Joy stormed out of the café, rummaging through the bottom of her Givenchy handbag for her car keys. She couldn’t wait to get out of that obnoxious man’s presence. She fumbled with the key fob as she slid into the driver’s seat, engaging the engine before peeling away into traffic in her BMW i8. joy-bm7

This was the 3rd time in as many months in which a lunch or dinner date ended under such cloudy auspices.

Since returning to Ghana after 6 years and a foreign education abroad, she’d finally caved to pressure from friends and family and decided to follow up on the numerous invites out by this one’s friend or that one’s cousin they were ‘sure to make a beautiful match’.


Fast forward to Date #1 – Julius. Venue: Ci Gusta. Agenda: Late Lunch. Friday at 3:30pm.

The first thing that wouldn’t have been a ‘thing’ if the rest of the date had gone well at least was her waiting for him for close to 45 mins before he showed up with barely any reason for his tardiness.

“Sorry o, Madam Accountant,” was all he could say before taking the lead to order from the menu he’d snapped his fingers for immediately he entered the eatery. Read More The Joys of an Intimidating Woman I


freshly baked Christmas fruit cake

When I was quite a bit younger, my mom used to bake cakes every Christmas. If I were to look back to some of the best parts of my youth so far, the fresh smell of baked cake in the morning would definitely feature prominently. And as you can imagine, the anticipation of said delicacies could drive us into one heck of a tizzy.

What I remember about those times, however, was not so much the joy of biting into freshly baked cake as the stomachaches I’d get whenever my impatient self would eat a little too much cake batter before the cake was even baked.

You see, it wasn’t just the cake that smelled heavenly when fresh – the divine scent of vanilla essence in the cake batter was to me what I’m sure ‘hunny‘ was to Pooh the Bear! My mom had to keep one eye out, at times buttressed by some nuclear level threats, in order to ensure that some batter was even left for baking. Read More Hang In There – Just a Little Longer…



flash - neverendingThere’s this old movie – The Neverending Story – that they used to show on GTV somewhere in the ’90s on Sunday afternoons. In the Sequel, a boy enters this fantasy world and acquires a medallion that grants various wishes. The twist, however, is that the baddie makes it such that with every wish, he forgoes a personal memory. It reaches a point somewhere down the line where he has just 2 left – of his mother and father – and then, in order to save the life of someone he gives up the memory of his mother with another wish.

That movie made me realise for the first time the immense importance of memories to us as people – they form our beings just as surely as every morsel of food we take in daily.

But this brings me to a conundrum: as we advance, humanity finds better and better ways of safeguarding this memory. Disposable cameras gave way to Polaroids, then digital cameras have progressively been giving way to the latest flagship smartphone in our quest to preserve the moments.

Technology steps in to save us, but at a cost which I’m guilty of also. Flipping through the 35+ Gb archive of pictures on my laptop accrued over the last decade or so, I realised the biggest mistake we’ve been routinely making. Read More Smile at the Camera *Flash*!


Dear Love,

I hope this letter finds you like I intend it to – Quite by Surprise! I don’t know if you’ve seen any of the other letters I’ve hidden all over the house and in my old things but if you haven’t yet, I can assure you that you’re in for a Treat!

You see, I periodically write these letters because it gives me the ability to ‘cheat’ on time by allowing me to make use of your excellent company years before we end up together finally and I can count myself blessed to have you close by every single day.

It gets rough sometimes, I must admit, when there’re so many things on my mind and heart that I’d love to share with someone who’s as close to me as you are now, reading this letter. Unfortunately, in my present state of unwed solitary bachelorhood, that I can’t do because not everyone needs to know what’s in your mind everyone – a majority of them can’t handle it and others would most likely use the information to manipulate you. This letter, however, is my innovative solution to that conundrum. 🙂

The thought of writing this particular letter actually occurred to me last night when I was having  a discussion with one of your Akumaas about the nature of Love and how it should be versus how it, unfortunately, becomes sometimes. An old soul taking temporary shelter in a young body as I am, I’m sure it wouldn’t surprise you to find out that the phrase that got me a-thinking was one from older Highlife and Hiplife songs, “Medeɛ ne wo ara”“. Read More Letter To My Dear True Wife III…


I saw a Facebook post days ago that has me giggling till date. It was quoting some Nigerian who said something like “I find that statement; ‘there’s light at the end of the tunnel’ so disrespectful. I mean where I come from there is no light in my home, how much more anywhere near a tunnel? I mean if you want to symbolize hope in a phrase, tell me something like ‘there’s jollof at the end of the speech’ then eheeh, I can understand what you mean.’

I identify with that myself, but the conversation about things at the end of things is very interesting to me…just as interesting is the story about the man David feared and what was at the end of his tunnel.

Now David needs no introduction, I mean even before he got giant warriors Rolling On The Floor (not from laughter), he’d disciplined wild beasts. My favorite David feat though is how in exchange for Saul’s daughter’s hand in marriage he managed to return with the foreskins of 200 philistine soldiers. Pause. Can you imagine the amount of work that goes into getting that many foreskins from unwilling warriors? I don’t think any wanzam has achieved a fraction of that yet. Read More The Man David Feared Gidigidi!


