About The 2 Dogs In Your Heart.

two cute dogsA boy once asked a sage we shall caaall… Anyan 😀 a difficult question. “Why is it so much easier to do wrong than it is to do right?”

The sage smiled, contemplated then said “You see, good and evil are two cute puppies you got at birth. Everyone gets a pair. When they came they were as cute and harmless as each other. Good had the same big adorable eyes as evil. Their only difference was in their nature. Good was always going to be good and evil, always evil.

But when you ate from the bowl of dilemma, you threw more bones to evil than to good. You took evil out to more walks than you did for good. You took better care of evil than you did good. Now when you whistle, evil gets to you faster because he’s stronger. When you throw a bone of indecision, evil easily snarls it away from good.

two dogs
Good is the brown one 🙂

It’s much easier for evil to win dog fights because you’ve fed him better. If that upsets you, just change who you feed more. Take good out to a frankies treat. Cage evil, shorten his leash. Because every single decision you make every single day is a bone toss. Do this consistently and see if in time good won’t grow from scrawny to alpha male.”

There you go. I didnt set out to write a long winding post today, this is just a note to say to you that even the most insignificant decisions are spiritual cherries. You need to put them on the right cake. It’s the little foxes that destroy the vine. When there’s a still small voice in the back seat of your mind saying to turn right, it’s good asking for a bone. Don’t mind evil, who’s barking louder and sitting beside you in the front seat.

From this moment, you’re on a mission. A mission to glorify good, to turn a scrawny malnourished good into an alpha dog! Give good little treats of one-liner praises or one-liner prayers. Once a while take good out to a three-course feast at an all night or church revival. After meals, give good desserts of edifying music. Before you go to bed, give good a cracker of positive thoughts and God-directed gratitude. Make good feel good by obeying his promptings. I challenge you to do this, if even for one week and let’s see what happens in the next dog fight. O goodness, I can hear evil whimpering now that you’ve decided to do this. Way to go! Let’s do this! So help us God.

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  1. Alice said:

    Very confusing @religion education.

    May 5, 2014
  2. A real religious conviction should improve conviction, a connect to God. The perfect religious beliefs summons us in community to express care for toward each other and toward persons less providential, and mobilizes us to feed the hungry, dress the poor, cure the fallen and secure the surviving. Religion instructions our emotions while religious beliefs guidlines our actions. Theology is inward while religious conviction leads outward. Spiritual techniques can be practiced alone, but religious beliefs in community. Particularly theology causes us to be additional understanding, religious beliefs impels us to perform concrete acts of loving-kindness.

    May 3, 2014

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