Hello! Ewuraesi, here. I’m really glad to meet you. I like Ben’s introduction of me, but if he missed anything of interest to you, please let me know.

To tell you the truth, i’m partially excited and partially nervous about all this. I’m hoping it’ll be both fun and edifying for both you and me. I’m not putting myself in a box, but for the most part, I’ll be talking a lot about relationships and general “taboo” topics we are all thinking but not discussing. Also, things from a woman’s perspective. But if tere’s anything else you would like to hear about, I’m all ears.

Speaking of relationships, here’s a post that’s part fiction, part factual about falling in love and cheating. Enjoy!

* * * * *

WE sat in my car in front of one of the school buildings. He insisted I come and see him. I insisted I had other things to do, but I would pass by for a few minutes. I pulled up in my tiny car and he walked over, popping his head through the rolled-down window.


“Joshua,” I said with a smile.

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short story

TweetI’m in the love groove today because my dearest little cousin is getting married tomorrow and I have the privilege of MCing it. To infect you with my mood, I’m…

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I’m unmarried and I’m a guy so maybe I can’t understand why some women are so desperate to be Mrs. I can’t get how the sister doesn’t care that the man she’s calling ‘Baby’ has two teenage kids and a baby that’s still on breast-milk.

People like that see marriage as some sort of new beginning that forgives and forgets what you destroyed and who you crushed to get into it. As if once you walk down that aisle, everything else that isn’t adding up in your life will suddenly come together.

“I’m done with Uni, I just finished my National Service…I think the next major thing I have to do is to get married…latest by June next year.”

How can you give it a deadline like it’s some school admission date? It’s those kind of deadlines that make you desperate when you should be waiting on God. The fear of not meeting them drives you to make compromises you otherwise wouldn’t have…then playing foul to get him becomes okay…acceptable.

The shame with that is, you spend too much energy looking over your shoulders. Every house help, his female friends, even his pretty 3rd cousin is a threat. Read More The Husband Snatcher’s Nightmare.


Many people end up with close-fit halves because they were afraid the perfect half may never show. So they settle with the ‘good enough’ at hand. But there’s a certain feeling reserved for those who get to be with the ying to their yang. It’s like a whole town told you to sleep because there was no tooth fairy, and the longer you stayed up the greater the fool you looked, but just before dawn she showed up and the joke was on the town!

For everyone with someone they fit right into, who had to wait or pay any price of any sort, this piece will fill you up. For those who are on the verge of settling with the next best thing, this may just give you ammunition to hold on a wee bit. Because when you find him, and when she finally makes the entrance! Ayaayaahyahyaaaii!

When Perfect Shows Up.

I was standing there all by myself,

Long after everyone was gone.

The voices in my head were starting to win;

There was no way I was going to meet a you. Read More When Perfect Shows Up


I usually stay in the closet and spy through the keyhole as controversial things happen. I’d hate to estrange people who could find value in Goldinwords because of my explicit stands on a controversial matter. But seeing as everyone is brazenly coming out of closets, here’s me bursting out of mine!

I’m deeply saddened that the country we borrow our accents from, we get our sense of pride because some distant relative lives there, we spend many years staking visa lottery in the hope to be accepted by, we Photoshop pictures in a desperate attempt to prove that we’ve really really truly been there, we draw so much inspiration from and like to be associated with, that country has legalized the matrimony of guys ‘spooning’ guys and girls ‘wheelbarrowing’ girls.

I know I know, there’s a lot more to a civil union than sex, there’s companionship, blah blah blah and love right? Right? But that’s where this donkey’s back breaks.

The sexiest ministry in Christianity (to me) is the apologetic, which intellectually defends our faith. The guy who does it best is this awesome person called Ravi Zacharias. He said one time that the saddest thing about humanity is how we’ve educated ourselves to imbecility. There is no immoral, hedonistic, evil habit or desire that you can’t fly in some Professor from some fancy University to justify. The way I see it, that summarizes how the most sacred institution can be reduced to a boys boys gerhs gerhs situation. Some ‘learned’, ‘successful’, ‘compassionate’, famous people campaign for something and perhaps Read More When Kofis Start Romancing Kwames -what really wins?


I’m still stunned by just how many people were blown away by the first part of this story!! I didnt know you guys liked sequels like that, eeii! Anyways, it’s here if you missed it. If you ask me, I think this last part is even better! Maukeni just lifts the bar  with this one. And I’m smart enough to tell the thin line between an intro and a nuisance :-)…so I stop here. I’ll let her finish what she started;

*        *        *

‘I am pregnant with his baby’, the words hung in the air and I looked ahead blankly. I didn’t need to turn my head to see the concern in my mother’s face metamorphose into shock. ‘Oh my child, I am so sorry’ and then we both broke into tears. The last two weeks had been like that- we had synchronized our crying timetable. She cradled me in her arms like a baby- I wished I could be a baby again, with no worries, no anxieties, without this pain that seemed so deep, like a bottomless abyss.