Good evening people. I have a serious topic I’d like to talk about today.

There’s a silent menace most people aren’t aware of that’s going around causing mischief without the people mainly affected even realizing there’s something gravely wrong. Let me illustrate this even further.

dhmo - shelfThere’s this bit of information floating around through the ether we call the Internet I’m pretty sure most of you are not aware of. There is a growing awareness concerning a substance known as Dihydrogen Monoxide (DHMO) which apparently has been present in increasingly more varied ways within our environment with frankly quite alarming qualities!

Let’s talk some science for a bit as it gets a bit technical here – Now its basis is the highly reactive hydroxyl radical, a species shown to mutate DNA, denature proteins, disrupt cell membranes, and chemically alter critical neurotransmitters. Its atomic components have been found in a number of caustic, explosive and poisonous compounds such as Sulfuric Acid, Nitroglycerine, and Ethyl Alcohol! Read More Public Service Announcement: It’s in the Water!


When was the last time you had a headache? I had one yesterday and it was quite the nuisance, I tell you.
pmol - headacheIt’s been years since I had to rely on anyone to get me any drug to take though so I decided to wait it out, unlike the real pounder I had last 2 weeks. Nothing I tried worked – I drank some water, slept, and woke up with it still pulsating. I ended up taking a painkiller to end it and after an hour or so, it actually dissipated and I could get back to season 3 of ‘The Last Ship’ again. 😀

What occurred to me later was actually the utility of an ‘old’ painkiller – Paracetamol. I hated it with a passion when I was much younger because I hadn’t fully managed to wrap my head around how to swallow a bitter pill without actually tasting it – and boy was that taste Vile!

pmol - pmolYears later, before medical school, like the typical Ghanaian, I’d developed a subconscious ‘disrespect‘ that bordered on scorn for that pill! Whenever I’d contract malaria or some other illness with associated pain, I’d mentally shake my head at the lack of smarts of the prescribing doctor in adding Paracetamol to my drugs. Read More Love Like Paracetamol!


Confession Time!

I actually had no idea whatsoever what to write about this week; not that there isn’t a wide range of possible things to gripe about: Brexit, Bleaching, Politics, Sports – I couldn’t possibly exhaust them, really. Coupled with a busy schedule, I nearly missed the Eureka moment that gave me this particular article for you.

Good people suffer.good - unfair

This statement isn’t as simple as it sounds. A senior colleague said this about 2 years ago and, to my personal shame, I’m only just now understanding it.

You see, on cursory examination, it seems like an unfair statement because the laws of Karma (which you’re not necessarily subject to as a Christian btw, but that’s another story 😉 ) dictate that good people should get good things, and bad people should get bad. Read More Good People Suffer


I remember penning a similar article years ago, and while I’m still impressed with those words, I believe 4 years of experience can make it even better than it was. Here’s to the Best Man You can Be, today. (This one’s for you Oye 😉 )


gentle - suit1My brothers, once again, we have a problem. And I need to address it before we become the fathers that our friends, family, wives and children will love to hate. I happen to believe that every man is called to be a Gentleman.

In the tradition of Slim Shady, let me first ask all the real Gentlemen to please stand upwait! Not so fast! So you say you’re a Gentleman? Prove it.

Coming straight to the point, let me emphatically state: It’s not because of your Pierre Cardin long-sleeved shirts, your Trezeguet watch, your Cole Haan loafers or your Emporio Armani jacket that you gain membership to this Fraternity.

gentle - creditYour Visa, MasterCard, and other credit/debit cards may just as well end up being denied at the door because being a Gentleman also has nothing to do with money.

It’s definitely not because of your maxed out KLM/Emirates Frequent Flyer card either. And let’s not get on the case of your presumed freshness! It’s not the outside that counts my man: it’s what’s inside you. Read More Who’s That Guy?! (Remix)


prov - womanOkay. SO I was focused in church last week and something the pastor said in passing got to me. He was expounding on the Proverbs 31 woman in light of Mother’s Day, and for the first time I realized that contrary to public perception, that verse isn’t just about the Virtuous woman, but also talks about the Man, as he’s meant to be, in the position God meant for him to occupy. I know that virtually all women who have stepped into the hallowed halls of a church have come across this passage at some time or the other and would agree that it’s a standard worth living up to, but most men usually gloss over it at the starting, or only read it at some time or the other to point out what some female in his life lacks. Today we’re turning the tables, and our Bibles, to a new take on Proverbs 31.

Now, just as the Bible was revealed and written for all Mankind, this passage is no exception. The second part is actually the part which focuses on telling all and sundry (including – or maybe especially – men) how to identify the Proverbs 31 woman by her multitude of virtues, while the first part addresses men, giving us a glimpse at what is expected of the Proverbs 31 man.

These are some of the important lessons I learnt from the Proverbs 31 man: Read More The Proverbs 31 Man…??!