So I originally wrote this in 2015, but just take a peek and tell me if it isnt even more relevant this year;

Feels like January was just a week ago doesn’t it? I mean how long ago was it when your birthday seemed so far off? And now, minus the December guys we’ve all had Facebook friends who never bothered suddenly spare enough time to say HBD, GBU, LLNP or some by-force acronym to spite political parties. And now 2018 is 8 weeks away! There is something that happens 8 weeks to year end that I detest passionately and you’ll see why shortly.

We start each year with enough optimism to turn a funeral into a farewell party. We have six key goals that we must achieve and three new habits we must cultivate and one major weakness we must shed off…then when the last quarter creeps up on us like an unexpected breakup we carry forward all our hopes to the next year.

I resent that. I resent that we hide behind our hopes for next year to give up on this one. Next year is coming in weeks so you dier, let me turn everything I haven’t been able to achieve yet into a prayer topic for next year. We remove our gloves and hang up our boots when November starts breathing down our shoulders, but that is just not consistent with all the classic action feems. Read More Killer Bewu Last Show!


For some months this year, I had problems writing. Not like I was suddenly confused with tenses and was calling her him or they’re their, nothing like that. I just found it incredibly difficult to set time apart and hit you up like i’m doing now. Work has been hectic, adjusting to family man life is still work in progress, but I wont put the blame on excuses. I think something deeper has been at play.

Writers call something ‘writers block’; it’s supposed to be this understandable period of time when your ‘muse’ goes silent and you have little or no inspiration or spark to write something worthwhile. You feel some internal resistance and putting words together feels harder than lifting cement. You give up and watch Game of Thrones then call it a day.

It exists in all fields under different names. At work, you suddenly struggle to do something you could glide through. At school, reading a page feels harder than writing an exam. It all feels like a drudge and becomes quite frustrating. Your ‘A Game’ seems to have taken a sabbatical and the driven you is suddenly suspended in a zero-gravity space. Read More How To Rid Your Head of Rubbish Voices


I haven’t posted in a while. I’m sorry, forgive me. These past few weeks have been filled with such hectic schedules and mighty testimonies. There is so much I have to tell you, I don’t even know where to start from. It’s so funny, between the last sentence and this one, I had to pause and ponder for such a long time and for this post in particular I know now exactly what I want to tell you.

A lot has happened to give me fresh reverence for this quote ‘little drops of water, make a mighty ocean.’ When you go online and google ‘ruined lungs’, it’s hard to believe that that black contamination was ruined one puff at a time. In the same way dropping spare coins in some jar will amount to bride price money in a few months.

The biggest lie we’ve believed (without knowing we have), is that prayer doesn’t work, or not as lethal as even a slap. We’ve eaten so many times without praying over the food, so what’s with ‘bless this food we’re about to eat…’? We’ve travelled and returned so much without asking for travelling mercies, so what’s the point? We’ve been asking and asking for a particular thing for so long, so why bother? Fam, trust me on this one, IT’S WORKING! Read More Dont Stop! It’s Working.


It’s not easy to lose weight oo, herrhh! With all the domedo, icecream and oreo milk shake joints in the system, it takes special grace. Me, I’ve been trying hard waa to return to the stone-cut model figure I had just a few months, but alas, the six-pack keeps doing hide and seek with me, trying to get me to dig deeper. Literally.

Two of the things I’m doing trying to do often are morning jogs and no late eating. My broda, eeeezzzz nnoooottt eeaaassy! There’s also ‘Tieswag’, this brilliant side business I started last year with the intent to sell high quality, super fashionable designer neckties at affordable prices. I haven’t been able to give Tieswag the attention it needs since I started my current more-demanding job in Jan. I keep making moves to revive it, but eezz noootttt eeaassyy.

There are other things I’ve been trying to do as well that aren’t easy, like being a better Christian; one that’s more yielding, available and obedient to God, but eezz noootttt eeaassyy!!

I run with music in my ears, this morning, the song that was playing was ‘Forever’ by Kari Jobe. It had this part that says

“The ground began to shake, the stone was rolled away,

Now death, where is your sting?

My resurrected king has left you defeated

His perfect love could not be overcome.”

The tune is soo lit! Read More My Fight Against Domedo And Oreo Milkshake.



What does this have in common with jollof eh?
What does this have in common with jollof eh?

Culture is one the most beautiful things! Like it literally sparks new things in your sensualities, understandings, ambitions, everything! These few months, I’ve been privileged to experience different cultures first-hand. From the risotto alla milanese that nearly embarrassed me (because I had to smile whilst downing it as I held back nauseating pangs so as not to offend my Italian benefactors.) Then i was fascinated  to see German septuageneranian sweethearts chopping more love than naive university lovers.

Ama, wu nim se we’re in this for life right?

Of all the cultures, I found the French most fascinating! Gooooodddneess! The attention to detail of Ivorian woman, the mentality of the Senegalese wife and the music of the French world!!! It’s mind-boggling. Read More The Biggest Shock Of A Local Champion!


