I know how an orgy goes like. I can vividly describe to you the journey from sobriety to weed-induced highness. I know more about quickies than the originator of the latin root word. I know about infidelity and the nuances of having multiple side-chicks. I know about booze and making punches that knock you out. I know the right words to say to move from brother zone to ‘use me how you please’ zone in one week. I know all these things because I know how to pay rapt attention when it’s story time.

I have my fair share of pious shpiritos sanctus friends, but I prefer those who’ve also been around (NB: Don’t try this at home. It may backfire for you) . I know boys who’ve done things! I know girls who tell me stories they cant ever tell their husbands. Stories so graphic ‘mills & boons’ would pass for a Bible story. So I thought a lot about how come all these people keep confiding in me with all these scandals. Why me? And then I unraveled it. The main ingredient is; Stay calm. Act amused, never surprised. It makes them comfortable talking. I wont tell you the other ingredients because I’m not sure how you’ll use the skill. In fact, I’m writing this minutes after a one hour session of real real stories that brought me super close to losing my signature calmness. Whaaatttt, if I tell you details, I risk turning this from edifying to arousing…but what the heck? Read More Bad Fineboy Confessions


A few weeks ago I put up the first of several posts from Vera -the gorgeous girl who’s been the baddest chic’s baddest chic and is telling all now. Since then I’ve been continuously bugged about when the next confession is coming up. Well, here it is. My eyes are still widened by the intensity of this story,  but ah well let’s see.

*       *       *

I had successfully finished University and done my national service. This was in the year 2010. I didn’t have to hustle for a job because I had an uncle who knew someone in one of the prestigious banks in the country so landing a job there was very easy. My friends were surprised as to how I landed the job when they were still struggling to even have their application letters looked at. I counted myself lucky. At the time, I did not consider the fact that it was juuust by the grace of God. I may have had the connection but if God did not allow it, it would never have happened. Upon hindsight, I really thank God for His grace.

My boss liked me the moment she had a conversation with me regarding my previous work experience. I thought to myself, what did she expect? I am a Gey Hey girl duh? Lol. We never disappoint. Everything was going fine. I was made a supervisor of my team in no time. To be honest I had not had time to mingle with those outside my department especially the guys because work load was too much and besides, my ‘seniors’ had told me plenty stories about episodes of office romance that did not end well. The advice was, ‘ stay away from the guys, they are up to no good, they kiss and tell, they try to have a relationship with you, sleep with you and then come and tell their friends in the office and laugh at you blah blah blah. With my experiences with guys in the university, I was determined not to fall victim to any of those. Read More The Innocence Of A Player! [Confessions]


When I’m talking with a girl I could like, there’re some questions I ask to break free from the condemnation of friend zone. One of them is “What’s the riskiest thing you’ve ever done?”. The main aim isn’t to tell me the truth, it’s just to have her think about it and me at the same time. Here’s why; in thinking about it, she relives the adrenaline that made the moment special. She smiles reflexively and ponders whether to say or not. After that, no matter what she decides, enough of the nostalgia has rubbed off to move me a step away from broda level 😉

Recently, I’ve come to realize that it’s quite a risky move to take. The stories girls have theeesse daayysss!! It’s dangerous to ask! Whaaaattt??!!! You want to know the riskiest or naughtiest thing she’s done? Eeii are you sure? You want to find out why ignorance is bliss? Lol, anyways there’s so much to learn from the life of a woman who’s been to the depths of deep and now looks back shaking her head. I know one.

 Vera’s been the baddest chic’s baddest chic. In her life she’s had experiences that could scar a Roman Father for life. Like, I’m talking about a confession that will Read More Confessions Of An Ex…