So I’ve been married, what? like two months and I’ve cracked it! I figured out best practices on how to cheat on your Mrs. It’s not rocket science really, and if this doesn’t work, I’m offering a money-back guarantee! See, these days, a wedding ring turns more women on than ripped abs and fake slangs. Just flash that ring and they be like “Oooohh mmyyy, that Mrs. sure is lucky! My goodness. Have you been treating her right? do you make her happy? are you sure? (giggles) really? You wanna show me?”

Last week, my married cousin passed by my office with Naa, our mutual friend. Sam’s a nice guy. Nice, respectable guy. leads Bible study in church but is not an uptight Christian. He has the blackest lips! When we were talking, I couldn’t help but notice the purple smudge on his lip. Naa had gone to use the washroom so it was just us talking. The more we spoke, the harder it became to ignore the smudge on his lip. Naa’s lipstick was purple. Very quickly, my mind connected the dots! So I asked “Wait a minute, Sam, there is lipstick on your lips. How did lipstick get on your lips!?”

His heart missed a beat, but it didn’t show in his calm countenance. He just wiped hard and said dismissively “Oh it’s nothing, just a French way of saying hi.”

I laughed till I choked. “Eeeeeyiii! Gyimitoooottto! French ebaaadzi?! French way of saying ‘hi’. Then how’ll they say ‘How are you?’ Nonsense, but how can you try to BS me? you know i’m too smart for that!”

His face was all kinds of silly. Read More How To Cheat On Your Wife.


I recently heard two troubling stories that wont let me be until I tell them to you and you understand the reason for my relentless campaign.

 The One-hit Pregnacy

The first is about my friend’s little sister who found out last week that she was pregnant by a man who spread his sperm and led the church choir with equal skill. My friend’s sister is a junior designer in an advertising agency here in Acccra. This guy is a senior designer from a sister-agency. She’s twenty-four, and only a few months into a real working life, bt if you could see her Facebook page and her delectable pictures eh! Her pictures are the kind that good men linger on a bit longer in their moments of weakness.

No mincing words; she’s sexy, she knows it and she flaunts it. She’s not a bad bad girl, maybe just one of thousands of women who wont admit that they thrive on the attention of men. She’s not lose either. Liberal -maybe- but not lose. Her short skirts and hot pants don’t necessarily mean easy access. What she was, was a bit too Read More A Steamy Affair With The Marriage Counselor.