Every day draws us further into our future and further away from our past. As I also keep saying, “the mistakes you make in your early 20’s have far more grievous consequences in your later 20’s“. If you’re going to toe the line the majority will, sooner or later you’re going to become someone’s wife or husband. I’ve also come to see that we put so much effort into preparing to get married that we fail to realise that we’ve put in zilch effort into being married, by the time we are married…and that’s one surefire recipe for disaster, guys (more on that in another post down the line though).  Ladies, ever been taken home to Mama before? Did you pass?? Oh, you didn’t realise it was a test?! Like seriously?? *Whew* Then read on – everybody does well with some apor after all 😉


I’m writing from this angle because I’m… *sigh* (I know this will get me into a lot of trouble but I’m going to say it In This Context Alone and then it is Finished…!) I am Mama’s boy. I’m the last born and the only son of my mother so you’ve got to believe me when I say I’ve got some right (or is it responsibility?) to write this today. I sometimes write stuff that needs to be said too – and heard – at least once in your life by a close friend (whom you’ll hopefully believe…but I digress).

My attention was drawn to an old piece I wrote some time ago –  about who a Lady was – by a friend of mine a week ago and as I went through it all over again my Muse started whispering in my ear. She asked me a simple question: “What next?” Read More Taking Her Home to Mama


So…I’d have sung a song to melt your hearts to convince you to forgive me once again, but this is too serious of a matter to outsource to comedy so I trashed that idea.


Comeback _ whisperI woke up yesterday morning with the once-familiar voice whispering in my ears and I shot up out of my convalescent bed and started typing quickly before my Muse could decide to vanish abruptly again, as she has in the past few months.

For the first time in a long time, I managed to finish a piece in record time but I decided to talk to Benjy first to sort out another issue before posting it. That was when he drew my attention to the necessity for this particular piece to come out before the one I penned yesterday. Read More Let’s Try This Again…


So I’ve got this friend of mine who’s such a brilliant writer eh…! :)  Anyway, she wrote this piece last week that managed to jolt me out of the doldrums and set me going this week with a rejoinder—>  Papi 

It might help if you zipped over to her blog real quick before continuing here. No worries, I’ll wait 😉 #TeleTuesdays reperesenting!


He tossed from side to side in bed…well at least he made the motions as if to do so, as much as he was able to. The high density orthopaedic mattress was playing havoc with his back once again. He’d called for the nurse only a few minutes before and she’d only just left after pulling the window blinds shut as he asked so he was a bit reluctant to call her back so soon.

Sighing, he mused to himself at how his busy life as the successful head of an Accounting Consultancy firm was now reduced to a preoccupation with the mundane…like window blinds, ambient room temperature, and mattresses…

He closed his eyes wearily as he tried to position himself a bit more comfortably, willing himself to fall asleep again. He’d asked for sleeping pills before but the doctor calmly but firmly refused his request – there was no need to turn him into an addict while care was ongoing, he’d said drily. He didn’t know how to tell the physician that it would be the best thing that could happen to him if only the memories he could never shake awake didn’t transform into the nightmares he couldn’t escape from whenever he fitfully managed to sleep at last. To him, dreamless sleep was now bliss

He didn’t even realise he’d managed to fall asleep until a noise woke him up – a noise and the dry scratchy sensation of thirst in his throat. It sounded as if someone had sat in the chair by his bedside. Still groggy, he wet his lips before speaking in a half whisper.

“Water…can I have some water?”

“Sure, let me get the nurse for you.”

He could barely contain the snarl in his voice as he shook his head, forcing his eyes to focus on Konadu.

“What are you doing here? Haven’t you punished me enough?!”

“Oh my dear husband, don’t talk like that. You know you’re my everything…” The mocking lilt in her voice betrayed her amusement.

He turned his head to the plain wall at his bedside away from her, gnashing his teeth in frustration… Read More About Papi…

short story

Hi y’all. #TeleTuesdays had to take an unceremonious break due to some personal affairs I had to take care of and an impromptu journey to the Fatherland. Allow me to appease you with an interlude from our scheduled Appointment –  Chris & Adjoa. A simple story that isn’t as farfetched or separate from reality as you think…enjoy.



For different people it starts differently – a twinge or just a feeling of emptiness that doesn’t go away after a while.

