We all have something we’re addicted to or have been addicted to before. Just so we’re on the same page, let me explain what I mean by addiction; it’s anything that defeats your self-control. Anything you do whether or not you want to. Addictions are no respecters of religious status. Pastors are probably the most addicted to pornography. No kidding, I’m not sure if it was a Kenneth Hagee sermon, but he was talking about how a certain plush hotel reported the highest viewing of paid pornographic content during a major pastoral conference.

So no one is exempt from addictions merely because of his or her theological qualifications. People aren’t as righteous as you think o, that’s why your faith shouldn’t stem from a man you deeply respect; you’ll discover a shameful addiction or scandal he’s embroiled in and suddenly your whole faith will be shaken and compromised. Everyone’s eyes should be fixed on God, not any intermediary. 

A major stupid consolation addicts give is ‘Even Paul said the thing he wished to do, he didn’t do, it’s rather the things he doesn’t wish to do that he does.’ Or ‘the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.’ So it’s not so big a deal if I succumb to my weakness, after all isn’t it in my weakness that His strength is made perfect? Let me fool around and give grace the opportunity to work. My broda, there is a difference between weakness and addiction. Not all weaknesses are sinful, but every addiction is. For example you have a weakness with fasting and praying, it just doesn’t come easy (if at all) to you…now that’s not the twin brother of having a sexual weakness where you have to sleep with different people to feel ok. My sister that’s not the thing Paul was talking about oo, don’t try to ‘pri draw’.

An addiction is a sinful weakness, it forces you to make a god of things, replacing God as numero uno in your life. The worst kinds deprave your body (which is the temple of the Holy Spirit). Don’t cling to any half truths to make it like it’s normal. Like Peter lied and denied Jesus but he got post, David chopped someone’s wife and he’s a legend…don’t dwell on any thought that numbs your conscience and makes you accept the thing that treats you like its ummm….hmm (asem oo), treats you like its…female dog. Yes, female dog, let’s take it like that. The first step to dealing with any addiction is coming to the point where you decide “It’s not ok, I hate this thing, I wanna stop!” Read More The Reason For Your Addiction.


I think the saddest thing is when someone meant to be outstanding compromises and dilutes his passion and energy just to fit in. I watched this interesting social experiment where at the sound of a bell, everyone in a hospital waiting area stood up for a second and sat again. All but one of the people in the waiting room were participants in the experiment. The whole point was to see what that one person who was clueless of it all would do. She stood, and sat, and stood and sat- at first reluctantly, and then willingly, to the point that when it was just her remaining, she continued to stand at the prompting of the bell. When new people came in, she alerted them to do same. She so completely fit in!

What about those of us made to stand out? Those of us who are extraordinary by design? Those of us with talents and gifts to change how people live? I’m not talking about aliens or some strange people, I’m talking about you, the child of God! Our heritage as children of God is to be salt (aka the outstanding) and light (aka extraordinary) of the earth. So it doesn’t matter what you do for a living, you have it in you to be impactful! Read More Forgive me, I tricked you.


Everything can be justified these days. As Ravi’s said several times “There is nothing so vulgar left in the human experience for which we cannot fly in some professor from somewhere to justify it.” Side-chics, masturbation, even the Swedish church revising the usage of pronouns in the Bible so that God is more gender-neutral and the Bible is more gender-inclusive (no kidding! Real stuff) Asem ooo!

But the thing that caught my attention the most is a video making the rounds about a frustrated local school teacher, teaching some primary school kids ‘The Advantages of Corruption.” I’ve posted it here for your viewing pleasure. Read More Advantages of Corruption!



He loved her and she loved him – of their love that was the summary,

And it was just their little bundle of joy that still seemed to tarry,

So they paid and prayed years, though their doctor told them not to worry,

Till he called them back at last, “Guess what? Your Christmas is going to be extra-merry!”


Preparations were oh so many, but always timely,

Nothing would be permitted to disrupt that important appointment, surely,

Till out of the blue – just 7-and-a-half months through – waters broke suddenly, Read More My Tiny Precious Baby


Fam, it’s 1:43am and I’m here unable to wait till morning, to write down this thing I must tell you!!

So after a very provocative conversation last two weeks with Yaw, I decided to read Acts and I’ve just uncovered something that baffles me. I wonder if it’ll have same effect on you.

There’s this too known king called Herod. Not the one that beheaded John o. Back then Herod was like the way John has been to the Ghanaian presidency. So this Herod guy who kept doing ogboo nana things ordered the apostle James killed, he went scot free. He ordered Peter’s arrest. Nothing Happened to him. An angel rescued Peter, Herod was so pissed he had all the guards on duty killed. He gets away with all these things and soo many others with nothing happening to him. Until one day, some people decide to give him fans, saying things like “This is not a mortal man, he is God!” and Herod accepted the fans. In fact it was sweet in his ears. There and then norr an angel of God struck him and he died with maggots eating him up. Kpa. Just like that!

A few chapters later, Paul and Barnabas are doing some missionary work in Iconium, some Gentile territory near Antioch after the fourth traffic light beside Davi Maame’s beans kiosk. Eheenh, that place. Read More Two Fingers In The Air. Fans Mi!


