Some time back there was this funny meme going round saying; Imagine you suffered on earth only to get to heaven for God to tell you “My son, I have no issues with blood money sakawa or fraud. I wont have held it against you kraa.” There was a picture of the guy holding his head in ‘Awwurade madi nkwasiasem!!’ style.

Of course it’s joking stuffs but I feel the imaginary cringe and pain that comes with realising you’ve denied yourself pleasures you could have enjoyed without consequences. Like when Solo said he’d seen slaves on horsebacks whilst Princes walked like slaves. Imagine that abomination! You were begging for a spoonful of the jollof meanwhile it’s yours o, but you don’t know so you’re surprised by your brother’s ‘kindness’ when he agrees to ‘share’ it with you. Chaiiii!

This 2018, my greatest prayer for you is to know yourself, who you are, what’s yours and whose you are. Not in terms of whether you’re from Ghana, Haiti or any of the other countries that made it to the infamous sh*thole list, but rather, what does your heavenly citizenship mean? Where do fear and anxiety come in vis a vis your identity as a citizen of a holy nation, royal priesthood and a peculiar people. Imagine you had an I.D card or LinkedIn profile that read for title; Member -chosen peculiar people, royal priest hood and citizen of a holy nation.’ What access and connection does that give you?

Imagine an actual diplomatic passport proving you are a citizen of the Holy Nation. Where would you need a Visa to? See I’m just trying to provoke you to imagine life with a correct sense of your identity.

My favourite and self-assigned official verse for 2018 says “If you believe Jesus is the Messiah, you are a child of God….Every child of is able to defeat the world. Our victory over the world is by means of our faith. Who can defeat the world? Only the one who believes that Jesus is the son of God. Read More Identity Check; Where’re You From?


Somewhere last year (especially around March), I realized the massive difference starting 2015 with God was making. This year I did the very logical thing and greatly repeated step one. So when I was hanging out with Him and we were talking about 2016, I carefully considered what one thing I wanted for this year. What one thing would I truly want to characterize 2016? Then Genevieve came to mind!

Genny is a sterling sterling worship leader at the church I visit on most Fridays. Deezzz ggeerrrhhh caaann siinnng, whaattt!! For nearly two years I’ve been her biggest fan and I haven’t even spoken to her, I’m shy like that. Lol. But in listening to Genny, I hear the sharp contrast between talent and anointing. I don’t think she’s the best singer in the world, I think there are others who can oscillate and ad-lib better than she does, but there is just something about her voice. It’s…it’s…it’s oily. Read More I Want Some Of Genny’s Oil!


me to useWhy don’t we fill ourselves in on what’s been buzzing since we last talked? I’ll start. My best friend and housemate got married to his longtime sweetheart, which meant one of us had to move out. Since it was his dad’s house we’d been sharing for the past couple of years, the issue of who to move didn’t need to go to court.

It was a beautiful purple and gold wedding at a pristine park and yours truly was best man proper. ‘Prince Collection’ generously offered to suit-up the groom and me I, which is it? When I finally got my suit the night before the wedding, it was the only black one they had in stock and three sizes smaller! An expensive suit three sizes smaller, the night before the wedding, and I was too broke to go shopping. I lost appetite. All of it. I wished I could accumulate two months of gymming and dieting in one night. Never more had I envied the bodies of carpenters and masons.  Miraculously, I looked good it looked good on me the following day. Only thing was I couldn’t button the jacket. As you can see, it’s not like I’m fat too o, just blessed.

O then we got two weeks off work and goats for Christmas. That was delicious! I had it at my new apartment, which you should come check out some time, like seriously. I also went to this party Gunshotmy friend TT held for the kids of area squatters. Herh! There are no kids in Ghana these days o. I also learned that I had anger and jealousy potential. Then I learned how to keep them in check. I watched Breaking Bad like I was being paid to. That Walter White guy is on point!

Honestly though, I think the best thing I did this entire break was attending a prayer camp meeting my church organized. I am not a prayer warrior. Not even a prayer ball boy, so two days at a chain-prayer meeting was unprecedented, but I’d been very keen on attending. I mean, isn’t a fool the man who does the same thing in the same way over again, then expects a different result? Because of the kind of results I’m expecting this year nu, I doubt last year’s fuel will suffice.

As people seriously prayed, I fantasized my Read More My Christmas Confessions.

Blog Inspiration

Yes, I checked the date and it’s well into the new year, but there’s so much newness lingering in the air. Like the almost-new anti-harmattan Vaseline I have in my glove compartment.

Last year was the best and worst for Goldinwords. We rose high and got hacked low. But now that our feet have touched the ground, how much lower can we go herh? I’ve been taking helium injections you know, so each day the sky feels closer.

This year, I’m taking a more humble approach to everything; nothing is really yours you know. Everything you have can be taken from you, what remains is your true value. Self value is what you can make of yourself when you lose all-but yourself. When you’re a Christian, the equation is different; you have God to help you bounce back.

This new year, I wish you inexplicable resilience. May you stand in the face of your greatest fear, pick the speck in its eyes and blow it out of coverage area. May what would have otherwise crippled you only give you a muscle pull. Read More New Year Ronnings!