True story. True true story: A guy recently joins this company in Accra. It’s his second week and he’s presenting to the entire company. It is his first assignment since he joined the team and the strategy he is presenting is very important for the project the team is working on. His Dell laptop is connected to the projector and his computer screen has filled the wall at the other side of the board room. His bosses are seated, paying rapt attention. The wider team is also present, this presentation is critical for the job at hand.

New guy is on slide eleven, twelve more to go. The room is quiet, all eyes are on the wall. He is making a point on slide 11, then it pops up on his screen, projected on the wall. The wicked, disloyal popup said: Horny devil xxx download complete! Gbam. Read More The Devil In A Thong!


During the first iteration of Goldinwords I believe,  before the Great Purge that forced us to rebuild this blog from scratch, I wrote about a few characteristics I believed the quintessential woman should possess.  Seeing as today’s International Women’s Day, I decided to go over the original piece and see how a few years could/would change how I would rephrase or polish up this piece. It turned out…well, you decide for yourself… 😉 


A Lady is a woman who makes a man act like a Gentleman…lady - women

I honestly don’t remember where I first heard that nugget of gold but it’s been one of my central beliefs ever since.

So this’s basically my answer to a question that bugs me when I hear people indiscriminately dropping that term left and right…especially in our social setting in Ghana. One would even ask if it’s still relevant enough to bother about nowadays… is she a Lady?

Just like her counterpart’s, the term ‘Lady’ has been gravely abused to the point that we declare every woman – usually whom we don’t know by then – a ‘lady’ by default. It’s sad…unfortunate…catastrophic! even, on some occasions, to misuse the term. I guess it’s because we mostly see it more as a term than a qualification. You know it is, right? A Qualification, I mean. It’s kinda like the way doctors would feel if there were short 6-month online courses to attaining your MBChB…or if the President were to be elected to Office based on a carefully planned game of eenie-meenie-miney-moe…or what your parents would think of you choosing your fiancé based on a phone call after a Crusade…lol.

My point is simply that it doesn’t, and shouldn’t, come cheap to anyone. Because it isn’t…cheap. And if you need any convincing, let me assure you that just walking about during your normal day, or even flipping through Facebook pages, will convince you once and for all that ‘the Lady’ is a dying breed – it should be a priority that she be revered, protected and (dare I say) loved for it.  Read More Who’s That Girl? (Remix)


“WHY are you so far away,” he mutters. You look at him, smile and inch closer, as if it were a command. Your shoulders are now touching, and his left arm goes around your head and pulls you even closer. Then his hands. His big, masculine hands slowly travel from your neck and gracefully make their way to their new home at the small of your back. Like clockwork, shivers come alive and travel up and down your spine. Sitting against his headboard, watching a movie, your neck does its job of tilting your head ever so slightly to the right. You’re open, your body says. His body takes the cue and his right hand escorts your two legs, disrupting the conversation between your inner thighs and the perfect cross at your ankles, and moves them over his. Your beautiful legs now require a little too much effect to make that perfect cross, so you leave them slightly ajar. Those big hands of his now glide from your leg to your thigh. Right where you wanted them.

Read More Just the Tip


These are things we never talk about. These are things we try not to think about. These are things we’d rather die than share with the world. These are the things that have most tainted the we we could have been.

We are not the people our selfies show. At work, at parties, the us that our friends see is just a shade of a much deeper color. A color painted by an abusive aunt’s screams, a naughty cousin’s finger, a drunken father’s belt…many many years ago. Our darkest secrets and heaviest weights date back to when we were so naïve, so vulnerable, so innocent. The thing that triggered the full-blown battles we have in our closets was so innocuous when it first said hello to us. Read More The Tattoos of Childhood Scars


I’ve been reading and watching new material nowadays, trying to satisfy a growing need for information – knowledge – on things I’ve been increasingly coming to consider as essential for success in Life, especially as a young person in today’s world. I realised that I’d been getting it wrong for quite some time and it just wasn’t funny anymore – something(s) had to change.

art - love qOne thing I’ve been coming back to again and again is the simply complicated matter of Love.

It permeates every aspect of our lives, whether we realise it, acknowledge it, disbelieve it, or even decide to flat out ignore it. Facts are facts and cannot be changed or negotiated with. The saddest truth about Love, however, is that we don’t know what it really is – everyone has a different opinion!

The sheer volume of songs, stories, books and works of art (and science) created in its name in attempts to define, describe, quantify, qualify, prove or disprove its existence is staggering. Our encounters in Life from the first breath we take however confirm a single salient fact: Nobody can live without Love. Read More The Art (& Science?) of Love!


There is a Nigerian proverb that owns a special spot in my heart; The man with a beautiful wife and the farmer with his corn by the roadside both have the same issues. Kwerrrr, dating a drop dead gorgeous woman, it’s a special calling o, trust me, I KNOW.

