DO you have one of those “dating lists”? One of the ones that talks explicitly about the type of relationship you want and what you’re looking for in your significant other? Tall, fit, 7 feet 20 inches? Oh yeah? Even if you don’t have it on paper, or on your phone or wherever, I’m sure in your head there are some things you’re thinking the person should have.

I sat with a friend and had a talk about this. Three of her close friends recently got married and they’re all about the same age, so she’s beginning to pressurise herself and is frantically looking for someone. Dating apps, going out, telling everybody to hook her up. She doesn’t need all that pressure, marriage isn’t a race, but that’s beside the point.

During our conversation she mentioned someone she liked and met and how they were talking and everything seemed well and dandy but he didn’t like a specific food, so she wasn’t sure. AH! That would be like saying you cannot date someone because they don’t like fufu. Eh mome, if they don’t like banku they shouldn’t even be in your life, but I digress.

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Relationships are under Attack from all angles and the problems they encounter are Legion! I was musing somewhere last week and it suddenly dawned on me how I could help! I decided to compile a list of some hard and fast rules to letting your love last. I know how hard some people work for it while some others sail quite effortlessly into good relationships with great people, either to take due advantage of the situation or to squander it – based on personal tendencies and whims.

So here’s My List of 12 ways to Secure your Love:

  1. rules - rltnshpDon’t make any noise about it. It’s no one else’s business anyway, is it? So you decided to go out with Fred instead of Francis – there’s really no reason to publicise your new relationship, least of all on Facebook! There has been no research linking the number of likes you get on “Adwoa ****** is now in a relationship with Fred ******” to the security of your relationship from wagging tongues and thirsty girls. Prying eyes and itchy ears will only put more stress on your relationship – don’t let them.

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