So I originally wrote this in 2015, but just take a peek and tell me if it isnt even more relevant this year;

Feels like January was just a week ago doesn’t it? I mean how long ago was it when your birthday seemed so far off? And now, minus the December guys we’ve all had Facebook friends who never bothered suddenly spare enough time to say HBD, GBU, LLNP or some by-force acronym to spite political parties. And now 2018 is 8 weeks away! There is something that happens 8 weeks to year end that I detest passionately and you’ll see why shortly.

We start each year with enough optimism to turn a funeral into a farewell party. We have six key goals that we must achieve and three new habits we must cultivate and one major weakness we must shed off…then when the last quarter creeps up on us like an unexpected breakup we carry forward all our hopes to the next year.

I resent that. I resent that we hide behind our hopes for next year to give up on this one. Next year is coming in weeks so you dier, let me turn everything I haven’t been able to achieve yet into a prayer topic for next year. We remove our gloves and hang up our boots when November starts breathing down our shoulders, but that is just not consistent with all the classic action feems. Read More Killer Bewu Last Show!


For some months this year, I had problems writing. Not like I was suddenly confused with tenses and was calling her him or they’re their, nothing like that. I just found it incredibly difficult to set time apart and hit you up like i’m doing now. Work has been hectic, adjusting to family man life is still work in progress, but I wont put the blame on excuses. I think something deeper has been at play.

Writers call something ‘writers block’; it’s supposed to be this understandable period of time when your ‘muse’ goes silent and you have little or no inspiration or spark to write something worthwhile. You feel some internal resistance and putting words together feels harder than lifting cement. You give up and watch Game of Thrones then call it a day.

It exists in all fields under different names. At work, you suddenly struggle to do something you could glide through. At school, reading a page feels harder than writing an exam. It all feels like a drudge and becomes quite frustrating. Your ‘A Game’ seems to have taken a sabbatical and the driven you is suddenly suspended in a zero-gravity space. Read More How To Rid Your Head of Rubbish Voices


It’s not easy to lose weight oo, herrhh! With all the domedo, icecream and oreo milk shake joints in the system, it takes special grace. Me, I’ve been trying hard waa to return to the stone-cut model figure I had just a few months, but alas, the six-pack keeps doing hide and seek with me, trying to get me to dig deeper. Literally.

Two of the things I’m doing trying to do often are morning jogs and no late eating. My broda, eeeezzzz nnoooottt eeaaassy! There’s also ‘Tieswag’, this brilliant side business I started last year with the intent to sell high quality, super fashionable designer neckties at affordable prices. I haven’t been able to give Tieswag the attention it needs since I started my current more-demanding job in Jan. I keep making moves to revive it, but eezz noootttt eeaassyy.

There are other things I’ve been trying to do as well that aren’t easy, like being a better Christian; one that’s more yielding, available and obedient to God, but eezz noootttt eeaassyy!!

I run with music in my ears, this morning, the song that was playing was ‘Forever’ by Kari Jobe. It had this part that says

“The ground began to shake, the stone was rolled away,

Now death, where is your sting?

My resurrected king has left you defeated

His perfect love could not be overcome.”

The tune is soo lit! Read More My Fight Against Domedo And Oreo Milkshake.


There’s a price to pay for dreaming big, wanting to count for something and make an impact. There’s a price to pay for craving the extraordinary and asking more of life. The paycheck that satisfies others will only make you snicker. The things that make others content doesn’t even reach your throat. You need to do so much more than the average person does to reach fulfillment. You are not impressed by the things that render most people speechless. You chase the intangibles of impact whilst many pursue the hardness of cash.

Sometimes it feels like something’s wrong with you. Why risk so much, why be so some way? Why not settle for what everyone seems to be settling for? “A man is a man is a man,” they say, “ they’re all alike, but for their lengths, so what are you waiting for? Just settle down!”

You are too picky, you take the fun out of everything. We’re joking when we say “We die finish o” why do you have to take it world cup and declare ‘Minus me and my family?’ what is it with you? Just chill mehn!

