The most profound line I’ve heard this past month goes; “If I show you the end from the beginning, where lies the room for your faith? If I remove every hurdle from your path, where lies the chance for your maturity? If I continue giving you everything the second you think of it with no questions asked, where lies the room for your gratitude, and if nothing changes, no matter what wrong you do, where lies the room for your worship?”

It’s never a walk in the park, this life we’re living. The bigger your dreams, the more you’re going to have to endure and learn. If you want to play out of your league, you are going to have to train out of your league. Prayer does not excuse you from the core subjects of challenges you must pass to enter your destiny. The reason you cant and shouldn’t think of prayer as a way to dodge challenges is because embedded in those challenges and rough roads are the gems that you will need to become what you dream of.

Don’t also think that your decision to be mediocre will excuse you from the furnace that tries great men. Mediocrity and ‘inambiton’ come with greater wahala, but that wahala doesn’t build you, it crushes you. It doesn’t make you a better man, it makes you a bitter man with a self esteem lower than the fuel in a miser’s tank. Point is, whether you set out to be extraordinary in life or mediocre, it will not be a smooth journey. Lemon can only become lemonade with the right mindset. All it will be to a mediocre man is an Read More Harmattan In Winter.

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