Hi G,

Good morning. I’m in utter awe of you. You’re on a roll these days; keeping me in a permanent mind-blown state. Lost for words, lost in you. So well, you know, I just came to tell you how I feel this morning about your endless goodness. I didn’t come with a request list. If you want ‘do for me’ requests to listen to, well it’s not going to come from me, not this morning at least.

I just wanted to check on you and see how you’re doing. Had breakfast? I’d have made you bacon, but…the cows on a thousand hills are yours and they just wont do. All the trees in the forest of Lebanon aren’t enough to make the kind of barbecue you deserve. Tea? you’d like tea? ah but if the earth is your footstool then I doubt all the sea will fill your teacup, even half way. Read More ‘Rat Poison’ To God