Know Me Better

me to useOo drat! I had the perfect opener and now I cant remember it. Okay, let’s see.

The fun Me.

The name’s Anyan, Benjamin Anyan (like James Bond says his name).  On every 15th of June l get a year older.

I love small poles (the kinda football you play in Ghana when you are just like six players , a small playing area and no goal posts), and I love scrabble, chess and monopoly. I like to think I’m quite a force to reckon with. I love witty banters and fun unpredictable movies. I could say I like swimming, but who likes something he hasn’t done in a while, huh?

I love understanding people and what their bodies say. I’m an adrenaline junkie…in many cases. I’m up for FIFA or  rock, paper, scissors any day.  I’m a prank master, because I’m good with accents, I could be just about anything to anyone…its easier on phone.

The Scholar me.

Presec had me for a while, then tossed me to Legon where Economics abused me. Writing came to me very early -in poems. I made a small living off it in Presec, had my own clientele and all. Wrote my 1st poem in JSS2 when my school was going to publish a magazine; my school teacher turned mine down because he didn’t believe it could be written by a 13yr old and didn’t want copied work. I guess the joke’s on him now, wont you say? 😉

The Professional me.

During the day, I’m quite serious you know. I’m a Snr Creative Copywriter at a formidable Advertising Agency. It’s hobby-meets-passion-meets-cash!

The Me me.

I love God. I cant say that enough. I am more aware of my imperfections than of much else. I’m on this journey to look better on the inside than I do on the outside. I have an uncontrollable obsession to make a difference…it seems to me to be the point of living.

The Writer me.

Be the judge :-)

There are a couple of other MEs, that’ll just crack you up!!! But you can’t know everything about someone in just one conversation can you? So let’s build a relationship first okay? …flow with the tide, it’ll be fun- I promise.


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10 Comments on "Know Me Better"

May 4, 2015

Know you better nkoaa is a different story altogether. I kept smiling through and through. Ben you truly are a Character. An amazing one I must say. Nyame adom Ny3 k3se w) wo so. Thank You for being you.

September 30, 2014

I checked out your site last week through a friend’s post on facebook and I had to sign up ASAP. The way you put across your thoughts is amazing… When I come ‘here’, I don’t feel like leaving… and oh it doesn’t matter if I’ve read your story already. It’s always refreshing reading it again (not boring). This is a good way to send the Gospel across. This description of yourself looks quite a lot like something I would have written :) :) . Keep the good work up man.

September 30, 2014

So I just for the first time in a while realized how it feels like to be speechless. Thank you Henrietta, your comment is precious, I want to share it with the world. Se you dont mind? lol. The things you said are the very reasons I keep at it. So God bless you! O and see, we even have things in common po :-)

August 29, 2014

Just started reading your blog this past month and i’ve totally enjoyed each story. very witty but the lesson is never lost.
Keep it up!

August 29, 2014

You cant possibly imagine how fulfilled this comment makes me feel EK. Thankyou.

June 3, 2014

A gem of the rarest kind! Always proud of you!!!

June 9, 2014

Awww Akyaa, this is the first abi? My smile is eternal :-)

February 4, 2013

how did u come up wiv dis wonderful idea of writing stories?was it encouragement from someone or somethng u saw somewhere or simply an idea dat came to u??

February 6, 2013

Hi Anna, it’s funny the sources i get writing ideas from. it’s often from actual experiences of friends or (rarely) myself. If I got to know you a bit, i just might have an idea for another story, wont you say?

annamaria mensah
February 18, 2013

i guess coz i noe am pretty interesting!!!!