You’ve Been Robbed! By You.

robbedThe best thieves don’t have the biggest guns or the most menacing faces, what they have is the rare skill of robbing you clueless. They leave you smiling, not knowing that you’ve lost your most precious possession, until you really need it.

But what are your most precious possessions, really? Because if you recognize the wrong things as precious, you won’t even notice it when your true valuables are stolen. Matter of fact, you never even guarded them. What use are legs to a fish right? Just make sure it isn’t a case of mistaken identity and you really are a fish, because if your humanity returns after your legs are stolen, hurray you’re a mermaid!

My old boss (God bless his meager paychecks) used to say “Drop me in the remotest town with nothing but a laptop and within three years, I’ll have everything you took back, plus more!” I get that he gets that his most valuable possessions were intrinsic, they really are. Maybe it’s different with you, but what really keeps me going is joy.

Joy is the silent fuel you realize you need when you start losing it. It’s what frees you of the drowning weight of envy, anger, bitterness and all their brothers. Joy allows you to focus on and perfect your passion. Joy sweetens your spirit and makes you magnetic to people and breakthroughs. Joy neutralizes the negative intentions someone might have for you. It reconfigures your understanding of wealth, happiness and life, so the things that make others suicidal are just dust off your shoulder (do the dance).

Joy is amazing because it’s oozes from inside of you , making it particularly hard to steal. You only lose it when you consciously decide to rob yourself of it, by disconnecting yourself from its source; God. Real joy is solely distributed by God, all other retailers have the fake.

I notice my joy is waning when I fuel my weaknesses, when I start putting my relationship with God in the back seat. They go hand in hand; joy and God. If your valuables don’t go hand in hand with God, they aren’t that valuable. The proof that joy is an extremely valuable possession is that it’s the first thing the devil steals from you. Steal. Kill. Destroy. The steal there is for your joy, and until you realize how important it is, you wont even guard it and that makes you a sitting duck.

Recognize that this new year, joy is the ish. Not your job, your car, your family or your friends, because you’ll lose them all when your joy is gone. Recognize how crucial joy is to your existence and guard it with your life. Fuel it with more conversations with God, more conscious effort to honor him and watch your joy grow. Your new year resolutions are more achievable when you have joy, don’t lose it.

2013 is 12 months long, you don’t stand much of a chance if you start out as the victim of a robbery you participated in. Put down the gun, take off the black ninja mask, get on your knees and say “Hi Jesus”.

Welcome to 2013.

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  1. Nathalie said:

    This is beautiful. A word in season, hallelujah

    December 24, 2013
  2. Leslie said:

    Reminds me of Ron Kenoly’s song ” I still have joy, I still have joy, after all I’ve been through, I still have joy……” Good piece bro and thanks for the reminder

    January 29, 2013

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