Yes, ‘precious’ is an adjective. It describes a thing, person or place. But every once in an eternity, you get to meet a person who manifests this intangible thing, a person who enters your life with a strange audacity. Fears and habits that bad experiences have scarred you with, this person just shows up and gets them to comply, like stubborn primary school kids obedient from the promise of P.E.

I wrote this for those who have such a person in their lives and those hoping to meet them. Do not settle for less. Don’t just go with him because you think he might be the last page of a book you don’t even know half of! Don’t just commit to her because ‘every hole is a hole’. You should let the size of your dream determine the quality of the person you settle with. And when your dream is big enough, you realize that you cant but hold up for a certain kind of precious. Enjoy.


Precious ~the noun.

I haven’t written a poem for you in a while

And it’s not due to a lack of inspiration

You bring plenty of that

It’s the difficulty to contain

The raging bliss that comes with you.
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I usually post on Thursdays/Fridays, but I had something I really wanted to squeeze between. Truth is, I haven’t written a poem in a long long time. It’s sad because all I was doing in the start was poetry. But I’ve been inspired by a few things, including Tele’s incredible series on ‘Letters to my dear true wife’. Forgive, the literary nuances of this might be all over the place, but it has soul in it.

So this is me talking to her the morning before I Do. I feel it. Enjoy


We aren’t a couple bae, we’re a team,

The kind that give principalities the creeps

And disrupt industries the world over

The kind that annul trending norms about fidelity

and trust and selflessness and all those virtues that makes love love.


You, me, this moment, this isn’t romantic, it’s epic.

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