Nana Oye is a girl genius who is no no stranger to Goldinwords, when she first featured here, she was just starting her post grad in some top notch Americana school…now she is a full-fledged Doctor of Economics (She’ll kill me for blowing her horn). So here’s this hot Christian genius (very young too), finding time in-between developing economic frameworks to write about something I think is so critical. It’s like the ringworm under the pretty hairs of almost us all.

I cant wait to see what you think. Dr. Oye, over to you…

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Akosua saw the light die in Selasi’s eyes when her tongue landed firmly on the ‘n’ in ‘virgin’. She sighed silently, knowing there was little to no chance of a fourth date now. This was her fifth Ojacious Singles connection this year, and every single one of the men had reacted similarly to her disclosure that she was virginal. It did not seem to matter whether this came up on the tenth or third date; it seemed a hard no to Tim, Kwame, Kwesi, Alfred and Selasi. This was the very reason she had decided to give Ojacious Singles a try. She was tired of getting this reaction from so-called worldly men and thought she’d try a crowd that should have appreciated it. Boy, was she mistaken! Read More Is Virginity Like Syphilis?