So I originally wrote this in 2015, but just take a peek and tell me if it isnt even more relevant this year;

Feels like January was just a week ago doesn’t it? I mean how long ago was it when your birthday seemed so far off? And now, minus the December guys we’ve all had Facebook friends who never bothered suddenly spare enough time to say HBD, GBU, LLNP or some by-force acronym to spite political parties. And now 2018 is 8 weeks away! There is something that happens 8 weeks to year end that I detest passionately and you’ll see why shortly.

We start each year with enough optimism to turn a funeral into a farewell party. We have six key goals that we must achieve and three new habits we must cultivate and one major weakness we must shed off…then when the last quarter creeps up on us like an unexpected breakup we carry forward all our hopes to the next year.

I resent that. I resent that we hide behind our hopes for next year to give up on this one. Next year is coming in weeks so you dier, let me turn everything I haven’t been able to achieve yet into a prayer topic for next year. We remove our gloves and hang up our boots when November starts breathing down our shoulders, but that is just not consistent with all the classic action feems. Read More Killer Bewu Last Show!


Over the past two months, I’ve got three different messages from some Steve guy. First I thought it was spam, but the way he’d taken his time to fill out all the required details, it was clear this guy was legit. In it, he was telling me that my favourite apologist, a man whose talks, sermons and intellectual arguments in defence of Christianity has impacted me beyond words, had been recently involved in a sex scandal! There norrrrr my heart did kpa. He’d even added links I could read on to see for myself. I’m hopelessly curious, so me too I clicked on it. There were copious well-crafted narrations all ‘proving’ that indeed Ravi was guilty.

I went back to Google, and typed ‘Ravi Zacharias in sex scandal’. The links that came up were from a specific kind of sites…about three of them. Immediately I sensed foul play. It felt more like the result of a well-brainstormed lifelong mission and unrelenting determination to defame Ravi. But I caught myself thinking ‘So what?’ So what if Ravi had done it? What if he had five children with different women and there were sex tapes? what if he was a kleptomaniac or a patron of a porn website? So what? Will I suddenly start looking for a second wife? Will I suddenly start entertaining thoughts that his powerful messages had dispelled from my mind? Will I be justified in courting my sensualities? Tweaaaaaa! Read More My Mentor In A Scandal?!

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This right here is one of my personal faves from 2013. Come for your data if you dont enjoy it!


I spotted the most beautiful woman last Saturday. I’d gone for a wedding at the Trade fair in Labadi, and everyone was moving to the reception on the lush lawn close by. Then I saw her smiling as she posed for a picture. There was something striking about her. As cliché as it sounds I felt we’d met before, she looked too gorgeous for me to have forgotten a previous encounter, but I still couldn’t place her.

Half an hour later, after the bride had thrown her bouquet and one of “all the single ladies’ had caught it, I noticed that the seat beside her had become vacant. I’m past the stage where I dilly dally about talking to a captivating girl, missing the chance and bashing myself for weeks after. After all, I have an impressive complimentary card, I’m no ‘likkle buoy’.

“Hi,” I said sliding into the chair beside her “you have the kind of weekend glory that makes the bride seem like a regular weekday.”

“Sorry?” she asked, genuinely baffled

“Ummn” I stuttered “Sorry. I should stop that…ummn, no no, I meant I shouldn’t have said that. I’m terrible at pick-up lines, somehow I imagined that’ll make you smile.” My palms were sweaty and I puffed out air like I’d just jogged a mile. Read More Rebecca & I


For some months this year, I had problems writing. Not like I was suddenly confused with tenses and was calling her him or they’re their, nothing like that. I just found it incredibly difficult to set time apart and hit you up like i’m doing now. Work has been hectic, adjusting to family man life is still work in progress, but I wont put the blame on excuses. I think something deeper has been at play.

Writers call something ‘writers block’; it’s supposed to be this understandable period of time when your ‘muse’ goes silent and you have little or no inspiration or spark to write something worthwhile. You feel some internal resistance and putting words together feels harder than lifting cement. You give up and watch Game of Thrones then call it a day.

It exists in all fields under different names. At work, you suddenly struggle to do something you could glide through. At school, reading a page feels harder than writing an exam. It all feels like a drudge and becomes quite frustrating. Your ‘A Game’ seems to have taken a sabbatical and the driven you is suddenly suspended in a zero-gravity space. Read More How To Rid Your Head of Rubbish Voices


You’re something else, you know that? I had a one-episode story when I first wrote this and you drew 5 parts out of me, way to go!

So today, I present you the grand finale of this story I myself have fallen in love with. So much so that, I’ve made a voice recording of the first few paragraphs (you know I hardly do that) Even better, I’ve got an awesome surprise for you at the end of this post! Ok, enough of my brah brah brah…here’s where we left off last week;

On Saturdays, they usually gave each other space for the first half of the day; he’d play morning soccer with the boys, finish it off with squad waakye, return home to nap and work a little before meeting up with her around 4pm for an endless list of possibilities.

On this particular Saturday, whilst he was celebrating his winning goal with the softest wele, a whatsapp came through from Elsie and that’s when he noticed he’d missed two calls from her.

‘I need to dash off to London tonight. Let’s talk when you see this.”


London or Lapaz? Could it be autocorrect? Who wakes up and suddenly has to be in London? It must be some kind of a joke. Where from this? By the time he got to her house, she was nearly done packing.

“You weren’t kidding?”

“Why would I?”

“Why what’s up?”

“Something urgent, I’ll explain when I return.”

“You don’t expect me to just accept that do you?”

Read More The Steamy Church Romance; Finale +Voice Note!

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