Confession Time!

I actually had no idea whatsoever what to write about this week; not that there isn’t a wide range of possible things to gripe about: Brexit, Bleaching, Politics, Sports – I couldn’t possibly exhaust them, really. Coupled with a busy schedule, I nearly missed the Eureka moment that gave me this particular article for you.

Good people suffer.good - unfair

This statement isn’t as simple as it sounds. A senior colleague said this about 2 years ago and, to my personal shame, I’m only just now understanding it.

You see, on cursory examination, it seems like an unfair statement because the laws of Karma (which you’re not necessarily subject to as a Christian btw, but that’s another story 😉 ) dictate that good people should get good things, and bad people should get bad. Read More Good People Suffer


A few times a year, I receive an email that reconfigures my entire outlook on life. It usually comes from Goldinwords readers I’ve never met. Last week one came through and I begged Akos to let me share it with you.

I know I am blessed and there’s so much so be grateful to God for, but every now and then I catch myself asking “Why not a 6 pack God? Would it have upset the course of history so much if I was 6ft tall? Why this slow metabolism God? Why wasn’t dad around more often? Why did you let my GHC 50 get lost last night? How can you claim to love me if you still haven’t answered the one prayer I’ve been making since 2011?”

You and I we’re like that. Small p3 then we find ‘proofs’ to the thought that God isn’t that loving or caring. Sometimes we get stuck in that rut and become angry and bitter. Akos talks about all the better reasons she had to think and feel same and how she resolved it. Her opening line is a knockout punch. Read More How To Settle A Beef With God


I’ve always had a hard time believing that the prayers I whisper in solitude have power to make any meaningful change in my life. For a very long time it made praying and ‘quiet timing’ seem like a ‘let me do it for doing sake’ activity than ‘the exercise of dominion’ activity it actually is. A few years ago, something extraordinary happened that changed the trajectory of my life and my response to these ‘mind games’. I have never spoken of it publicly, and even now, I’ll alter minor details, but the main facts will be unscathed.

Jones and I became very good friends many years ago . I don’t keep many close friends so there’s enough quality attention to give to the few. Jones was a great buddy. We had equally crazy ambitions, same love for bantering, wit and word games and a shared taste in beautiful women. The bad boys detested us because we won over the beautiful girls and just flirted playfully, ruining their chances of getting them and actually getting to base 3. Till date we’re tagged ‘The meat wasters.’ Read More Mind Games –The Story I’ve Never Told.


So this is actually an old one from way back when – 1st Generation Goldinwords – you could call it, before our first remix and subsequent loss of some good stuff…luckily, nothing really dies off in Cyberspace.

I wrote this one day after I had a discussion with a good friend about our fellow Christian brethren  (& sisthren 🙂 ) and their attitude to relationships. I could tell you what it’s all about, or leave you to draw your own conclusions…guess which option I’m picking? Enjoy 😀


She was lost twice over1womanprays

Before she met this Christian Brother

He told her life could be much better

And so he drew her near to meet his dear Father

Till with many days of desperate prayer

From her burdens the Lord managed to deliver her.


Whilst growing in His garden as a Pretty Flower

His servant, Christian Brother, drew still closer

Praying and fasting until he could finally lightly sputter

To Christian Sister that he truly loved her Read More To the Christian in Love…

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I realized last week that I had become too hooked to whatsapp. That small speech bubble with a phone relaxing inside was quickly becoming my crack cocaine. I was beginning to decide how exciting my day was based on how sizzling my whatsapp chats were. I hated most that I was slowly cultivating shameful stalker traits. “Eeeh? So you’re not picking up and whatsapp says you’re online eh?”

It was beginning to feel too good; returning to my phone to see a dozen messages from several contacts. “Yeah yeh! I’m on people’s minds o. Go me!” The better it felt, the more unhealthy it became. So I scrolled through my entire list trying to figure out if it was really worth it. The people I chatted the most, were they really adding that much value to justify this uncomfortably growing addiction?

That’s when I realized this massive gaffe! The dearest person to me wasn’t there. The love of my life, the meaning to my existence, the substance to my being! But how can I claim intimacy and still be guilty of this? How could God not be on my whatsapp?!

I fixed it immediately. Gloria had lost her phone last year and stopped using that number completely, the last seen there was 4/6/2013. So I said – “How about that God? Are you available to chat?” I almost heard a thunderous roar in the skies above respond “LIKE SERIOUSLY?!”

Shaken, I re-saved her name as ‘Trinity’ and typed “Let’s do this!”. I couldn’t do much about the seizy DP though.


What’s The Point?

Read More My Sizzling Whatsapp Affair.

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Definitely not me :-DWhen I was in senior high, there wasn’t enough flesh on me to make a fowl with. Now though, I think I could wrap around two cows fairly easily. Of course I’m kidding, just one cow will do. I still am!! but you get my drift? The hollow in my shoulder is long gone and the stomach that curved inwards is now slightly inverted (note the emphasis on slightly).

My friend Yaw has this theory; pot bellies are the preserves of men with poor childhoods. It’s highly contentious, but just you wait.

You see, some of us grew up in zongos where giant gutters were game reserves, not sewage outlets, heck we cooked good food with sand and hibiscus flowers. Egg (whether boiled or fried) was shared among at least four children. There were times you’d go for your plate of rice and stew and see the shiny white bulge of an egg perching right there in the center. You’d flip it over and see that you’d been tricked! It was just half of the thing! If a stubborn ah-don-care auntie or uncle happened to be around and your plan was to save that protein for the last bite, you’ll learn very quickly that earlier is always better.