I pushed the fried fish around in my plate. Even the fish’s eyes were full of pity. I didn’t have an appetite. Patrick had always said I was a picky eater, and he didn’t mind helping himself to whatever was left of my meal. Oh Patrick! I still kept hope alive that he would call me and say he was coming home, or that he would be sitting in the study, reading a book, or that I would hear him laugh or even call my name. The other night, I woke up at dawn and instinctively reached over to the other side of the bed. He wasn’t there, it was just me and the darkness- and the deafening silence…

The day of the funeral was drawing nearer. My baby bump was now rather visible and it was drawing just as much attention as the news of my being a widow was. I always pretended not to hear the whispers, ‘She is finally pregnant and the man has left her so tragically. Poor girl’. My doctor had advised me to avoid stressing myself out to avoid complications during delivery..so I ignored the whispers, smiled politely and tried not to cry too often. Except this one time! One of Patrick’s sisters, Cynthia, had not seen me since the pregnancy started showing. The day she did, she sneered at me and said Read More Till Death Do Us Part II- Keni Kodjo


What I’m about to show you is different, completely different from the weekly regulars here. This is an awesome different. The kind where you ask “But Ben, why did you brown us this long?”

Yeesss, it’s been very long, but in this powerful story, we finally break the ‘Guest Blogger drought’. If story-telling skills could be converted to Martial Arts ranking, Maukeni Kodjo would be Chuck Norris’ classmate. She runs this great blog here.

‘Till death do us part’ is a beautiful story that evokes a dozen emotions. It’s not long too. If you read it all I promise you’ll beg me for the sequel. So to save you from my incessant chatter, please, I present you with this Keni classic;

*      *       *

I kept staring at the wall clock as if that would somehow bring him back. The seconds turned into minutes, and then an hour. When three hours had passed, three hours of just sitting there in disbelief, I picked my phone and called my brother. ‘Ekow, Read More Till Death Do Us Part -By Keni Kodjo (Awesome Story!)


Lately, I’ve been thinking; what drives a man to jump into the Volta Lake or gets a woman to see no point in living? Truth is we all get depressed from time to time. For example I get so worked up when the mechanic is doing ‘try your luck’ with my car. Or when I do my best on a project and client thinks it’s rubbish, it gets under my skin! So depression dier, we all get a pill of it from time to time. The question –though- is, what drives some people to drown beneath it? Why do some people never recover from a depressing situation? The answer just came to me, and see who I’m telling first 😉

Say your whole life, you dreamed of owning your own grass cutter farm. I mean anytime you went to a chop bar and your soup came with Akrantie, you didn’t know whether to eat it or pose with it for a picture, or blend it into juice or turn it into some kind of jam. Like, Akrantie just filled you with such inspiration, such energy; to the point where everything you did was to enable you own an Akrantie farm eventually. Just imagining it had some bleaching effect on you.

Then you wake up one morning and everyone is going on and on about Ebola. The bloody WHO launches a campaign against the consumption of all bush meats. Right next to the pictures of bats are grass cutters! Read More Love & My Grass Cutter Business Idea


I usually post on Thursdays/Fridays, but I had something I really wanted to squeeze between. Truth is, I haven’t written a poem in a long long time. It’s sad because all I was doing in the start was poetry. But I’ve been inspired by a few things, including Tele’s incredible series on ‘Letters to my dear true wife’. Forgive, the literary nuances of this might be all over the place, but it has soul in it.

So this is me talking to her the morning before I Do. I feel it. Enjoy


We aren’t a couple bae, we’re a team,

The kind that give principalities the creeps

And disrupt industries the world over

The kind that annul trending norms about fidelity

and trust and selflessness and all those virtues that makes love love.


You, me, this moment, this isn’t romantic, it’s epic.

The sensation in our loins right now, Read More The Morning Before I Do


I’m keeping this one short because…well, because I’ve got a 2-hour drive to make to Sunyani from Kumasi this morning. It’s 2:00am now, but commitments are Commitments and I’m not starting 2015 by breaking one such as this. We’re starting with an original piece I’m only just finishing now – Poetry is the Music of the Soul… All for #TeleTuesdays  😉


Pick me O sweetheart pick me.

I know I’m not your first, but pick me

You didn’t dream of me, or even wish for me

But in my heart of hearts

I know you’ll love me

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