I wasn’t born in a rich home. Of all the miracles Jesus performed, one of the ones that least impressed me was sharing 5 loaves and 2 fishes among thousands; my mum did it all the time. She’d share three table spoons of ideal milk among 8 giant bowls of tom brown and make it look like all of our porridges were drowning under milk. If that isn’t a miracle, i don’t know what is!

But coming from my kinda background, you tend to hate Adam more. The reality of a hard life just pushes you to this point where you cant fricking understand why that fricking man couldn’t say no when Eve brought the Apple! I mean juicy spare ribs or pork chops would have been a more worthy temptation, but apple? Seriously apple?!!! I have three rotting in my fridge right now! Read More Leave Adam Alone!