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4 weeks ago, I wrote a post I thought was the bravest thing I’d ever put out on the internet. Remember? It was about the funny story behind my primary school guy-name. Well, today’s post throws that in the bin. You’ll see why.

I work in a merciless office family. Like no kidding, those guys live for blood! I think the only interview question by boss should be asking is “How well do you do under intense ‘teas-ure’?” It’s a shark tank, and you’ve got to have a thick skin to enjoy it. I confess, I’m a leading culprit. I just feel that the ability to tease and be teased without casualty is a risky but good sign of maturity, genuine friendliness and camaraderie. In a weird way I think it fosters the ideal environment for fearless creativity.

Thing is, you get to do quite some traveling when you work in an Ad agency like mine, and that in itself presents irresistible teasing opportunities, especially for those of us who only started going international this year (JJCs).

On the other hand, I’ve always fancied writing a travel blog like The Everywhereist. I get lost in a mystical world when I think of collecting stamps and rare artifacts from corners of ancient countries that don’t even show on maps. I love culture and the diversity in people and have always wanted to write about it. But how was I going to do that, huh? Write about the peculiarities of Suame in Kumasi, or Ashongman Estate in Accra? Would I sample the spectacular cuisine of the Ewes (NB: I didn’t say cat!) or immerse myself in Paga’s crocodile pond? You do see how hopelessly unsexy all that sounds, right?

What I do want to experience are the Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 3.52.25 PMHimalayas and Safaris and Amazons and their brothers. So well, travel (or the lack of it) had been the main reason why I couldn’t have a travel blog…until now. I’m in Sandton, Joburg for a week on work-related stuff, and I am fascinated by much of everything here. I kept the travel on the down low because…because, well because I’m not sure if I have some unknown step grandmother alive in a village somewhere who could cause my deportation by mysteriously turning my nice passport picture into that of an Indian fetish priestess. Lol, I lie, but I hear it’s happened before and it seemed like a good time to tell you the joke.

Anyways, I want to share this experience in a more refined way than ‘Don cappocheers’ did in his hilarious-gone-viral London video. Aaaannd this is where the story gets messy. In doing this, I sacrifice my dignity and sanctity on the alter of revenge-thirsty colleagues. I become the fake bogga (cos it’s only SA), who had to tell the world. Whose hometown organized a town-wide festival -to rival the ones given ‘Ghana’s most Beautifuls’- to escort me to the airport. I become the guy who returned with an accent, no matter how much the same I sound. Should I wear any new clothing in the foreseeable future, I will be demonstrating that the bogger has indeed returned (m’alandi).

To all those people, I say to them the same thing Stephen Appiah said in that African Nation’s Cup ad to the teams he didn’t know will kick him out of the competition; Let Them Come! Seriously though, I’m not one to put myself out there like that, but I want to make the same point a stammerer makes by stepping in front of a packed auditorium and taking the bull by the microphone. Imagine all the things we could do if we were free of the fear of what people will say if we finally did that BOLD thing. Now, I’m not talking about getting a tattoo or turning bisexual or any such thing. I’m talking about things in Philippians 4:8 (noble, true, of good report,etc). I think some of the greatest feats never started because their custodians feared they couldn’t stand the mockery if they failed.

I know many people who have been contemplating entrepreneurship for years, but haven’t gathered the nerve to pursue it because of their fear for the unknown and of disappointing people, or becoming some sort of laughing stock. It’s wrong. It should never be so. No one should be held back by their mind and what it tells them others will say or think.

See me o, trying to elevate the vanity of taking pictures to the noble heights of entrepreneurship. Sue me ;-p. But it’s my baby steps. Maybe in doing this, I’ll get the nerve to divorce myself from other strong-but unwise mentalities. Like I should be able to give gymming another shot without worrying about what Nii or Naa will say if my six packs don’t appear in weeks, or if I take another break (which I shouldn’t).

So well, I guess I also wrote to tell you to Nike it up and just do it! Not the creepy stuff o, the Phil 4:8 stuff. Stay tuned, watch this space 😉

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    • BenJ said:

      SEE HOW MUCH WE HAVE IN COMMON ALREADY! Sorry, didn’t mean to shout that. Lol, but how do you mean you’ve been looking for my blog for ages? I LOVE yours though. And your son, and beautiful neighborhood. If we talk, I’d tell you all the funny things I said. See me o, replying a comment like we’re PMing. So truly glad you stopped by Maams 🙂

      October 28, 2014
  1. Hey, I’ve been looking for your blog for ages!! Glad I rediscovered you. A travel blogger now too, awesome! Welcome to the club 🙂

    October 25, 2014
  2. Efua said:

    Looking forward to read all about your travels, like anything else you write it will be awesome. Maybe we (readers) can also share in your travels without being travelers.

    October 8, 2014
    • BenJ said:

      Lol, how kind of you o greatest boggeress of all. Lol, I should not dissapoint now. lol, but we’ll see, already piling up the most exciting happenings 🙂

      October 8, 2014

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