We all have something we’re addicted to or have been addicted to before. Just so we’re on the same page, let me explain what I mean by addiction; it’s anything that defeats your self-control. Anything you do whether or not you want to. Addictions are no respecters of religious status. Pastors are probably the most addicted to pornography. No kidding, I’m not sure if it was a Kenneth Hagee sermon, but he was talking about how a certain plush hotel reported the highest viewing of paid pornographic content during a major pastoral conference.

So no one is exempt from addictions merely because of his or her theological qualifications. People aren’t as righteous as you think o, that’s why your faith shouldn’t stem from a man you deeply respect; you’ll discover a shameful addiction or scandal he’s embroiled in and suddenly your whole faith will be shaken and compromised. Everyone’s eyes should be fixed on God, not any intermediary. 

A major stupid consolation addicts give is ‘Even Paul said the thing he wished to do, he didn’t do, it’s rather the things he doesn’t wish to do that he does.’ Or ‘the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.’ So it’s not so big a deal if I succumb to my weakness, after all isn’t it in my weakness that His strength is made perfect? Let me fool around and give grace the opportunity to work. My broda, there is a difference between weakness and addiction. Not all weaknesses are sinful, but every addiction is. For example you have a weakness with fasting and praying, it just doesn’t come easy (if at all) to you…now that’s not the twin brother of having a sexual weakness where you have to sleep with different people to feel ok. My sister that’s not the thing Paul was talking about oo, don’t try to ‘pri draw’.

An addiction is a sinful weakness, it forces you to make a god of things, replacing God as numero uno in your life. The worst kinds deprave your body (which is the temple of the Holy Spirit). Don’t cling to any half truths to make it like it’s normal. Like Peter lied and denied Jesus but he got post, David chopped someone’s wife and he’s a legend…don’t dwell on any thought that numbs your conscience and makes you accept the thing that treats you like its ummm….hmm (asem oo), treats you like its…female dog. Yes, female dog, let’s take it like that. The first step to dealing with any addiction is coming to the point where you decide “It’s not ok, I hate this thing, I wanna stop!” Read More The Reason For Your Addiction.


For a guy, porn is like the easiest thing to get addicted to. If making it in life was as easy as getting addicted to porn, broke guys would be as rare as an eclipse. It is such a seemingly normal but intensely powerful addiction to have. I myself was addicted to porn for years. In Commonwealth Hall, even if you wanted to steer clear of it, your roomies’ pen drive you borrowed to just copy an assignment will have some Brazilian one on it. Or you’d be returning from studying late and then be confronted by the live action going on on the computer screen of the guys two rooms before yours who didn’t bother to close the door.

In Legon it was easier to find porn than those small blue New Testament Bibles. I knew guys with a porn stash huge enough to run a 30 minute weekly show on TV for 25 years without repeating an episode. Their hard drives were so full of porn I wondered if that’s why they called them hard drives. Porn is probably the most successful dark manoeuvre because it has become as normal as a glass of beer. There is no shame in watching porn these days, in fact the coolest dudes share porn clips as jokes. Back in the day, a funny video would be of Lil Wyn saying ‘I cant think far.’ Now it’s of a guy staring at a wobbly jelly ass and tripping into a gutter.  It’s so ‘funny’, it’s normal…surely, it couldn’t be wrong. Or could it? Read More The Porn Constipation


I remember the first time I watched a porn clip. I was in Presec, 3rd year. I snuck to an internet café to…I don’t even remember what. There were these humongous excuses for computer monitors that lorded themselves over the partitioned wooden stalls.

Owait, I remember what I went to do now. I had a yahoo account with the most ridiculous email ‘Hourglass143…’. Those days, it was just flex to have an email account. Most of the mails were spam, but because there weren’t enough email using friends to receive emails from, I read spam like they were love letters from Gey Hey.

There were three guys huddled behind a computer two chairs away. They were too excited to have been reading spam. I’ve been curious a long time now, you know. In stretching my neck whilst acting uninterested, I saw my first porn clip. Read More Sex Sells! But Who’s Buying?