I’m Leaving You Today.

People don’t just up-and-leave. He cant just turn from sweet to sour in the flash of an eye. She didn’t turn from mushy to cold in one breath. Usually, it’s a slow fade. She does get you, she’s been getting you all this while, but even ‘get’ ends at ‘t’. Even bins get full and take no more, so there comes a day when enough is enough. If there’s something you need to stop doing that you haven’t. If there’s something you should be doing that you aren’t, you’ve got to. Today. Before you get a facebook message that reads like this!


I’m Leaving Today.

leaving 2

I’m leaving today, you wont return to meet me.

My suitcases were packed weeks ago,

I just never had the guts to pick them.

I might leave them after all,

I’m not taking any baggage from this life.

*   *   *

It was sweet at start then turned bitter-sweet

All it is now is sheer bitterness

I’d like to say it wasn’t you, that it was me

But that’s another baggage I’m not taking with me

*   *   *
You have issues you’ve got to deal with

I’m not going to be one, that queue’s too long.

Your jokes make me yawn,

Your sunshine’s like dawn.

*   *   *

You’ve run out of stories to tell,

So you keep repeating old lies

I took an x-ray to prove a point,

I’m leaving a copy on the couch.

*   *   *

The grey area in my head are brains

The aching thing in my chest is a heart

You act like I have none of those

I’m leaving to give them life.

 leaving kiss

None of this is hurt-inspired

The sight of freedom is so much stronger

So asta lavista babe,

The better I deserve is waiting outside.

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