At first I thought it was just the gbush gbush kye beat that endeared me, but then the chorus grew on me too; ♬Don’t mess with my clique clique clique♪♪. And that’s what made that song a hit on my non-spirito charts. Hip hop isn’t alone in the promotion of cliques, all the major telcos have special rates for you and your best friends. There are cliques everywhere; primary schools, churches, prison, even God has a clique; the 12 elders. Jesus had a clique and Mary and Lazarus were in it. If you don’t have a clique though then you just come and use your cloth to tie mine.

I was never one for cliques, because me-ah I wasn’t a cool kid back in the day and since that was the only worthwhile clique to be in, I thought it best to remain clique-less. Then much later I became emotionally lazy and it seemed like too much work managing and aligning with the whims, interests and habits of several people. But I’ve changed, I’m so much better now, and I cherish the extremely ambitious, very assertive and incredibly selfless friends God has given me. They’re like me in that we don’t do the whole “the proof that we’re friends is that we talk often and hang out often’ thing. Some of my closest friends, I don’t get to speak with in weeks or months, but when we do, ooh my oh my oh my! You’d think we’d never been apart. I love that.

I’m sure there are cliques that are so much more awesome, but there’s none I dig more than the 5 guys from Capernaum, aka Cap Town. Read More Don’t Mess With My Clique Clique Clique!