I think the saddest thing is when someone meant to be outstanding compromises and dilutes his passion and energy just to fit in. I watched this interesting social experiment where at the sound of a bell, everyone in a hospital waiting area stood up for a second and sat again. All but one of the people in the waiting room were participants in the experiment. The whole point was to see what that one person who was clueless of it all would do. She stood, and sat, and stood and sat- at first reluctantly, and then willingly, to the point that when it was just her remaining, she continued to stand at the prompting of the bell. When new people came in, she alerted them to do same. She so completely fit in!

What about those of us made to stand out? Those of us who are extraordinary by design? Those of us with talents and gifts to change how people live? I’m not talking about aliens or some strange people, I’m talking about you, the child of God! Our heritage as children of God is to be salt (aka the outstanding) and light (aka extraordinary) of the earth. So it doesn’t matter what you do for a living, you have it in you to be impactful! Read More Forgive me, I tricked you.