If the lengths of all the movies and series I’ve watched were put together and turned into bonus years, I’d die in the 23rd century. The downside to watching so much is that it becomes difficult to find something unpredictable with a truly rich story line. It makes me so sad at the end of a very good movie; because I just think about all the time and cheesy movies I’ll skim through to find another good one.

Recently, I was introduced to a rather promising series; Black mirror. I’ve only watched one episode, but it’s strangely alluring. It doesn’t do to me what House of Cards, Suits or Shark Tank do, but it has something…je ne sais quois about it. in the first episode, Princess Sussana -2nd in line to the English throne- is kidnapped. The kidnapper has one request; by 4 o’clock same day, the Prime Minister of England must have sex with a pig, which should be broadcast live on all TV Networks, else the Princess dies. Read More The UK Prime Minister, His Pig, And What Their Affair Has To Do With You.