Good morning people. #TeleTuesdays takes a different turn today and this is why. I got some heartbreaking news yesterday when I heard that a good friend of mine had just lost her sister. In times of loss, sometimes all you can give are some words, an ear or a shoulder to cry on. Luckily, there’s Someone who saw it all and Who can soothe all the hurt and make it all better – because it’s always part of His plan.


It hurts from deep inside

But His peace. Read More But His Peace…

Inspiration Poems

I used to think praying about marriage was as much a preserve for girls as pregnancy is. I couldn’t imagine a real hunk on his knees praying to God about his future wife and kids. That was downright spiritual gayism! I mean who does that, right? Just go through as many chics as you can, settle with one at the time you feel you want to marry in as much the same way as you choose a chair in a ‘Musical Chairs’ game, and still keep it going with the mistresses. Or, if you were a better man than that, just make enough money and choose the one you had the best sex with, right?

Or, or, or, just send word to your village for a fine girl to be made available to you and just rule your house like the overlord you are right? Who wants to be challenged in his house! You want to be served. You want to summon a woman, issue orders and have it executed with no protest, because after all, you’re the man right? The harrdddest guy. Lol. Boyyyyy have times changed! Wait, I don’t think it’s time that’s changed, rather sensibility has settled in fully.

I’ve always maintained that good women are the dreams of dolu good guys and the desired destinations of smart bad boys. I’ve never been more convinced of that than now.

You see growing up does this thing where it puts things in clear perspective. It’s not so much who has the fairest complexion; it’s Read More Hard Guys Praying For Good Wives. [Rated]


So this is actually an old one from way back when – 1st Generation Goldinwords – you could call it, before our first remix and subsequent loss of some good stuff…luckily, nothing really dies off in Cyberspace.

I wrote this one day after I had a discussion with a good friend about our fellow Christian brethren  (& sisthren 🙂 ) and their attitude to relationships. I could tell you what it’s all about, or leave you to draw your own conclusions…guess which option I’m picking? Enjoy 😀


She was lost twice over1womanprays

Before she met this Christian Brother

He told her life could be much better

And so he drew her near to meet his dear Father

Till with many days of desperate prayer

From her burdens the Lord managed to deliver her.


Whilst growing in His garden as a Pretty Flower

His servant, Christian Brother, drew still closer

Praying and fasting until he could finally lightly sputter

To Christian Sister that he truly loved her Read More To the Christian in Love…

Inspiration Poems Religion

Hands up! Anyone who’s wished for the chance to ask Eve why she bit the Apple, or Cane why he killed Abel and lied about it to the Guy who has an eye in every square inch of space.

Hands up, anyone who’s wanted to ask Noah what he’ll have done if the flood never came, or Lot’s wife what she saw before turning into a pillar of salt. Okay, then you’ll envy me when you find out I actually got the chance. No jokes, I did. I really really did. But I just met up with three of them; David, Solomon & Joseph. Our chat was ttiigghhtt!

The twist is, when we met up, they all looked twentyish, irrespective of their chronological appearance in the Good Book. David looked kinda smallish. He had a woolen cap over a gentle cut and his loafers, black three-quarter pants and sky-blue lacoste gave him a d-bee look.

Solomon had kept his hair, so it was tied in a pony and he had his beard on. He wore a brown leather jacket over a Woodin short-sleeved shirt and black corduroy pants and leather slippers.

Joseph was the finest of them all. He looked like Taio Cruz in a leather jacket with a white undershirt and stunners coming off some motorbike bi.

I had to meet some friends of mine at the food court in the Accra mall, it was a Saturday afternoon and the place was packed. Their table was the only one with a spare chair, so when I took it, it was out of necessity. Then when I looked at them, they looked familiar. In some weird way, they looked like characters I’d seen in the ‘My Book of Bible Stories’ picture book I had when I was a kid.

When they eventually confirmed my suspicion, I was like “Today be today. I got a dozen quick ones for y’all.” So thus started our chat.

Me: Dave, I gotto tell you mehn, I feel you on the whole you & Goliath thing, but how the heck did you manage it? I mean what if you’d missed or your sling started acting up, how’ll you have gotten out of that? Read More Me & The Old Testament Boys Boys


king ahab Well there’s this dude in the Old Testament who makes any gargantuan crime of any politician seem like child’s play. What baffles me is that at a time when God was extremely active in king making, this king managed to remain in power for 22 years! I’m also curious about his wife, a woman who scared the legendary prophet Elijah out of his socks animal-skin flip-flops, a woman who is even used in modern day to describe evil, ruthless women who stop at nothing to get what they want; Jezebel.

