Hi y’all! Let me first extend my heartfelt apologies to everyone who I’ve kept Desperate for way too long. Sitting down to write out the words to this splendid story has never been so difficult before. In my defense, not less than 35 babies and 10 women would like to add to my plea for leniency also :'( So…we’re cool? Sure? Thanks! You’re awesome! 😐

Secondly, I’m sorry but Desperation has  slipped away from me – It simply refuses to end just at where it is now! I write one page, meaning to end at the bottom, and it just spills unto the next one and so on… So I’m begging your indulgence as we navigate the twists and turns of this original story. And because I also happen to believe it would be a dirty crime to amputate such a robust story before it has time to reach it’s deserving climax, I crave your indulgence as I walk you all the way at last to the end. 

So *rubbing my hands with glee*, where did we leave you?

– Dr. Lewis Koomson spectacularly escaped from the Rig and Mr. Calder before showing up at his cousin, Kwamena Jones’ home in Elmina, just in time to find out a vital part of his life had been a lie – “Paa Kwesi,” he began, using Lewis’s Fanti name – a sure sign of trouble. Uh oh, Lewis thought with dread at his next words. “There’s something I’ve got to tell you about Tracy.” Read More Desperation Continua!


Good evening once more. Now I have a confession to make concerning this Desperation series. It’s become a story that appears to have taken on a life of its own the longer I spend on it. I can assure you that the only thing above my desperation to conclude it, is my DESPERATION to serve nothing less than great storytelling to you each Tuesday. After putting all the facts together this week, and based on how this story would like to be told, Desperation will definitely conclude next week – even if the rest has to be turned into a feature film for further consumption 😀 . Enjoy this week’s offering below…


Lewis sprang up from the dead body, jumping back just as the second Gardener’s shears swooshed through the air, right where his body had just been!

blood-cHe slipped on the unstable floor, just catching himself with his left hand braced on the floor as he fell backwards. He’d slipped on a pool of blood…

Mel! That’s it – I’m at my limit. Let’s be done with this as soon as possible because I don’t think I have the stomach for this any longer.

Okay Lewis, just breathe. We’ll be done soon.

Pushing his left hand against the floor with renewed energy he was on his feet in a flash, reassuming the gun kata stance as before. The Gardener was giving him no time to breathe as it rushed forward once more, this time hanging low but with both arms out stretched to block any route of escape open to Lewis.

Lewis had no intentions of running this time, flipping the gun in each hand to be held in a death grip by the barrel – vertically this time – with the butt at a 90 degree angle to the rushing monster. The world slowed down around him once more as he dashed forward to meet his/its charge. At the last moment before they were sure to crash, he crouched down further, bringing first his right arm up powerfully to catch the Gardener just below the chin with the butt of the gun, before repeating this motion with his left sidearm and lifting him/it almost a full foot off the ground with the ferocity of his attacks!

In that strange slow motion still, he saw the Gardner’s body just about to reach the height of its trajectory as he launched forward in a powerful knee strike to his/its center mass, crushing the area his/its sternum should have been as the body fell to the ground. Read More Desperation VI – The Middle of the End


Hello guys, #TeleTuesdays here! Things are finally coming to a head. This is the last piece before our grand finale next week. You’ve met all the major players now  – Tracy, Lewis, Jeremy, Enrico, the Colonel, Kwamena – the board is now set for action. We get a little more background today with a heartstopper or two, as usual. 🙂 Make sure to catch up on the previous series before you sink your teeth into this one. Enjoy!


The Colonel was still in thought when Lewis knocked first briefly on his door, walking in almost immediately, telegraphing stubbornness in his gait.

“Have a seat,” Onyina directed him to a chair, which he took.

“I think we need to go in,” Lewis began. “We have a narrowing window of opportunity but I think it’s the best shot we’re going to get. We need to move fast now!”

“Go on.” Onyina said, his face an unreadable mask.

Lewis raised his eyebrow slightly then. He’d expected a blistering argument from the Colonel from the onset and this was totally unexpected.

“I, uh…I also believe that we can trust the AI. She has even more at stake than we do.”

“Okay, Dr. Koomson. I’ll do what you ask.”

“But, but..!” Lewis sputtered, still amazed at the complete about-turn. “I thought you were…I mean, I thought you didn’t–”

“No, Doctor. I’m a reasonable man. The AI is in contact with you and you alone: now if you don’t feel fully certain of the support from your AI enough to stand up for it – her – in the face of logical reasoning, wouldn’t it be sensible for me to distrust her too?

“And before you ask, I’m deciding to follow your recommendation because I knew it was our only play on this board…providing your AI could be trusted, of course. Now that is out of the way, I believe we can move forward?”

Lewis relaxed in the chair at last. Things seemed to be shaping up. Read More Desperation V – Loose Ends


Hello again! #TeleTuesdays continues our gripping series with even more revelations guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seats as we approach the finale. Enjoy today’s offering below…


This was Mr Joseph ‘Joe’ Appiah’s second week of employment as the Security Officer-in-Charge at the Danyame branch of Allied Financial Services, a medium-sized brokerage firm with partners all over Africa. The company’s habit of periodically rotating security personnel amongst the branches located within their particular region barely raised any eyebrows, not in the current job market which had First Degree holders scrambling for whatever jobs they could still get. But despite having been with the company for just over 3 years now, this was the first time he’d been posted to this particular branch.