But we, we cant chill! Something burns inside of us that won’t let us. We can’t fake satisfaction when we know it can be done better. We cant sit and do nothing for too long. We think of better ways of doing things for so long, we finally just cant sit and do nothing, so we set out to do something, to chase a foolish dream. Read More Chasing A Foolish Dream


I was born into a big family house in Osu Nyaniba Estate. I was part of the fourth generation to live in that house. My squad missed the first gen guys (my great grand parents) by a couple of months, but their legends lived on in a ghostly way.

There is this funny story I must tell you! I’m told my great grand mum was a rich, tough, and very shrewd woman, so shrewd she outlived great granddad. She was so moved by his passing on that for weeks after, she continued to send dinner to his room; perchance his wandering spirit may be hungry, and her delicious food may bring him back.

My uncles were sly twenty-somethings by this time and always discontent with the measly food they got served. They’d wait till dark when the house was all quiet and feast on great grand dads dinner. Great grandma would come the following morning and say in an ‘amused wife’ tone “Eii Sammy these days 33 l33 oyeonmaa ei!” which was complementing his huge after-death appetite. She eventually found out and all-but disowned them.

I used to be scared of passing by that room, and of the plantain’s shadows from behind the bedroom curtains at night. We were also told not to throw brooms, because if you did, it’d come and throw you as you slept at night. Sometimes I’d forget and throw the broom, then spend the rest of the day apologizing to it and dreading the night. Throughout the many years that followed, I was always afraid of something…until I met Kwansima, the most wicked house fowl to ever live! Read More The Story of My Bravery.

Blog Inspiration

I have a controversial thought; they call African countries ‘3rd world countries.’ After whining about how offensive that tag feels and sounds, it’s impossible to not see any truth in it. We are behind in many things like technology, infrastructural development, GDP growth, movie making, military sophistication etc.

You can choose to dwell on the negative vibes the tag gives you. I don’t. I see such a great advantage in being in a third world country. Let me explain;

If you had the chance today, to bet a GHC 1,000 on who would win a match that was played three months back, wont you be excited about the easy cash you were about to make? I mean, you’ve watched the re runs on DSTV, read the reviews on Sports Daily, and now when you’re watching the same match again, someone offers you the chance to bet on the winner!

If you know tomorrow’s lottery numbers for sure, wouldn’t that be an advantage? My point is if we are pages (or at worst chapters) behind Europe, Asia and America, aren’t we more advantaged because of the chance to study trends and learn from their successes and failures?

They were driving blind, but being in the 3rd world, we have the hand book and can look in their rear-view mirrors before we start our cars. We can all be fortune tellers if we indulge our minds in a little reading. We have so much room to prepare ahead of time.

Take the dot-com bubble that overwhelmed Americans between 1995 and 2000 for example. It referred to the steady commercial growth of the Internet with the coming of the World Wide Web.

The period was marked by the founding (and, in many cases, spectacular failure) of a group of new Internet-based companies commonly referred to as dot-coms. Companies were seeing their stock prices shoot up if they simply added an “e-” prefix to their name and/or a “.com” to the end.

This is no history class, but people, Ghana hasn’t even gotten to the ‘ bubble era’ yet. We’re quickly approaching it though. More Ghanaians are on the internet more often. More internet companies are getting formed. Telesales was recently introduced to Ghana. Copy-writing is still budding. Even blogging is only just catching on. The future is soo bright in these areas (and several others), and from what’s happened elsewhere, we don’t have much problem seeing the potholes that would have otherwise been inconspicuous.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed it, but recently Read More The Beauty of Dreaming From A 3rd World Country

Blog Inspiration

Last week, on a drive home, I told a funny story that was supposed to make the three friends riding with me laugh. The whole story took about ten minutes to tell. I was as artistic, creative and comic as I could manage. When the opportunity lent itself, I exaggerated a bit, all in a bid to make sure they laughed in the end, because there was no way I was going to invest that much time and energy into being funny and accept dullness or indifference in response.

O, so I gbaa the story saaah to the very end then Yvonne goes “Ben, you know this’ like the third time you’re telling this story right?”  This silly look embraced my face like a mushy mother, then they erupted into epic laughter. The consolation was that they did laugh eventually. So anyways, now before any story, I like to give a disclaimer “I’m not sure if I’ve told you this already, or if you’ve heard it somewhere…”

So well, I’m not sure if I’ve told you this already, or if you’ve heard it somewhere, but once upon a time, Read More 2 Frogs & A Milky Situation.