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Published March 17th, 2015 by

You know how conversations between good friends go? Effortless, Agenda-less, Unscripted. That’s how my conversation with you today is gonna be.

Five_musesHonestly speaking, all this probably stems from how I’ve somehow gotten myself into the busiest of all schedules I’ve had for a while now and my Muse seems to have deserted me at my most vulnerable point – probably to chase greener pastures (this ecomini dierr?!). Like someone told me to expect a while ago, I seem to have been set adrift from family and friends in all this world of ‘grownup-ness’, you know what I mean? But I digress.. Read More Let’s just…talk.

Published March 2nd, 2015 by

Hi Fam, this March Goldinwords turns 6! We’re on a quest to outdo ourselves and we’ll like to make your experience here even better. So if there’s something you think can be better, call the shots!

PS: I admit this isnt the best questionnaire ever, so if it’s proving difficult to express yourself in the space or with the options available, just feel free in the comment area 😉

PSS: The 2 cute pups are Tele and I trying to be cute and charming :-)

Thanks already!

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