The thoughts behind it start building up until the symptoms also become more pronounced – some people begin to hyperventilate, others develop severe headaches, but far and wide the most common symptoms are felt in the chest. It’s a tightening, twisting, dull throbbing ache that won’t let up. It usually surprises the victims that something which was initially purely emotional could manifest so strongly physically.


heartbrk2Chris, 27yrs of age and having just passed the Bar exam, was elated for all of 5 minutes when Adjoa came to meet him for a late dinner at an exclusive eatery he’d recently discovered. He’d known it was cheesy but had gone ahead against his best friend Kobby’s advice and had a customised silver promise ring made so he could surprise her with it just at this moment. He’d have gone for an engagement ring straight up but he hadn’t yet spoken to Mrs. Yankyera – her mother – so he didn’t want to offend her by jumping the gun according to Ghanaian standards.

Unfortunately, this euphoric state of mind could simply not compete with the invisible punch to his solar plexus that was currently preventing him from taking the next breath of air as she watched him quizzically. He replayed the words over in his head one more time “Ummm Chris, I know you have something important to tell me as you hinted, but please let me go first…I don’t think we’re on the same page anymore and frankly you’re such a good guy that I can’t bear to waste your time anymore so I’d like for us to call it quits. What do you think?Read More The Anatomy of a Heartbreak

short story

When I was much younger, I had one thought that kept me calm in the face of wild dog attacks. As I walked through their kingdom to the porch of that fine area girl i was crushing on, I’d hear their sinister growl and notice them looking like they’re not looking –through the corner of their eyes.

Dog chase, christian blog
Herh Rambo! I’m the ooollldddeeerrr!!

The playful house-help would say “Herh Rambo!” and dismiss it as if nothing could go wrong. “Chain the bloody hound!” my head screamed “what if Rambo goes gaga?! Huh, whose tiaps were on the line?” But I had to show face. I had to master the art of walking briskly without seeming like I was running. I had to hide my fright without insulting the dog’s wildness.

Then when she left me in the porch to go get Phyllis, and Rambo called out my spirit with his throaty growl, I’d think Read More Goldinwords Has Armpit Hair! [Voice Note]


A few weeks ago I put up the first of several posts from Vera -the gorgeous girl who’s been the baddest chic’s baddest chic and is telling all now. Since then I’ve been continuously bugged about when the next confession is coming up. Well, here it is. My eyes are still widened by the intensity of this story,  but ah well let’s see.

*       *       *

I had successfully finished University and done my national service. This was in the year 2010. I didn’t have to hustle for a job because I had an uncle who knew someone in one of the prestigious banks in the country so landing a job there was very easy. My friends were surprised as to how I landed the job when they were still struggling to even have their application letters looked at. I counted myself lucky. At the time, I did not consider the fact that it was juuust by the grace of God. I may have had the connection but if God did not allow it, it would never have happened. Upon hindsight, I really thank God for His grace.

My boss liked me the moment she had a conversation with me regarding my previous work experience. I thought to myself, what did she expect? I am a Gey Hey girl duh? Lol. We never disappoint. Everything was going fine. I was made a supervisor of my team in no time. To be honest I had not had time to mingle with those outside my department especially the guys because work load was too much and besides, my ‘seniors’ had told me plenty stories about episodes of office romance that did not end well. The advice was, ‘ stay away from the guys, they are up to no good, they kiss and tell, they try to have a relationship with you, sleep with you and then come and tell their friends in the office and laugh at you blah blah blah. With my experiences with guys in the university, I was determined not to fall victim to any of those. Read More The Innocence Of A Player! [Confessions]


Good morning people. #TeleTuesdays takes a different turn today and this is why. I got some heartbreaking news yesterday when I heard that a good friend of mine had just lost her sister. In times of loss, sometimes all you can give are some words, an ear or a shoulder to cry on. Luckily, there’s Someone who saw it all and Who can soothe all the hurt and make it all better – because it’s always part of His plan.


