She’s had sex with more men than she can count. People’s husbands, boyfriends and brothers were her play things. Her name means proud, quarrelsome. In Jewish folklore, her name means ‘mythical sea monster’, the demonic angel of the sea. And yet still she was the one who helped the Israelite spies when they went to scout Jericho. She was the great grandmother of our Messiah Jesus Christ. How?

Rahab’s story is incredibly fascinating. Her bed was stained by the libidos of numerous men and you know the more shocking part? Her parents, siblings and their families either lived there as well or very close by. I mean…HOOOWWWW?! Read More Saved By An Ashawo!


Over the past two months, I’ve got three different messages from some Steve guy. First I thought it was spam, but the way he’d taken his time to fill out all the required details, it was clear this guy was legit. In it, he was telling me that my favourite apologist, a man whose talks, sermons and intellectual arguments in defence of Christianity has impacted me beyond words, had been recently involved in a sex scandal! There norrrrr my heart did kpa. He’d even added links I could read on to see for myself. I’m hopelessly curious, so me too I clicked on it. There were copious well-crafted narrations all ‘proving’ that indeed Ravi was guilty.

I went back to Google, and typed ‘Ravi Zacharias in sex scandal’. The links that came up were from a specific kind of sites…about three of them. Immediately I sensed foul play. It felt more like the result of a well-brainstormed lifelong mission and unrelenting determination to defame Ravi. But I caught myself thinking ‘So what?’ So what if Ravi had done it? What if he had five children with different women and there were sex tapes? what if he was a kleptomaniac or a patron of a porn website? So what? Will I suddenly start looking for a second wife? Will I suddenly start entertaining thoughts that his powerful messages had dispelled from my mind? Will I be justified in courting my sensualities? Tweaaaaaa! Read More My Mentor In A Scandal?!

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Living in Ghana, I think we learn about God firstly through a sensational experience before we learn about Him any other way. Maybe because your mother or father had someone pray over you and you were forced to feeeeel the Spirit before you even know who or what he was and why he was so intent on being felt by you.

You rarely get an explanation of who the Trinity is, what their purpose is, or who is who in said Trinity. You must believe because your father believes, and your father’s father, and their parents before them. And God forbid you be the one who doesn’t follow the path the ancestors have set. No questions can be asked, because how dare you question God?

Based on that experience, of relating to God viscerally before you can relate to him emotionally or mentally, I think, I think we tend to become slaves of that visceral feeeeling of God.

There’s nothing wrong with that though…right? How do you know God is there if people aren’t wailing and you not breaking out in goosebumps everywhere? And if that’s how to feel God, I don’t think I feel God anymore.

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YOU cannot, if you’re not a person of colour, wear cornrows, or rasta, or even wear your hair in what might remotely resemble a natural ‘fro. You’re aiding in cultural appropriation, and it’s just down right wrong.

You can’t refer to baby hairs if you, as a matter of fact, do not have baby hairs. If you have thin long hair, that is almost the same length as the rest of your head of hair, you are aiding in cultural appropriation.

How dare the thought of wrapping your head with designer scarves even come up? When women around the world are being shamed for wearing a headwrap?!

How can you call a black person “black” and not a person of colour? Do you even realise how offensive that is? It is not okay to assume a person who is biracial is black simply because one of their parents is. They are actually a very equal mix of both races. That’s why they are called biracial people.

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Dear sweetheart,

I don’t even know you yet, but you should know that I pray for you. I am slowly learning that doing so will always be a part of my life. I pray for your journey with me for nine months and how much bonding we’re going to be doing. But mostly, I pray because I am no longer naïve to the difficulties that pregnancy may come with. Therefore, before you are even conceived, I am praying that your nine-month journey is as smooth as possible.

This will be new for both you and I, and there are so many mistakes I’m going to make. You’re going to have to forgive me. It’s not really like you have a choice, you’re stuck with me. Speaking of being stuck, please know and understand that there will be times when I cannot stand your fearfully and wonderfully made self, but that does not mean I love you any less.

I love you already.

You’re going to have amazing years of people picking you up and biting your cheeks…Alright, that will just be me. However, once you get past that stage I want you to know this:

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YOU must have heard the term “blind faith”.

Who was the person who started saying it and why? I know what it alludes to, seeking things we have not seen yet. Howevuurrrr, I have never liked that phrase, blind faith. I never did think there was anything blind about my faith. Ergo, I was unsure why anyone else’s faith had to be blind when there was more than enough evidence to have faith with sight.

