There is a way of thinking that’s more dangerous than a drunk driver, than a nation in wrong hands, and I caught myself thinking that way minutes ago. God is good, by default. He’s so good to us that sometimes we take it to mean that we’re too special to be cut off, no matter what we do. We’re wrong.

We cant remember the last time we were crippled by illness, dumped by a girl, stark broke, jobless, robbed, involved in an accident or failed an exam. God’s goodness has shielded us from so much of life’s hazards, in spite of our secret sins, in spite of our action-implied ingratitude. Over time we start to think…maybe we’re beyond reproach?

We’re not like other humans, we’re too special for God to abandon. We could slip, join an orgy, wake the following morning, say a ‘Father forgive me’ prayer and have the Holy Spirit hop back in like a booty call. Read More The Ninja In Your Mind.




Back in 2007 a new term emerged, it changed the terrain of ronning girls in Ghana; Otoolege. Otoolege is a guy who invests a fortune in a girl he doesn’t stand a chance with. He buys her wine when she says she’s thirsty and tops it up with enough pizza to power a drink up. He uncreatively professes love over phone, not knowing he’s on loudspeaker, not knowing that all her roommates and their friends are snickering to his hilarious entertainment.

He gets an air-blown kiss for buying her an expensive phone and doesn’t have a problem with being sent on errands by her. That fam, is an otoolege. But he has a new-age brother, and that’s a Bismark. To really get the Bismark term, i’ll give you a backdrop. Read More Bismark –The Otoolege upgrade


Over the weeks, you’ve been captivated by the story of Kobe, who didn’t properly get over Afua before falling for Sarah. You’ve felt Sarah’s pains; sharing a man with his past. At a point, you even wondered what made a woman a mistress. Was it a matter of who a man was with technically, or who he was with in his heart?

Today, this epic story ends, and in style! Like I promised, I have compiled it into an e-book so you can seamlessly read the story from start to finish. Here is the link; —> Perfect Mistress, the e-book.

You can read it online or download it. It’s a small file, if you have any problem downloading it, send an email at Read More Perfect Mistress -The e-book.


Yes, I checked the date and it’s well into the new year, but there’s so much newness lingering in the air. Like the almost-new anti-harmattan Vaseline I have in my glove compartment.

Last year was the best and worst for Goldinwords. We rose high and got hacked low. But now that our feet have touched the ground, how much lower can we go herh? I’ve been taking helium injections you know, so each day the sky feels closer.

This year, I’m taking a more humble approach to everything; nothing is really yours you know. Everything you have can be taken from you, what remains is your true value. Self value is what you can make of yourself when you lose all-but yourself. When you’re a Christian, the equation is different; you have God to help you bounce back.

This new year, I wish you inexplicable resilience. May you stand in the face of your greatest fear, pick the speck in its eyes and blow it out of coverage area. May what would have otherwise crippled you only give you a muscle pull. Read More New Year Ronnings!


The past month has been rough for Goldinwords. Some wise guy decided to inject a virus code into Goldinwords’ DNA. That introduced a lot of wahala, like being redirected to irrelevant sites and having a hard time accessing Goldinwords in its full glory.

It got really frustrating with all the complaints I had coming in, but thank God for Dennis and Alfred, my personal geeks. Web developers and computer guys in general are like the busiest people on earth. I had always imagined them as no social life, bottle-thick lens wearing geeks. But from recent events, I know for a fact that they’re cooler than Kanye or the Kardashians.

They can stare at a screen of alphanumerical gibberish and make sense of it. They have 20 hr work days playing with Sisco and Misco and all the other scos. They have languages they speak to computers and programs in, and it’s all really fascinating. Read More Thank God for Geeks