She was the first person he noticed when he entered the auditorium. There was nothing remarkable about the tight blue jeans or navy green top she was in, but there was everything about the body it clad.

Such perfect proportions, such sufficiency, such equilibrium! What a temple! She was fair, but not the induced kind; he’d learnt to spot cream-induced fairness by spotting darker knuckles and inconsistent ‘fairness pantones’. This one was legit. The neckline of her top was a little loose so he could notice a few petals of the rose tattooed at her back. No colours, just black contours. It was a beautiful tattoo.

The usher directed him to a seat four rows behind her. She shared his attention with the pulpit. The worship songs were moving her. She was in the spirit. When she jumped, she wobbled, and he swallowed, then looked up to heaven. Forgive. Read More The Steamy Church Romance.

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For a guy, porn is like the easiest thing to get addicted to. If making it in life was as easy as getting addicted to porn, broke guys would be as rare as an eclipse. It is such a seemingly normal but intensely powerful addiction to have. I myself was addicted to porn for years. In Commonwealth Hall, even if you wanted to steer clear of it, your roomies’ pen drive you borrowed to just copy an assignment will have some Brazilian one on it. Or you’d be returning from studying late and then be confronted by the live action going on on the computer screen of the guys two rooms before yours who didn’t bother to close the door.

In Legon it was easier to find porn than those small blue New Testament Bibles. I knew guys with a porn stash huge enough to run a 30 minute weekly show on TV for 25 years without repeating an episode. Their hard drives were so full of porn I wondered if that’s why they called them hard drives. Porn is probably the most successful dark manoeuvre because it has become as normal as a glass of beer. There is no shame in watching porn these days, in fact the coolest dudes share porn clips as jokes. Back in the day, a funny video would be of Lil Wyn saying ‘I cant think far.’ Now it’s of a guy staring at a wobbly jelly ass and tripping into a gutter.  It’s so ‘funny’, it’s normal…surely, it couldn’t be wrong. Or could it? Read More The Porn Constipation


These are things we never talk about. These are things we try not to think about. These are things we’d rather die than share with the world. These are the things that have most tainted the we we could have been.

We are not the people our selfies show. At work, at parties, the us that our friends see is just a shade of a much deeper color. A color painted by an abusive aunt’s screams, a naughty cousin’s finger, a drunken father’s belt…many many years ago. Our darkest secrets and heaviest weights date back to when we were so naïve, so vulnerable, so innocent. The thing that triggered the full-blown battles we have in our closets was so innocuous when it first said hello to us. Read More The Tattoos of Childhood Scars


Out of uncontrollable curiosity, I’ve hung out with Old Testament Boys Boys, Genesis Loversthe most notorious OT King I even chatted up David & Joesph on SEX and women! Of them all, meeting with the Bible’s baddest man filled me with the greatest anxiety.

This was a guy who lived in a cemetery. He lived, in a place I drive past at full speed at night. I mean even cemetery jokes are scary. Like the one of the taxi driver who stepped on the accelerator when he noticed that the lady he was about to pick up around the Osu cemetery had an unusual sheen about her. 500 yards off when his heartbeat was returning to normal, he heard someone panting in the car, looked in the rear-view and saw the shiny lady out of breath. She smiled and gasped “Herh, driver, if I hadn’t been fast you’ll have gone and left me o!”

Of all residences, that’s where this guy lived for a long time. In those days, he was the strongest human in Gerasenes. There was no one else who was strong enough to subdue him. So you can understand why I had mixed feelings. But at the same time he had such a powerful story, so I had a mutual friend set up a meet.

Since becoming normal, he’d set up a very successful practice. He was a busy man so if I wanted to talk, I had to go to his office. The man I saw, was anything but the man I was expecting to see. He was clean-shaven, very well dressed, athletic build, intense hazel eyes, calm demeanor, carefully-chosen words and an unusual chilly smile.

Ex-Bad: You look stunned.

Me: Uh-uhmmn, a little. I’m sorry.

Ex-Bad: Don’t worry, I get that a lot.

I sighed and sat across from him, unsure of where to start.

Me: How many were they (I blurted) The demons.

Ex-Bad: (snickered) you don’t do niceties I see.

Me: I’m sorry, I’ve been too curious for too long.

Ex-Bad: Hmm hooww mannyyy? They were a legion. I watch TB Joshua these days and hear people Read More Me And The Bible’s Baddest Man!

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