So I called King Ahab up, and I was like “Yo, what’re my chances of getting an exclusive with you?” I was surprised when he acquiesced, but I guess there’s something about the afterlife that humbles even the proudest of us. When he showed up, he had such an air of humility about him, but alas, it’s appointed unto man to die once, and afterwards face judgment.

After offering him a much-appreciated sachet of special ice pure water (lol), I dug right in.

Me: Ahab, can I call you that, without the ‘King’? Kinda makes it long

K.A: Well, I guess. Much worse has befallen me since I died.

Me: Really? Like what? Okay, you know what, let’s start from scratch; tell me about your family.

He sighed, heavily.

K.A: Well, it’s no secret; my dad wasn’t the perfect role model.

Me: I don’t mean to be cold, but you say it like he was close to being perfect when in fact Omri sinned against the Lord more than any of his predecessors right?

K.A: Yes, but he moved the capital of the Northern Kingdom of Israel from Tirzah to Samaria. The military and strategic implications of that move were profound. We were more strategically located than all the major cities in all directions, so you see he wasn’t all evil. Besides, how can I judge him when I turned out worse?

Me: I was coming to that. Ahab, you were the oldest of three boys. You knew your dad and were old enough to see his mistakes and its consequences. Why on earth did you repeat them, and on a greater scale? I mean the Bible at some point even states “There was no one else who had devoted himself so completely to doing wrong in the Lord’s sight as Ahab.” Chaa, yawa o.

K.A:  I want it to go on record, that I’m not being a coward or a snitch by saying this behind her back, but Jezebel was the reason for it. Read More Me & The Most Notorious Old Testament King.


Dear God,

love letterIf I was Hezekiah and you sent your prophet to tell me that I should put my house in order because I was about to die, what’ll I tell you? What’ll I ask you to remember so much so that you’ll feel obliged to give me 15 more years, even 1 year sef? Is it the 20 pesewas I give to those poor Sudan kids from time to time? Or the ‘noodles-like’ quiet times I have with you? Is it my gentlemanly, controlled dances at church? I couldn’t even come up with one major reason to confront you and demand an extra year!

When in heaven someday all my other brothers and sisters in you are showing off with basketfuls of evidence of good works done by being faithful and obedient to you, what’ll I show? The one or two things in my hand? I’ll be shy mpo. So please help me leave no stone unturned. May the only reason why I was unable to climb any mountain or overcome any hurdle in my life be because you willed me not to.

May I come to terms with the fact that by Read More The Most Beautiful Letter I Ever Wrote!


This Monday Classic was a scandalous hit. And one of my many favorites. Enjoy 🙂
*         *         *

874376-002I saw this great movie some time back; there was this disarmingly hoottt babe in it. She used to be very promiscuous and had much sought after waist gyrating skills. But she found Jesus and her life was never the same again.

At a neighborhood picnic, one of the guys she used to do it with came to her and tried his uttermost best to woo her up to his crib, but she just wouldn’t budge. So in frustration, the guy asked “What’s with this change of yours? This Jesus you claim you’ve found, how is he better than all the good times we made and had together?”

She looks into his face, was silent in thought for a second or two, then gave him the best answer ever!  She said “Trey, you know how good it is when at the peak of a very karmasutric bout of sex, a thousand tingly sensations tickle every nerve ending in you and you arch your body in awe of such a blissfully crippling sensation?” by this time Joe’s licking his lips, getting aroused already “Yeah Tricia, I know, I sooo knowwww! What about it?Read More A Feeling Beyond Orgasm.


There is a way of thinking that’s more dangerous than a drunk driver, than a nation in wrong hands, and I caught myself thinking that way minutes ago. God is good, by default. He’s so good to us that sometimes we take it to mean that we’re too special to be cut off, no matter what we do. We’re wrong.

We cant remember the last time we were crippled by illness, dumped by a girl, stark broke, jobless, robbed, involved in an accident or failed an exam. God’s goodness has shielded us from so much of life’s hazards, in spite of our secret sins, in spite of our action-implied ingratitude. Over time we start to think…maybe we’re beyond reproach?

We’re not like other humans, we’re too special for God to abandon. We could slip, join an orgy, wake the following morning, say a ‘Father forgive me’ prayer and have the Holy Spirit hop back in like a booty call. Read More The Ninja In Your Mind.