jasmine in kanda, goldinwordsI’ve given up on flying carpets, the one in my hall just wont budge. But I’m still in search of my Jasmine, seriously. That fine blend of charm and confidence, those eyes, that smile, thhaatt stoomacchh! Chai! I want her now just as much as I wanted her then. Help me out guys, holler if you know where she is.

Then there’s the story of the three piglets and the wolf. I drew one of my strongest life’s philosophies from that story. And oh Pocahontas! Even worn out and faded Pocahontas boots stir up warm feelings within.

I guess part of why I loved those Walt Disney stories is because back then they gave me the freedom to disguise my childhood if I so wished. I mean forget the meager content of my lunch box; I could talk about the Lion King till you asked me if I brought anything back from Disneyland. (Even I am laughing at that right now). But my reasons for loving those stories have changed greatly, especially the story of Beauty and the Beast. It’s amazing how so many of us have lived are living it right now.

The Marvin Story

In Legon, there was a guy in my Econs class called Marvin. No, Marvin was not the kind of guy you wanted around when you finally spoke to your crush. His Bradley Cooper, ei sorry, Kevin Prince Boateng appeal just swayed all the girls to him. It didn’t matter if you covered him in a shirt inscribed ‘Jerk approaching’. Still the hot girls wanted him to have their number. )de ne swag b3 gye wo gerh right now right now. He was smooth and played the girls like Tetris. He slept with them like his grade point depended on it. One time he met a very sought after girl at the Central Cafeteria just before his 1:30 lecture, by 9:30 same night, Read More Aladdin In Kanda


I just noticed that one of the newest Goldinwords fans is this girl I’ve been crushing on since since, so I can’t be spoirring myself like before. Mmhmm mhmm (clears throat, swallows hard), so it’s with the utmost genuine excitement that I proceed to commence the subject matter concerning which this post was concocted in the first place. lol

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 3.24.25 PMOkay, back to dzi matter; let me start by telling the truth about my Facebook relationship status. I was fresh out of uni and I didn’t want to test how good I was at being chaste. I knew my weakness, I knew my strength, I wanted to be as far away from the former as possible. So I made my status married so I’d be an unappealing write-off should I ever encounter a willing sisterine. I realized soon after how terrible a move that was. Apparently married men are more attractive than single guys. I was shocked!

Over the years, as more of my friends actually went on to marry, they’ve discovered how much more sought after they are now by the same women they didn’t stand a chance with before. It’s a stunning phenomena I couldn’t understand, and because I have a debilitating curiosity (Shhhh! I’m still trying to impress her), I had to get to the bottom of it.

I asked some of those girls with married ‘boyfriends’ what the catch was. Their story is Read More Why Hot Girls Love Married Men.


I confess, I purposely omitted the epilogue. I wanted to see if you’d write or squirm or rant and I am delighted about your reaction. Is this the kind of thing I’ll need forgiveness for? Lol, I hope not. Anyways, for the end bit of the story, you can either download it HERE, or click on the image below, or do the reading right here, just keep scrolling down. So really, it’s entirely your decision now. Let me know if you liked it? Here goes…I Love Her Husband (epilogue)

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Click to Download Epilogue
Click to Download Epilogue

We left off here... Kobe was bursting into the restaurant at the time Trixy was walking out. They stood in each other’s way for melting moments. Trixy tried hard to keep her smile, but her tear-stained face spoke volumes.

“Love you Kobe.” she kissed his cheek, the half a dozen diners felt the tension, and it told in their unnatural silence “Good bye.” Not see you later, What kind of a man are you? Or How could you do this to me…but Good bye. She didn’t add ‘for good’ but it lingered in her silence, and in how she turned and walked out the door.

[THE END? Not exactly]


Chapter 5

Kobe caught up with his wife in the parking lot, but her reflexive rigidity when he tried to touch her, to reason out his unredeemable stupidity, the sternness in her eyes, the coldness in her “leave me alone”, all culminated in rendering him speechless. Like a stooge he stood by as the Honda Civic faded into two red brake lights as it revved into the distance of the windy Saturday evening.

When he reentered the restaurant, Samaa was sitting in the same position, her hand cupping her mouth, as if holding back the wrath of God.

“What did you do to her?” Kobe asked rashly, taking the seat his wife had been in minutes before.

“What did I do to her? What have you done to her? What are you doing to me?” she looked at him like a stranger, her eyes were heavier than a looming storm. The platform she’d been standing on had been snatched from underneath her feet, and now she was falling, clueless as to how deep and messed-up this abyss would turn out to be.

She closed her eyes, craving beautiful thoughts from the seemingly distant past to somehow trade places with this dreadful present. If she could find life’s control panel, she’d press ‘Pause’ for a breather. It was all too fast too soon. So many lies so many misrepresentations, did she even want to know why? Could it possibly ease the wrenching feeling surging within?

When she reopened them, Read More I Love Her Husband -The last-show.


When there were just a few of us, I wrote a story that I liked. I wasn’t sure if everyone would feel the same about it, so I was blown away by the  response. Over 5,000 reads and downloads! I got so many calls and e-mails from everywhere (literally!) about how sensational it was that I read it over and over again to check if perhaps they were seeing something I wasn’t. There were serious offers and plans to turn it into a musical, play, full novel and a TV series. I just might go through with one, just might.

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 11.53.54 AMAnyways, when we got hacked last year, those posts went down. Since then, I’ve been getting requests to re-post it. The last one came last week from @ferdiefresh via Twitter. So I thought “Why not?! We’ve more than doubled since and if even Read More I Love Her Husband -by popular request.