It hurts from deep inside

But His peace. Read More But His Peace…

Inspiration Poems

Good evening once more. Now I have a confession to make concerning this Desperation series. It’s become a story that appears to have taken on a life of its own the longer I spend on it. I can assure you that the only thing above my desperation to conclude it, is my DESPERATION to serve nothing less than great storytelling to you each Tuesday. After putting all the facts together this week, and based on how this story would like to be told, Desperation will definitely conclude next week – even if the rest has to be turned into a feature film for further consumption 😀 . Enjoy this week’s offering below…


Lewis sprang up from the dead body, jumping back just as the second Gardener’s shears swooshed through the air, right where his body had just been!

blood-cHe slipped on the unstable floor, just catching himself with his left hand braced on the floor as he fell backwards. He’d slipped on a pool of blood…

Mel! That’s it – I’m at my limit. Let’s be done with this as soon as possible because I don’t think I have the stomach for this any longer.

Okay Lewis, just breathe. We’ll be done soon.

Pushing his left hand against the floor with renewed energy he was on his feet in a flash, reassuming the gun kata stance as before. The Gardener was giving him no time to breathe as it rushed forward once more, this time hanging low but with both arms out stretched to block any route of escape open to Lewis.

Lewis had no intentions of running this time, flipping the gun in each hand to be held in a death grip by the barrel – vertically this time – with the butt at a 90 degree angle to the rushing monster. The world slowed down around him once more as he dashed forward to meet his/its charge. At the last moment before they were sure to crash, he crouched down further, bringing first his right arm up powerfully to catch the Gardener just below the chin with the butt of the gun, before repeating this motion with his left sidearm and lifting him/it almost a full foot off the ground with the ferocity of his attacks!

In that strange slow motion still, he saw the Gardner’s body just about to reach the height of its trajectory as he launched forward in a powerful knee strike to his/its center mass, crushing the area his/its sternum should have been as the body fell to the ground. Read More Desperation VI – The Middle of the End


Good evening folks! Sorry for the interminable wait. #TeleTuesdays ran into a snag on our last post in the series, hence the late posting. Our Finale is however split into 2 this time. Exhibit A…


“No Tracy, I don’t see how I can help you get on the Rig. At least, not until you tell me where you have been ever since you disappeared and what you were doing!”

Kwamena was adamant, which was actually an improvement from his initial abject distrust when she showed up at his door with a smile.

“You wouldn’t understand Kwamena”, she replied in a patient but exasperated manner. “There’s stuff about the Association I know that you wouldn’t understand and it would take a lot more time that we don’t have to explain it to you! Can’t you just take my word for it that it’s very important for me to get to the Rig today?”

“Oh, now you so casually toss the name about in conversation! After I begged you on numerous occasions to just let us know of the location of the Association HQ in this area so we could at least keep an eye on it and you kept on refusing – I bet it never occurred to you that you might need someone with an eye on things to help you out someday huh?!” Read More Desperation VI – The Beginning of the End


Hello guys, #TeleTuesdays here! Things are finally coming to a head. This is the last piece before our grand finale next week. You’ve met all the major players now  – Tracy, Lewis, Jeremy, Enrico, the Colonel, Kwamena – the board is now set for action. We get a little more background today with a heartstopper or two, as usual. :) Make sure to catch up on the previous series before you sink your teeth into this one. Enjoy!


The Colonel was still in thought when Lewis knocked first briefly on his door, walking in almost immediately, telegraphing stubbornness in his gait.

“Have a seat,” Onyina directed him to a chair, which he took.

“I think we need to go in,” Lewis began. “We have a narrowing window of opportunity but I think it’s the best shot we’re going to get. We need to move fast now!”

“Go on.” Onyina said, his face an unreadable mask.

Lewis raised his eyebrow slightly then. He’d expected a blistering argument from the Colonel from the onset and this was totally unexpected.

“I, uh…I also believe that we can trust the AI. She has even more at stake than we do.”

“Okay, Dr. Koomson. I’ll do what you ask.”

“But, but..!” Lewis sputtered, still amazed at the complete about-turn. “I thought you were…I mean, I thought you didn’t–”

“No, Doctor. I’m a reasonable man. The AI is in contact with you and you alone: now if you don’t feel fully certain of the support from your AI enough to stand up for it – her – in the face of logical reasoning, wouldn’t it be sensible for me to distrust her too?

“And before you ask, I’m deciding to follow your recommendation because I knew it was our only play on this board…providing your AI could be trusted, of course. Now that is out of the way, I believe we can move forward?”

Lewis relaxed in the chair at last. Things seemed to be shaping up. Read More Desperation V – Loose Ends