Tears That Tickle.

Just recently, I chanced on the most brilliant piece. My friend -Awo- shared it on her wall. The original writer is anonymous, but the message! Boyyy, the message is as relevant to you as it’ll be to your descendants :-)! Some things are timeless, like tears that tickle. Here Goes;


Tears That Tickle

Sometimes…we must be hurt in order to grow,

We must fail in order to know,

We must lose in order to gain.


Some lessons are best learned through pain.

Sometimes…our vision clears,

Only after our eyes are washed with tears.

We have to be broken, so we can be tender,

We are sick so we can rest and think better

On things more important than work or fun.

 We are taken for a trip near death,

 So we can assess how we’ve run…

 *         *         *

Sometimes…we have to lack,

So we can know God’s provision;

We have to feel another’s pain

So we can have a sense of mission;

 *         *         *

So don’t take to heart if you don’t understand today.

Instead of grumbling, ask God what He says.

 In order to learn you must endure

and try to see the bigger picture.

 *         *         *

 In order to grow, you must stand

And look beyond the hurt.

Trust in God’s loving hand

That takes what is good, and gives what is best.


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  1. Christy said:

    Great inspirational stuff.

    March 5, 2014
    • BenJ said:

      Thanks Christy 🙂

      March 24, 2014

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