So I originally wrote this in 2015, but just take a peek and tell me if it isnt even more relevant this year;

Feels like January was just a week ago doesn’t it? I mean how long ago was it when your birthday seemed so far off? And now, minus the December guys we’ve all had Facebook friends who never bothered suddenly spare enough time to say HBD, GBU, LLNP or some by-force acronym to spite political parties. And now 2018 is 8 weeks away! There is something that happens 8 weeks to year end that I detest passionately and you’ll see why shortly.

We start each year with enough optimism to turn a funeral into a farewell party. We have six key goals that we must achieve and three new habits we must cultivate and one major weakness we must shed off…then when the last quarter creeps up on us like an unexpected breakup we carry forward all our hopes to the next year.

I resent that. I resent that we hide behind our hopes for next year to give up on this one. Next year is coming in weeks so you dier, let me turn everything I haven’t been able to achieve yet into a prayer topic for next year. We remove our gloves and hang up our boots when November starts breathing down our shoulders, but that is just not consistent with all the classic action feems. Read More Killer Bewu Last Show!


I haven’t posted in a while. I’m sorry, forgive me. These past few weeks have been filled with such hectic schedules and mighty testimonies. There is so much I have to tell you, I don’t even know where to start from. It’s so funny, between the last sentence and this one, I had to pause and ponder for such a long time and for this post in particular I know now exactly what I want to tell you.

A lot has happened to give me fresh reverence for this quote ‘little drops of water, make a mighty ocean.’ When you go online and google ‘ruined lungs’, it’s hard to believe that that black contamination was ruined one puff at a time. In the same way dropping spare coins in some jar will amount to bride price money in a few months.

The biggest lie we’ve believed (without knowing we have), is that prayer doesn’t work, or not as lethal as even a slap. We’ve eaten so many times without praying over the food, so what’s with ‘bless this food we’re about to eat…’? We’ve travelled and returned so much without asking for travelling mercies, so what’s the point? We’ve been asking and asking for a particular thing for so long, so why bother? Fam, trust me on this one, IT’S WORKING! Read More Dont Stop! It’s Working.


There’s a price to pay for dreaming big, wanting to count for something and make an impact. There’s a price to pay for craving the extraordinary and asking more of life. The paycheck that satisfies others will only make you snicker. The things that make others content doesn’t even reach your throat. You need to do so much more than the average person does to reach fulfillment. You are not impressed by the things that render most people speechless. You chase the intangibles of impact whilst many pursue the hardness of cash.

Sometimes it feels like something’s wrong with you. Why risk so much, why be so some way? Why not settle for what everyone seems to be settling for? “A man is a man is a man,” they say, “ they’re all alike, but for their lengths, so what are you waiting for? Just settle down!”

You are too picky, you take the fun out of everything. We’re joking when we say “We die finish o” why do you have to take it world cup and declare ‘Minus me and my family?’ what is it with you? Just chill mehn!

But we, we cant chill! Something burns inside of us that won’t let us. We can’t fake satisfaction when we know it can be done better. We cant sit and do nothing for too long. We think of better ways of doing things for so long, we finally just cant sit and do nothing, so we set out to do something, to chase a foolish dream. Read More Chasing A Foolish Dream


Most times the posts that finally make it here have some deep meaning and profound truth about them. This one doesn’t, not really. It’s just two videos that have cracked me up worse than harmattan ever did! You most likely have seen both already, but I still share them confidently because they’re funny enough to merit a hundredth watch.

The first is a showdown between a rich kid and a poor kid. At the end of the day, who walks away crying? Was it really about melody and gadgets and shoe color? Lol, here see;

Then there’s this one, which started going viral last week. It’s a simpleton’s perspective on our economy. I think this guy could stab English and he’d be right to. English failed to give him a word expressive enough to communicate his job. That’s a pretty frustrating place to be in. imagine opening a linked-in account and feeling stranded at the ‘Job title’ section and kpakpakpa was the phrase you had to create to compensate for English’s shortsightedness. Here, let’s watch English pay for her crime. Read More The Kpokpo Gari And Kpakpakpa Connection!