We all have things we wish for in the person we’ll marrry, like for me she being a fantastic cook is such a big deal! Im not going to deny it, I love body! The way I see it, if the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, well how about some curvy architecture for the worshipper!? But that’s just me, for you, he being rich or ambitious could be what gets you weak in the knees. Or she having Krobosutra potential could be what kills you.

There are girls who love a man because of the family he comes from or the school he went to and there are men who love a woman because of the length of her hair or the lightness of her shade…which begs a whole new conversation about how she ended up halfco when she was born ebony black. But let’s leave that for another day. Read More The SEXIEST Thing About My Dream Wife


TYPICALLY, we judge people based on our perception of what right or wrong is. Categorised by our human standards. Because if one thing is bad for me, how can it possibly be good for another? We are called to hold each other, as Christians to a certain standard, but for some reason, we use that as a measure of “how Christian” another person is. Instead of adhering to God’s standard, we use ourselves as the ruler, how Christian are you compared to me?

Read More We’re Not All Samson.


Keni is no stranger here -she literally waltzes into our kitchen to borrow salt for her rice water and she doesnt even ask first! Today, I am pleased to share a peice she only posted yesterday, but will certainly have an eternal impact on you. When I first saw her, I noticed it and I told her “If you write about this, I am featuring it on Goldinwords for shizzle!” And now, in all its glory is the story behind Keni’s ring!

*        *        *        *

My name is Keni and this is the most personal post I have written ever since I started blogging a year ago. I thought about whether or not to actually write this- and believe me, the excuses were many. But I am convinced that someone needs to read this. So here it goes…

I wear a ring and it is not for fashion.

I am not married either (even though I have used the ring to keep off a man or two in times past)

I took a purity vow on 30th July 2011, in my living room surrounded by my parents. And because I love symbols, I got a purity ring to go with it- with the inscription ‘True love waits’. Read More I Wear A Ring, But It’s Not For Fashion -Keni Kodjo Confesses


Sunday church is not enough for me. Not because I’m some shpiritwa breda with a dozen tye & die long sleeves and countless Christian fellowship t-shirts with a tongues-induced coarse voice. I’m not that guy who knows more verses off-head than he has female friends. Still, Sunday church is like jollof rice for me; it’s just not enough. I guess I’m just that needy.

My need is so great that a two hour service a week just wont cut it for me. My mom laughs, she says she sees how our generation is more on fire than her Orthodox one. “It’s understandable,” she said “ the temptations and demons in the system these days, they know computer, they know Facebook, Instylegram (lol, dont laugh at mum!), in fact they are wilder and more high-tech than when I was in YPG.” Goodness you’ll have heard me laugh from Togo. Read More Sunday Is Like Jollof Rice!


I’m a medical doctor. Ghanaian Doctors have two first, broad options just like in most places worldwide: Physician or Surgeon. Simply put, a question of whether you’re more comfortable in the Consulting Room or the Operating Room. Without going too far into the nitty gritty of those options, let me just say that it’s the first question I ask junior colleagues when they’re almost through with their mandatory rotations through Housemanship and feel confused as to what path to take in terms of choosing a future specialty to focus on – “Are you a Surgeon or a Physician?” Answering it is the first real step in figuring out which path to take and believe it or nor, even an answer of “I’m not sure” has a direction in which it’s pointing the person. Basically, I’m asking them “Who do you think you are?”

Now the thing here is that I, in particular, am a Surgeon by blood – literally & figuratively. I come alive in the OR and I survive through most of the less exciting consulting room work because it’s preparing both the patient & me for the OR in a significant number of cases. I’ve leant towards Obstetrics & Gynaecology though and the most common surgical procedure there is the Caesarean Section. Done in time and properly, you save both the baby and mother in one fell swoop and even if she doesn’t bother to say “Doctor, thank you!” at the end of the day (like most do), it helps you sleep at night because you know you did your best that day.

window - hourglassIn the effort to become better however, we time ourselves because our proficiency with the procedure may be evidenced to how fast you finish the operation – the underlying Truth, however, is that it’s better to take too long and not have to open up again because you messed up, than to finish at record speed with further complications on your hands!

In training someone to perform a Caesarean Section, it’s often important to teach how to get to the baby and deliver it in record time – under a minute preferably – because most reasons for a C/S involve a dire need to deliver the baby in haste. It’s very rewarding to deliver a baby in mere seconds, but with time you realise that it may be responsible for actually lengthening your total operating time! How?? In entering the abdomen and uterus for delivery, you have different options on how and where to cut but cutting wrongly, while it will result in quick delivery, is more than likely to cause you to have one hell of a time in closing up afterward!

In my short time supervising people learning under me, I’ve come across both types of people – those obsessed with a short operating time, and those dedicated to the Method. Considering the number of times I had to be called to try and fix some error or the other made by both categories, I’d say the former make the wrong choice every time. This realisation got me thinking as I tried to get better at my work since I began. Read More The Window or The Door? You Decide…