The Ninja In Your Mind.

There is a way of thinking that’s more dangerous than a drunk driver, than a nation in wrong hands, and I caught myself thinking that way minutes ago. God is good, by default. He’s so good to us that sometimes we take it to mean that we’re too special to be cut off, no matter what we do. We’re wrong.

We cant remember the last time we were crippled by illness, dumped by a girl, stark broke, jobless, robbed, involved in an accident or failed an exam. God’s goodness has shielded us from so much of life’s hazards, in spite of our secret sins, in spite of our action-implied ingratitude. Over time we start to think…maybe we’re beyond reproach?

We’re not like other humans, we’re too special for God to abandon. We could slip, join an orgy, wake the following morning, say a ‘Father forgive me’ prayer and have the Holy Spirit hop back in like a booty call. We’re wrong to think like that. We’re so wrong.

Don’t put God in a position where he has to choose between heaven’s sanctity and you. Your inevitable disappointment will have brutal eternal implications. He will bend, but not break the timeless traits that define his majesty and divinity because you were too human to live right.

Such verses like the one about him leaving 99 sheep to chase one and ‘His love being inexhaustible and new every morning’ don’t exist to ease our conscience when we contemplate sin.

No one saw God’s glory like the guys who followed Moses from Egypt to Canaan. They were fed directly by God. He led them by pillars of cloud and smoke, parted seas (twice), brought water from rocks, and literally came down to them on a mountain. But even they, when they sat down to a feast that turned into an orgy of sex and booze, He struck down 23,000 of them in one day. Heck, even Moses wasn’t spared when he struck a rock God had instructed him to speak to (that’s all he did wrong) Num 20:8-12. So why do you fool yourself with the thought that you’re too special to be cut off? You aren’t.

Everyone is expendable in the preservation of heaven’s sanctity. He didn’t mince words when He said if we don’t praise him he’ll command stones to. Stones can replace you bro, you aren’t that special. Let’s get off our high horses and determine to live right. Let’s not take his love for granted and hide behind his unconditional goodness to satisfy our carnal desires.

A saint is a sinner who got back up each time he fell, but you can only rise back up so many times. We have so much to accomplish if we focused on things other than finding out how far is too far with God. Life is too short. Live right.

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  1. Nayel said:


    March 22, 2013
  2. Juliette said:

    You are right! God’s standards have not changed.

    March 21, 2013
  3. Josh said:

    on point

    January 30, 2013

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