Good Good Boys, Bad Bad Boys, a Girl & Her Shoes

Kwame Pocho’s 1000 words is synonymous to elite photography. It turns out his fingers can work more than a camera. Today, by popular request, I reproduce this peice of literary delight he wrote some time ago. I think it’s brilliant, but dont take my word for it. Find out yourself. Kwame, tell ’em;

This poem was how I summed up a conversation I had with my beloved. She actually tried to define why girls generally like bad boys. She said it was kinda like the way girls love heels; knowing very well “you can’t walk too far with heels” but you wear them anyway cos you know they make you look elegant, or at least make you feel elevated (both literary and figuratively speaking). That conversation was so intriguing I just had to put it together, and I made a poem out of it, just for the fun of it.

Good Good Boys, Bad Bad Boys, a Girl & Her Shoes

good good girls

So she tell to me,

lemme tell to you why girls love them bad bad boys,

and don’t look at them good good boys;

She tell to me, think of boys as shoes:


Good good boys them like flat shoes;

them go take you far, comfortably.

 Them are safe and dependable any day, any weather, 4eva!


Bad bad boys them  like heels;

Your Doctor tell say them no good for your sole

them no good for no journey, them go break your sole cos them no dependable.


But girl, she love her some high heels mo than  comfortable flats;

She feel good in heels cos she high on heels

she love the feeling of being high and lifted, uplifted.

She willing to endure cos she feel good when she in heel…

But she kno say it ain’t 4eva; and soon she looking for flat shoe…

problem is sometimes it get hard to flatten after prolonged Heeling!!


She used to the high of the heel

Her sole is warped and twisted to the high of the heel

So she can’t get by with the low feel of the flat.


She caught up in a vortex of regret

Forced to either endure the heel that hurt her sole

Or to wear them flats  wishing them were heels…

Good good boys, Bad bad boys; a woman and her shoes.
Kwame Pocho (c) 2010


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  1. k'joe said:

    thanx man.

    December 22, 2013
  2. Kaboom said:

    My goodness, this is too good. And a perfect perfect allusion too… it.

    December 16, 2013

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