Fam, it’s 1:43am and I’m here unable to wait till morning, to write down this thing I must tell you!!

So after a very provocative conversation last two weeks with Yaw, I decided to read Acts and I’ve just uncovered something that baffles me. I wonder if it’ll have same effect on you.

There’s this too known king called Herod. Not the one that beheaded John o. Back then Herod was like the way John has been to the Ghanaian presidency. So this Herod guy who kept doing ogboo nana things ordered the apostle James killed, he went scot free. He ordered Peter’s arrest. Nothing Happened to him. An angel rescued Peter, Herod was so pissed he had all the guards on duty killed. He gets away with all these things and soo many others with nothing happening to him. Until one day, some people decide to give him fans, saying things like “This is not a mortal man, he is God!” and Herod accepted the fans. In fact it was sweet in his ears. There and then norr an angel of God struck him and he died with maggots eating him up. Kpa. Just like that!

A few chapters later, Paul and Barnabas are doing some missionary work in Iconium, some Gentile territory near Antioch after the fourth traffic light beside Davi Maame’s beans kiosk. Eheenh, that place. Read More Two Fingers In The Air. Fans Mi!