My only issue with cinemas and movies shown on TV is that I’m not in control. I like being in control when I’m watching a movie. If the dialogue starts feeling too long, I like to just skip to where the next action is. Today I have an action film to gbaa you, and right about now I’m skipping to where the action is.

Rewind to B.C era. The Israelites are a few years from the promised land. They’ve walked across dry sea land and conquered many many nations, trampling any resistance in their path. But there’s a king who wont have none of that; Balak. He’s the last don. The Mugabe who doesn’t hear. The ogboro who wont idle while a bunch of excons with some invisible God who calls himself almighty come and take his land. He has the perfect plan to destroy them. How? (You’re not reeeaadayyy for this) How?

He sends gift bearing messengers to a prophet who serves the same God as these guys and says; “Yo Baalam, what’s good? Check out these fine clothes I brought for you. You like these gold coins too? It’s nice huh? Okay, how about you curse the Israelites for me. Just finish them with your mouth. I know that those you bless are blessed and those you curse are cursed.” Read More How To Spoil Yourself Well Well


Some months ago it was drizzling and I was in a hurry to get to work. As I drove by, I saw a crowd at the bus stop, and I spent a few seconds contemplating whether to stop or not. Eventually I decided not to, but just before I could speed off I noticed one man; he stopped me like he knew me, smiling and waving frantically. I was confused so I stopped abruptly, almost causing an accident. It turns out I didn’t know him; he was just desperate to get to Circle. I wasn’t amused, but I’d stopped already so I reluctantly let him in.

He wasn’t such a bad company to have and he was profusely grateful. Just before he got off he handed me a note he’d scribbled something on, looked into my eyes and said with great intensity “If there’s anything you need, anything. Anything Google or Mahama wont give you, call this number.” With eyes wider than tyre rims, I swallowed hard and nodded. He smiled and got out, and suddenly he was lost in the crowd.

A few weeks later Elorm wrote and asked if I could do an interview with Samson. It was interesting because I’d been meaning to talk to him myself. There’re are so many strange things about his story I really wanted some clarity on, but I just didn’t know how to get through to him. How can you reach a guy from Judges? Read More Me and The Old Testament’s Van Damme.


Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 1.26.32 PMAs exciting as this post is, it’s slightly longer than they normally are here. So if you like, you can download the e-book  of it HERE, or  click on the thumbnail to the left, or just scroll down to read. Holla if you face any issues. Now on to business 🙂

We Met At Mövenpick

I’ve always been fascinated by the romantic. In my last year of uni, I witnessed a full-grown boy jump unto the bonnet of a moving car in protest of the rich kid who was driving off with his Julie –not under duress. It was a weird combination of hilarious, serious and romantic.

But oh! I digress; this isn’t about desperate boyfriends or colluding girlfriends. Today, it’s all about Abraham & Sarah. These days anyone’s half-baked love story can get turned into a winding telenovela with an Alahandro or Jose Luis featuring prominently. But how about the father of nations and his woman? How was their relationship like? I’ve always wanted to know so much!

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 1.06.05 PMSo I asked for a meet-up last Friday night at Mövenpick (before I found out what lil wyn thought of the place,) but they didn’t show until later that night in my dreams.

Funny thing is, I was in the same jeans and lacoste at the same spot I’d waited at, but there was so much less activity. You know how in your dreams you can see an Nkrumah statue beside the Statue of Liberty and it’ll seem normal? It was a lot like that. Abe (as I affectionately call him) was in a Woodin t­­op over jeans (casual Friday) and Sarah….oohhh Sarah was in one of those long, flowing armless African print dresses. She wore a dark brown jacket over it. Before I could say a word, she smiled, reached out for a hug and said.

Abe & The Wife Snatchers

Sarah:Sorry Ben, should have notified you about the change of plans.

Me:      Issorryyt, but did you guys not like Mövenpick? It’s like the classiest place in Accra right now o.

Sarah: Noo, it’s okay. It’s just that Abe spotted an Egyptian, and suddenly felt woozy.

Abe:    Not true.

Sarah: Yes true. I saw the look in your eyes.

Me:      Why? Why doesn’t he like Egyptians?

Sarah: The boy’s asking you something (She nudged him mischievously).

Abe:    You wont understand Ben.

Me:      Try me. There’re a couple of guys I don’t like myself.

Abe:    Well –he hesitated- this is very different. Many years ago when Read More Me & The Genesis Lovers

Blog Inspiration Religion

Hands up! Anyone who’s wished for the chance to ask Eve why she bit the Apple, or Cane why he killed Abel and lied about it to the Guy who has an eye in every square inch of space.

Hands up, anyone who’s wanted to ask Noah what he’ll have done if the flood never came, or Lot’s wife what she saw before turning into a pillar of salt. Okay, then you’ll envy me when you find out I actually got the chance. No jokes, I did. I really really did. But I just met up with three of them; David, Solomon & Joseph. Our chat was ttiigghhtt!

The twist is, when we met up, they all looked twentyish, irrespective of their chronological appearance in the Good Book. David looked kinda smallish. He had a woolen cap over a gentle cut and his loafers, black three-quarter pants and sky-blue lacoste gave him a d-bee look.

Solomon had kept his hair, so it was tied in a pony and he had his beard on. He wore a brown leather jacket over a Woodin short-sleeved shirt and black corduroy pants and leather slippers.

Joseph was the finest of them all. He looked like Taio Cruz in a leather jacket with a white undershirt and stunners coming off some motorbike bi.

I had to meet some friends of mine at the food court in the Accra mall, it was a Saturday afternoon and the place was packed. Their table was the only one with a spare chair, so when I took it, it was out of necessity. Then when I looked at them, they looked familiar. In some weird way, they looked like characters I’d seen in the ‘My Book of Bible Stories’ picture book I had when I was a kid.

When they eventually confirmed my suspicion, I was like “Today be today. I got a dozen quick ones for y’all.” So thus started our chat.

Me: Dave, I gotto tell you mehn, I feel you on the whole you & Goliath thing, but how the heck did you manage it? I mean what if you’d missed or your sling started acting up, how’ll you have gotten out of that? Read More Me & The Old Testament Boys Boys