conveniently fit in my curfew at the time.

Nevertheless, I looked forward to going to university and doing all the things that apparently university people did. Whatever that entailed. I had a few friends already in university and they were always chilling and having fun. Imagine my surprise when I got to university and the sort of fun and chilling people did was not the kind I was into. To add insult to injury, I could not stand the city I was in. I hated it. I had not, until that point, hated anything as much as I hated the city. I hated it so much when I was home for Christmas after my first semester I refused to get back on the plane. I wasn’t going back to that God-forsaken place. Nope. Not me. Read More Obedience Over Sacrifice


DO you have one of those “dating lists”? One of the ones that talks explicitly about the type of relationship you want and what you’re looking for in your significant other? Tall, fit, 7 feet 20 inches? Oh yeah? Even if you don’t have it on paper, or on your phone or wherever, I’m sure in your head there are some things you’re thinking the person should have.

I sat with a friend and had a talk about this. Three of her close friends recently got married and they’re all about the same age, so she’s beginning to pressurise herself and is frantically looking for someone. Dating apps, going out, telling everybody to hook her up. She doesn’t need all that pressure, marriage isn’t a race, but that’s beside the point.

During our conversation she mentioned someone she liked and met and how they were talking and everything seemed well and dandy but he didn’t like a specific food, so she wasn’t sure. AH! That would be like saying you cannot date someone because they don’t like fufu. Eh mome, if they don’t like banku they shouldn’t even be in your life, but I digress.

Read More The Non-Negotiable


If the lengths of all the movies and series I’ve watched were put together and turned into bonus years, I’d die in the 23rd century. The downside to watching so much is that it becomes difficult to find something unpredictable with a truly rich story line. It makes me so sad at the end of a very good movie; because I just think about all the time and cheesy movies I’ll skim through to find another good one.

Recently, I was introduced to a rather promising series; Black mirror. I’ve only watched one episode, but it’s strangely alluring. It doesn’t do to me what House of Cards, Suits or Shark Tank do, but it has something…je ne sais quois about it. in the first episode, Princess Sussana -2nd in line to the English throne- is kidnapped. The kidnapper has one request; by 4 o’clock same day, the Prime Minister of England must have sex with a pig, which should be broadcast live on all TV Networks, else the Princess dies. Read More The UK Prime Minister, His Pig, And What Their Affair Has To Do With You.