If the lengths of all the movies and series I’ve watched were put together and turned into bonus years, I’d die in the 23rd century. The downside to watching so much is that it becomes difficult to find something unpredictable with a truly rich story line. It makes me so sad at the end of a very good movie; because I just think about all the time and cheesy movies I’ll skim through to find another good one.

Recently, I was introduced to a rather promising series; Black mirror. I’ve only watched one episode, but it’s strangely alluring. It doesn’t do to me what House of Cards, Suits or Shark Tank do, but it has something…je ne sais quois about it. in the first episode, Princess Sussana -2nd in line to the English throne- is kidnapped. The kidnapper has one request; by 4 o’clock same day, the Prime Minister of England must have sex with a pig, which should be broadcast live on all TV Networks, else the Princess dies. Read More The UK Prime Minister, His Pig, And What Their Affair Has To Do With You.


I believe in Ghana. I believe in that bold dream you have, I have a similar one too. I believe you can actually bring it to pass. In fact, if you ask me, we should dream bigger and they will come to pass; irrespective of economics or politics or the Black Stars. I didn’t always think so. In fact, as recently as Saturday morning, I wasn’t thinking that way when I was driving on my last bit of fuel to this meeting I go for on Saturday mornings.

I felt very discouraged by the fact that my government couldn’t make cars happy, couldn’t make football fans happy and couldn’t tickle the economy to even smirk. Between us two, I for the first time started to panic. I probably took it too far when I thought of whether I’d even have a job if things don’t take a turn for the better. Imagine me sulking at a prayer meeting. I felt heavier than the stomach of a corrupt government official with a slow metabolism. But that’s when it came to me; something I’d read years ago; Read More The Picture Is Bigger Than Petrol.

Blog Inspiration

Just recently, I chanced on the most brilliant piece. My friend -Awo- shared it on her wall. The original writer is anonymous, but the message! Boyyy, the message is as relevant to you as it’ll be to your descendants :-)! Some things are timeless, like tears that tickle. Here Goes;


Tears That Tickle

Sometimes…we must be hurt in order to grow,

We must fail in order to know,

We must lose in order to gain.


Some lessons are best learned through pain.

Sometimes…our vision clears,

Only after our eyes are washed with tears.

We have to be broken, so we can be tender,

We are sick so we can rest and think better

On things more important than work or fun.

 We are taken for a trip near death,

 So we can assess how we’ve run…

 *         *         *

Sometimes… Read More Tears That Tickle.


passengerI’m an advertiser. I take boring things and make them seem exciting. I have another blog where I write more about that side of my life (Advertures). In searching for a beautiful ad to write about, I chanced upon this Budweiser Super Bowl one. I was smitten, so much that a lighted silhouette of me would have shown hairs standing so erect you could confuse them for acupuncture pins.

One thing that made that ad so powerful for me, was the music. And since I’m a sucker for good music, I dug deeper. It was from this guy called ‘Passenger’. Then I went on to listen to more of his music and watch a few of his shows. His talent is incredible.  In June 2012, he was a nobody, playing to crowds of 17! 17! Now, the light of his stardom makes sunlight seem like shadows. He said before a sold-out mega audience how clueless  he’d been that just a year from 17 onlookers, he’ll be in the major league.

Iwhatsapp1n may 2009, this nobody put up a tweet about how tweeter had refused him a job. Later in August he put up another one about being bounced by facebook. You see this guy was friends with this other guy who emigrated from Ukraine to the US when he was 17 years old. He lived in so much hardship that he survived on food stamps. These two met at Yahoo with their separate series of sad stories. The Ukrainan lost his mum, became an orphan with no family. A year or two later he started whatsapp. In the beginning, it was just meant to be an app that let statuses appear beside your phone contacts. Then it evolved into the SMS replacement it is now. Both guys built this.

Last week, Read More The Whatsapp-Passenger Connection!

Blog Inspiration

African god
Credit: James C. Lewis

There’s something striking about Nigerian culture; the way a person is named and the pride that comes with a legendary heritage.  It’s drop. Dead. Awesome! A man is announced as Olokun, son of Agayu, grandson of D’banj (sorry, I run out names), from the house of Orin. It’s so grand. Identity has never felt more glamorous.

You just imagine coming from a house of legendary warriors, where your grandfather at 92 has a blind eye to show off from his battle with the giant from Abuja. His childhood stories are what Action films are made of and he still has 18 well-serviced wives and a waist fit enough to dance the Alkayida (dance oo, not movement!).

Your own father is decorated warrior with 7 ghastly scars across his back and chest; each for a warrior-king from the Northern Kingdoms. His speech is laced with more wisdom than whiskey is with alcohol. He has the stature of a glorious statue and the history of an African Hercules. In his palatial hut, a dried lion’s skull hangs on a wall; it was the present he brought his father when he was 17. Common mortals issue threats in his name and their pursuers shudder.

When he speaks, he booms and you look around for where the surround system must be hidden. When he rests his massive hands on your shoulder and calls you “Son!” the pride that swells in you could flood a dam; if only his hands didn’t weigh a ton! He calls upon his youngest wife and you go like Read More The Glory Of A Nigerian Heritage! compared to yours.

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