I am no expert, but I don’t think we are called to follow blindly like sheep. We do, and should, follow like sheep in many ways, agreed, I’m not sure it should apply to our faith. The idea of faith is to believe in something that you cannot see, something unimaginable, something beyond you and your feeble mind. Or mine, anyway. True as that may be, that faith is rooted in something. It has to be.

For myself, it’s rooted in the things I doubted, what I have seen, what I have heard and why that foreshadows what is to come. We are allowed to have doubts. I don’t think you would be human if you didn’t have doubts. Faith is having the doubt, but doubting the doubt, instead of doubting God.


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You’re called to have big dreams. Your imagination is supposed to run wild. There isn’t anything you can imagine that cannot be done if God willed it.


We cannot compare our dreams to that of others. Maybe you are praying for all four years of your university tuition to be paid for, room and board as well, textbooks included, plus even a little extra dough for some entertainment. You also have to be a cool kid. You have been praying fervently and waiting patiently. Then someone who has had a similar prayer comes by one day and tells you they just had their tuition for the upcoming semester paid. Yet here you are, still praying and waiting with nothing to show for it. How annoying is that?

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THE more time I spend with different groups of Christians, the more I recognize the one prayer request that always makes an appearance – one for a family member to come to know Jesus. I’m unsure why it is such a rarity to find a family with all its members on fire for Jesus. I have seen families who have all members living for Christ, so I know this isn’t impossible. It just so happens that those families are very rare.

I’m not sure when exactly I began pondering this idea, but I wanted to know why it was so prevalent. I wanted to ask God why it was, that only some parts of the family got to know Him, and the others were uninterested or grossly disgusted by the idea of Him.

I have always thought there was a certain beauty in flaws and imperfection. Ergo, I tried to find that in a family that had some members who knew Jesus, but I failed to see the beauty in it. Sometimes, I ponder ideas such as this and let them go, however this was not one of those situations. Unable to let the idea go, I carried my concerns bl3oo1 to God.

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I’ve given it deep thought. I have brooded on it so long they’ll have hatched by now if they were ostrich eggs. Finally I must admit, the atheists are right! They say that it’s our faith in God that gives Him legitimacy to exist. That He feeds off our worship and if no one gave Him attention, He’d fizzle out like a glorified memory. They’re right.

The only thing with that assertion is, it’s usually made with the confusion of a person’s world for the entire world. Erasing God from your life doesn’t wipe Him off the face of the earth. Burying Him in your mind’s graveyard doesn’t put Him 6 feet under all of creation. You see before any of us felt like we could live without God and classify Him as a fable, a figment of imagination, He had already said that “…and even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a depraved mind….

People feel that by living by their own rules they poke holes in God’s omnipotence. We don’t realize that He’s made it so that our will can trump His when it comes to our lives, but that doesn’t ‘tear His bogga top’. It doesn’t matter what His plans for you are, by saying “No old man! You’re not getting into this mind. Be gone with you.” You have (for as long as you hold that thought) compromised His perfect will for you. It is really up to you alone how much or little of Him you experience in your life. Read More OMG, The Atheists Are Right!


I heard the story of a cute poor boy that wandered into a candy shop. The owner felt compassion and asked the boy to reach into a jar and take out as much candy as he could. The boy just stood there, wearing his disarmingly charming face. The man repeated himself “Go on little boy, help yourself!” the boy budged not. The man started getting impatient, so he reached into the jar himself and pulled out as much candy as his hand could grab and said to the boy “Here, open up.”

The boy smiled widely stretching out both palms to receive the toffees. In his cute unbroken voice he explained “Your hand is bigger than mine.”

And that, my friend, is proof that little children aren’t so little after all. They aren’t little in their expectations or in their hope and optimism, that’s why childlike faith is so awesome. The other day Picasso was telling me “Ben, you see, every child is an artist o. The problem is how to remain an artist when you grow up.”

Me, I’ve come to realize that you cant send 1 yard to a seamstress and expect to get a 6-yard dress. If you push her to the wall and she must do ‘cut and paste’ from other pieces lying around her shop, you better hope she’s as creative and good as Joseph’s dad or Dolly Parton’s mum, else your coat of many colors will never survive the snickers and kokonsah stares of your area people. Read More How To Sew Kaba & Slit With 1 Yard!