Poor God :-(

I feel so sorry for God. I know how frustrated I get in an argument when I’m trying to explain myself and I’m misunderstood. By one person! But there’s God, misunderstood by a world. Politicians who knew they’d be corrupt before hitting puberty swear by his word on induction. Suicide bombers chant his name just before obliterating thousands. Desperate liars swear by him to plead innocence they never had.

We print our trust in him on the same monies we bribe our way through life with. It’s funny how law courts are probably next after the church in terms of institutions that make use of the Holy Book, and still, lawyers are the lead characters in urban myths about professionals who get buried facedown. Irresponsible parents, selfish humans, social deviants and lovers of the same sex –including leaders of the most loved brands- cling to the will of God as the alibi for their depravation. They claim the creator of all things created them so. It was His will. Poor God.

We rush out of clubs into choir robes. We clasp our hands to pray but smell the scent of dark holes our fingers have probed and poked nights before. We post Bible verses as status updates as if to compensate for the despicable status of our souls. Poor God.

Perverts and sexual predators initiate contact with their targets under the guise of being messengers of God. More spiritual fathers have abused the faithful than convicted criminals behind bars. We pray for forgiveness before committing the crime. We release him from the cage in the back of our minds only after we cum. Poor God. We take his sacred words and twist and distort it till it becomes our manifesto for vanity and our excuse for inhumanity. We are more fluent and convincing when we lie in His name than when we speak our mother tongues. Poor God.

But not so deep within I wonder…who’s poor; us or God? Because there are times the jokes that Roll audiences On The Floor Laughing cant even make us smile. Ask Robin Williams. There are times when all the wealth we’ve amassed cant save us from ourselves. Ask Gaddafi. There are times our unmatchable charm and stunning gorgeousness cant save us from the grim reaper. Ask Diana. There are times when our own genius and cunning ways propel us into the heights of stupidity. Ask Prosper; Ghana’s NASA prodigy and ‘Nobel Laureate’.

Back to the basics guys. That’s where we should head. We’ve become soo busy the only way we’ve settled to know God is through the ministration of other mortals –which is not bad at all. But God didn’t upset creation, shock eternity, reconstruct destiny only so we’d stand afar and talk to him through the prerecorded prayers of other men.

I think the biggest lie we’ve believed is that getting intimate is so difficult and complicated its not worth the effort. Let’s at least try. Small small. If it works, we’ll get to enter His presence boldly! If it doesn’t, we tried! I couldn’t ever describe well enough the intricate subtleties that go into making my mother’s jollof or tilapia and pork lightsoup the best in the world. I really couldn’t. You’ll have to taste your way to dumbfoundedness. That’s the same way you’ve got to taste God’s awesomeness.

I promise you this guy talking is no better. I’m not speaking from any high moral ground. Let’s move out of this ramshackle soul-state of getting wrapped up in things of no eternal significance.


Desire. That’s all. DESIRE. No 9 steps or winding technique, just desire Him. Feed that desire constantly till it grows into an obsession. Your desire to know him will lead you to kneel in places your pride would have kept you from doing so at. It will lead you to talk to him for lengths you never thought possible. It will lead you to taste pure unadulterated inexplicable bliss. Just desire, and perhaps you will find Him. He said so. When you do, if you let me know, I’ll buy you Papaye. Lol. But let’s refuse to be broke people. Let’s just desire. Peace out!

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  1. dede said:

    Where’s d like button? I wish i could like this a million times.

    Thanks for always encouraging us Ben. God bless u so much.

    January 12, 2015
    • BenJ said:

      Thank you for being here D, really appreciate it. God bless you more.

      January 12, 2015
  2. Naa said:

    This is deep. It’s food for thought as well as a sermon. Don’t stop preaching, it’s needed.

    November 7, 2014
  3. Maame Fosua said:

    Hmm Charlie. It is serious ooo. What pops up first in my head when I wake up determines my desire(s); if it is that project on my desk then I know there is a problem. So I keep my worship on at night just to help. Mercy!

    November 6, 2014
    • BenJ said:

      That’s a brilliant idea! You’re so cool for sharing Mams

      November 7, 2014

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