All throughout this post, picture me with a hoarse, husky loud voice like the bulldog sergeant in your favourite war movie! Now. I’ve just watched a movie that’s made me contemplate visiting a vulcaniser to check out the leak in my eyes! I’m no cry baby, but every dog has it’s day. And you know me, I never go down alone. So we’re going to do this TOOOGEEETHHEER! YAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!

I’d heard people talking about Hacksaw Ridge, Hacksaw Ridge. Meanwhile me all I knew was hacksaw blade. Regardless, I felt the urge to just click on it and see something. Now if you know me even a little bit you know i’m a movie connoisseur. I can sniff a good movie faster than a ninja can kick, but with all my skills in movie telling, I wasn’t ready for Hacksaw Ridge. It’s like no action/war movie that’s ever been made. It’s like ‘the Expendables’ meets ‘touched by an angel’.

It’s not love I feel for the movie, it’s a potpourri of the strongest emotions. It’s the verb of that adjective ‘brave’. It’s the action packed demonstration of what a man is capable of when he decides to make God the centre of his life, no matter where that life leads him. It’s the ability to carry your conviction and your belief to the thickest ‘peer pressure’ zone. My gaawwddd, that movie’s got my blood pumping like a horny hubby rabbit on viagra. Read More The Best Movie I Ever Watched!


I was born into a big family house in Osu Nyaniba Estate. I was part of the fourth generation to live in that house. My squad missed the first gen guys (my great grand parents) by a couple of months, but their legends lived on in a ghostly way.

There is this funny story I must tell you! I’m told my great grand mum was a rich, tough, and very shrewd woman, so shrewd she outlived great granddad. She was so moved by his passing on that for weeks after, she continued to send dinner to his room; perchance his wandering spirit may be hungry, and her delicious food may bring him back.

My uncles were sly twenty-somethings by this time and always discontent with the measly food they got served. They’d wait till dark when the house was all quiet and feast on great grand dads dinner. Great grandma would come the following morning and say in an ‘amused wife’ tone “Eii Sammy these days 33 l33 oyeonmaa ei!” which was complementing his huge after-death appetite. She eventually found out and all-but disowned them.

I used to be scared of passing by that room, and of the plantain’s shadows from behind the bedroom curtains at night. We were also told not to throw brooms, because if you did, it’d come and throw you as you slept at night. Sometimes I’d forget and throw the broom, then spend the rest of the day apologizing to it and dreading the night. Throughout the many years that followed, I was always afraid of something…until I met Kwansima, the most wicked house fowl to ever live! Read More The Story of My Bravery.

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