Powdered milk was dished out in tiny teaspoons and the evaporated milk was served in droplets. Coke -and his brothers- was too concentrated to be drunk like that so it had to be diluted and shared among (at least) two kids. Cerelac? CERELAC? Cere-what??!! Go and drink Ma koko and Tombrown wor hor wor hor. If Arlecchino Ice Cream depended on my childhood to succeed,  Read More Pot Bellies & Poor Childhoods -The Magical Link!


5 inchyBehold, I lifteth up mine eyes after a heated ‘Father Forgive my sins’ session, and there coming from my extreme right was one adorned in a garment that covered her completely, but only from waist downward. Waist upwards was a nearly naked story. The cut at her back went so low I counted twelve spinal columns, only four remained hidden. The sparse clothing upwards allowed her hefty bosom to give me a five-inch smile. And there, nestled between those two outdoored twins was a symbol of Calvary.

Who? Who was there to save the Savior? Certainly not me, because moments after I had to repeat my ‘Father Forgive my sins’ session.

Sometimes I feel we have a misguided sense of what pleases God and what He’s cool with. We’re like the eager 5 inchhtoddler who drags his mother to come see all the Picasso-level multicolored crayon drawings he’s done on the white sitting room walls. “Mummy, mummy, you see I can draw?” he asks eagerly. Her dilemma is between murder and disinheritance. In the end she smiles weakly before reaching for a cane (I’ve just revealed to you a snippet of my childhood).We discolor and disfigure so many precious gifts from God and march into His presence with blind boldness. O forgive!!

But back to the cleavage business Read More 5 Inches of Cleavage & a Rosary.

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king ahab Well there’s this dude in the Old Testament who makes any gargantuan crime of any politician seem like child’s play. What baffles me is that at a time when God was extremely active in king making, this king managed to remain in power for 22 years! I’m also curious about his wife, a woman who scared the legendary prophet Elijah out of his socks animal-skin flip-flops, a woman who is even used in modern day to describe evil, ruthless women who stop at nothing to get what they want; Jezebel.

So I called King Ahab up, and I was like “Yo, what’re my chances of getting an exclusive with you?” I was surprised when he acquiesced, but I guess there’s something about the afterlife that humbles even the proudest of us. When he showed up, he had such an air of humility about him, but alas, it’s appointed unto man to die once, and afterwards face judgment.

After offering him a much-appreciated sachet of special ice pure water (lol), I dug right in.

Me: Ahab, can I call you that, without the ‘King’? Kinda makes it long

K.A: Well, I guess. Much worse has befallen me since I died.

Me: Really? Like what? Okay, you know what, let’s start from scratch; tell me about your family.

He sighed, heavily.

K.A: Well, it’s no secret; my dad wasn’t the perfect role model.

Me: I don’t mean to be cold, but you say it like he was close to being perfect when in fact Omri sinned against the Lord more than any of his predecessors right?

K.A: Yes, but he moved the capital of the Northern Kingdom of Israel from Tirzah to Samaria. The military and strategic implications of that move were profound. We were more strategically located than all the major cities in all directions, so you see he wasn’t all evil. Besides, how can I judge him when I turned out worse?

Me: I was coming to that. Ahab, you were the oldest of three boys. You knew your dad and were old enough to see his mistakes and its consequences. Why on earth did you repeat them, and on a greater scale? I mean the Bible at some point even states “There was no one else who had devoted himself so completely to doing wrong in the Lord’s sight as Ahab.” Chaa, yawa o.

K.A:  I want it to go on record, that I’m not being a coward or a snitch by saying this behind her back, but Jezebel was the reason for it. Read More Me & The Most Notorious Old Testament King.


pretty girlHi pretty girl,

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but it’s harder for you to find true love, than it is for a plain Jane. You are so hot that most of your romantic prospects pursue you for the wrong reasons. The symmetrical evenness of your bosom, along with the delicate curvature of your figure, topped by the sheer aesthetic genius of your face makes reasoning an impossible feat around you.

Jerry, Nana Kwame and all those other guys professing undiluted, undying love aren’t fooling you o, they’re acting under the duress of your gorgeousness. Sadly, it’s not a permanent state; they will awake at a point, and then reveal their true colors, then you’ll feel used.

It’s not your fault, your looks compete with your virtues, and when the lingering effect of your beauty has waned, the erstwhile cool dude changes, wondering what it was he saw in you in the first place.

Your beauty does so much for you. You don’t stress to get lifts, in fact, any time you step out there’re a range of flashy cars to choose from. It guarantees you flashy gadgets, clothes and favors plain Janes wont get even if they extended their eyelashes to touch the top of their heads. Gye se w’anka, whatever material thing you could need is just a flash away. So why are you so lonely? Is it true that there are more beautiful women with low self-esteem than there are Chinese phones for sale at Circle? Read More To Beautiful Women…


Dear God,

love letterIf I was Hezekiah and you sent your prophet to tell me that I should put my house in order because I was about to die, what’ll I tell you? What’ll I ask you to remember so much so that you’ll feel obliged to give me 15 more years, even 1 year sef? Is it the 20 pesewas I give to those poor Sudan kids from time to time? Or the ‘noodles-like’ quiet times I have with you? Is it my gentlemanly, controlled dances at church? I couldn’t even come up with one major reason to confront you and demand an extra year!

When in heaven someday all my other brothers and sisters in you are showing off with basketfuls of evidence of good works done by being faithful and obedient to you, what’ll I show? The one or two things in my hand? I’ll be shy mpo. So please help me leave no stone unturned. May the only reason why I was unable to climb any mountain or overcome any hurdle in my life be because you willed me not to.

May I come to terms with the fact that by Read More The Most Beautiful Letter I Ever Wrote!