I come from a generation that enjoyed ‘By The Fire Side’, Maame ne Paapa and hibiscus-flavored sand meals cooked in empty tin tomato cans by the cute neighbor you were crushing on and hence had to literally eat sand and say “Taassssttyyy.” Captain Planet, Yoggi Bear, Bob TV and Gummy Bears are nostalgic landmarks to us, and Mrs. Doubtfire is right up there with them. If the first time you watched Mrs. Doubtfire was on colored television then you belong to the d-bee/adjebotta demographic the rest of us concocted lame reasons (like “I’m going for spare pencil”) to visit.

But Mrs. Doubtfire –like Home Alone- was a special movie. We weren’t old enough to dream of Visa Lotteries and our cunning relatives in London kept promising ‘Oo next year okay? Next year.” . We are still waiting. So the movie was a welcome window into a beautiful Western lifestyle of nannies, rich happy families on vacations and la dolce vita.

In the process of loving the film, we fell in love with Mrs. Doubtfire (Robin Williams). Robin had enough humor and smiles to transform a memorial service into a sitcom episode. Every time we met (on TV), I knew I was about to have an enjoyable time. Childishly, I never paused to think he had weaknesses, gloomy moods or a care in this world. So hearing about his demise was a ‘wait a minute!’ moment for me.

His passing has elicited countless tributes and something else I’ve been contemplating for weeks now; empty happy people. We all Read More Who Put Out Mrs. Doubtfire’s Fire?

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Waiting in LineI don’t know about you, but there are a couple of people I’m grateful to for the value they’ve added to my life. I still remember Dr. George, who got me my first job at the CSIR library right after high school, and many others after him. I believe in God, and his ability to use whoever he so pleases to be a blessing to whomever He so pleases, but fact is; I was waiting for each of these people-blessings to learn something new, become a better person, and appreciate something better.

Recently I had been waiting for you, yes You! I had been waiting for you to get internet access and visit goldinwords often, become a fan and comment on the stuff you like; you can’t imagine how much of a difference it makes! Because trust me, no matter how self-sufficient you are, it’s so much easier when you have people patting your back and making you know that what you’re doing makes a difference in their lives, so that explains part of why your very existence is a blessing to me. There’s a graph that illustrates the traffic on the site, it lets me know how many people have been where. So anytime you get on this site, you make the next post easier to write, because I’m aware it’s dropping a thought, putting a smile, making a difference in a life -that’s motivation enough.

But aside me, who else has been waiting for you? How many thousands of humans will stand a chance of living a good life because YOU lived yours well? Do you make decisions convenient to you alone or do you consider the generations who’ll read about you some day and get goosebumps because of the inspiration your life will bring to them? Is it possible that till this moment you’ve been very selfish, considering your drinking orgies, chain smoking or mediocre thinking? How do your habits help the rest of us waiting on you to make a difference so we too can think differently? Read More Who’s Waiting for You?

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