Compared to the Ejisu branch he’d just spent over a year at, this building was obviously a sub-par facility. He’d only been permitted into the actual building once, the day he assumed control of the bare bones Security Office, and the plain metallic furniture further accentuated by the plain receptionist’s perpetual expression of nonchalant boredom only served to further bolster the first impression he had of the place. In fact, were it not for the fact that this particular branch, unlike any of the others, had such lax work hours that night duties could be skipped without incurring any disciplinary action whatsoever, he’d have pulled every string he could reach to ensure that his personnel file would never have gotten within so much as a mile of the Danyame Office. At least, he could now have a few nights to himself. He’d felt a bit uncomfortable during his first week when he showed up alone for the graveyard shift duty though. Save for a few nondescript heavy-duty haulage trucks that rolled in and out, nothing else happened at the gates.

So you could understand his surprise when just a few minutes before he planned to leave his post that evening, a beautiful woman stepped out of a taxi that stopped right in front of the tall gates and walked up to the Security Post.

i360“Hello Sir” she began, flashing him a beautiful smile. Her beautiful voice came as no surprise as his eyes charted their course all over her tasteful attire – black sleeveless silk blouse over dark blue slacks perched on 3-and-a-half inch heels. She only held in her right hand a medium-sized clutch purse and an iPhone 360. (Joe recognised the phone only because his younger 24-year old brother was a phone nut and hadn’t stopped talking about this particular model recently – she was definitely quite made!) A pair of Prada shades tastefully perched atop her head was the cherry on top that completed this sundae! Read More Desperation IV – Out of Time


Hi y’all. I’m really glad to serve this up for you today. I’m guessing you’re curious about…Tracy??Well, today more info about the Association comes to light, new players come on stage, and your expectations are left trailing in the dust by what you actually get served, courtesy #TeleTuesdays. Grab a tall cold drink and make sure you’re comfortable cus this’s a long one guys…enjoy!


The fluorescent tubes in the fancy overhead alcoves gave off a soft light that barely illuminated the room. The brightest source of light that illuminated the wide hydraulic table in the centre of the room was a technological marvel of 15 motion-controlled individually adjustable xenon bulbs, set in an overhead panel.

“5 minutes to 3pm,” intoned the acoustic clock that Management had had installed in each OR. The man peering through the sets of fancy microscopes mounted at the sides of the operating table barely lifted his head, too caught up in his work. He was at the most important part of the procedure – microvascular anastomosis. If the new skin was to ‘take’ successfully, it had to receive adequate blood supply or else 2 months of preparation would go down the drain.

His patient had to be awake for this part of the process to provide subjective feedback due to an integral flaw the scientists still had to find a solution to. That wouldn’t have been a problem if they’d also found a way of achieving this step that wouldn’t require the suspension of anaesthesia. The toughest patients managed to suppress all but the least of sounds of discomfort during this time but it never ceased to amaze the doctor that the ones who screamed the most were more likely to be the last ones you’d expect to, considering their resumés…

mercTake Enrico Alamos for instance, the man responsible for leading the largest mercenary invasion force, Coupe Coupe, into Angola at the behest of one of the rebel forces native there which had a few thousand diamonds to spare. Within 2 weeks, Coupe Coupe had perpetrated over 2,500 violent acts in the sub-region, most notably their ‘trademark’ mass killing ‘jaunts’ through over 60 villages and towns, just so some despot could overthrow another despot. However, since NATO was ‘fairly pleased’ with the former despot, they rallied their forces at last to engage in a bloody 4-day incursion into the region to soundly decimate the Coupe Coupe forces. Since the incident about 6 months ago, Enrico and the handful of his men that survived had been on the run from security forces that for once had managed to join forces across all African borders to capture and/or dispose of 68 out of the 73 commanding officers currently (particular unspoken emphasis was placed on the latter). 2 out of the 5 remaining had amassed enough wealth to seek out the Association and its ground-breaking technologies in an attempt to survive the worldwide manhunt. It was just a matter of time before Read More Desperation III – Alive?!


#TeleTuesdays’s offering today is a continuation of last week’s story.  We saw Dr. Lewis Koomson in a bad place last week. Was that as bad as it could get, or would the Odds have much more in store?! Please enjoy the second installment in this series… 


The waters off the beach weren’t much different from any of those off the typical African beach. The good news however was that since member countries of the ECOWAS had passed the Bill for Aqua Reclamation in 2013 into their respective constitutions, projections predicted tough competition for the Caribbean islands by the year 2019. The hint of white beaches and sparkling seawater at some points along the previously heavily-polluted coastline areas already  were a joy to behold now. The bad news that evening though was that clean or not, hitting the icy waters during early harmattan from over 30 feet high was a rather good recipe for slipping easily into shock!

Desp 1 - rigIt was however good news for a certain Dr. Lewis Koomson that as he fell headfirst into the water he did not bash his head open on any jetsam some native fishermen still notoriously dumped into the sea to rid themselves of waste on fishing trips.

Just like they said, time slowed as he fell – snapshots of his rather unremarkable life…and Tracy. Within the eternity that was crammed into a second or two, he somehow managed to accept it all – his life, his failures, saving Jeremy…and his impending death. It absentmindedly surprised him that the words of Father Abbey from Mass (when he was young enough to make room for God in his life) were what came clear as a bell to his ears as the wind whistled past: It is well, because it was made to be well. Read More Desperation II – Secrets…