The first part of this story endangered my life. I couldn’t tell for sure if the threatening whatsapps and emails or comments with knife, gun and needle emoticons were sent in jest or there was some seriousness to it. Since I’m not curious enough to find out, I have completed the story. Many people had predictions on how it would go, let me know if turned out as you thought.  Oh, and there’s a surprise waiting for you at the end. 

 Ok so enough of my blabbering. Taking off from where Mandy stepped into Mr. Crentsil’s office, ready to demonstrate Krobo Sutra…if it came to it. Here goes;

*          *          *


His office was a sight for sore eyes. A framed quote hung on the wall; “Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication”.

If that needed proof, well you just had to take a look around you. His desk was like the African cousin of The Resolute Desk. The only things on it were a statuette of a black jaguar about to leap and his 13” Mac Book Air. He got up from his black Nightingale chair smiling. She was surprised he wasn’t turned around looking through his floor-to-ceiling glass windows. Read More Mistress Of My Life II [Krobo Sutra]

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When she was in JSS, Mandy’s PE teacher took more delight in watching her play ampe than in organizing extra classes. She had always been irresistible to men. If she stepped out to get a cab, she’d end up in a Range with a wad of cash for airtime. It had always amused her ‘who buys airtime with GHC 500?’, but it never overwhelmed her because men had given her crazier things just for being hot.

One time as she waited along the road for Joe –her side boo- to pick her up after church, a matt-black Porche Cayenne screeched to a stop inches from her. He lowered his tinted windows as he reversed and wasted no time.

“Pretty girl, wherever it is you’re going, that’s my new destination.” Then he let out a funny unrhythmnic ‘Master Richard’ laugh. He looked mid-fifties, a little plump, clean-shaven, white Hackett Polo shirt, expertly manicured nails and a thick gold ring on his right middle finger. He sat in the brown leather seat like it was a throne.

“No thank you” she said politely “I’m fine.”

“O cammon, don’t be like that. See, these young boys, they’ll just waste your time. They’ll go plenty rounds and give you nothing. Me, after one round p3 I’ll be tired, but I’ll spend on you till the IMF notices it.”

She laughed so hard. That man wasn’t that dated, but she didn’t even hop in, and now she was about to do a lap dance for this man, this Mr. Crentsil. She was making the moves. She wanted him. Read More Mistress of My Life.


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At the risk of sounding annoying, I’d like to blame your not hearing from me till now on an ugly jet lag. Lol, se you know I’m kidding? But let’s take it like that. I do have some scandals to share, but that’ll have to wait till next week.

Today, I’m sharing the subject of many e-mails I’ve received; ‘Perfect Mistress’. If you liked ‘I love her husband’, you’ll love ‘Perfect Mistress’. It’s the gripping story of how a smart respectable woman ended up in a not-so-respectable situation. The kind of story that makes you slow to point fingers and judge the lady lurking in the background waiting to snatch that boy.

Yes, wedding planners have never been busier in Ghana’s history, but it’s not always a man walks down the aisle with his bride, sometimes it’s his mistress that clings to his arm. In an occasion as rare and complex as this one, it’s hard to tell the bride from the mistress, but ah well, you’re smart, you’ll figure.

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priceQuote: An erected penis hath no conscience.


Recently I’ve been wondering, but I haven’t had to wonder much, because I know a couple of people who know a couple of people who have actually paid the price of an erection, or are almost done with it, so we’ll look at it through their eyes, and see if it’s a price any of us should contemplate paying.

My friend was hanging out with two close guy friends of his, and in the course of their conversation the issue of weaknesses came up. Bear in mind that all three are staunch, favored anointed men, not a bunch of secular miscreants. You might be tempted to judge, but please don’t make that mistake, just read and remember that infamous Akan proverb; “If you see your neighbor’s beard on fire, keep a bucket of water around yours at all times”

Guy 1 says “Charley, as for me, my weakness is lust o, after all I’ve been through and all it’s cost me, I find that if it’s only by grace that I stand and hope.” #imagine the whirring of a cassette as I rewind to the part when he talked about what it cost him.

“I was home when this spiritual daughter of mine said Read More THE PRICE OF AN ERECTION. PART I- Rated 28

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Over the weeks, you’ve been captivated by the story of Kobe, who didn’t properly get over Afua before falling for Sarah. You’ve felt Sarah’s pains; sharing a man with his past. At a point, you even wondered what made a woman a mistress. Was it a matter of who a man was with technically, or who he was with in his heart?

Today, this epic story ends, and in style! Like I promised, I have compiled it into an e-book so you can seamlessly read the story from start to finish. Here is the link; —> Perfect Mistress, the e-book.

You can read it online or download it. It’s a small file, if you have any problem downloading it, send an email at Read More Perfect Mistress -The e-book.